Jake's Magic Remote, Part XII - Exploration

“Just fine, Daddy,” she said. She walked over and leaned in close to where he sat in his recliner. “What did you do? That was hilarious.” Jake chuckled. “Just a little teasing. You want me to keep going?” “Yes, please!” She kissed his cheek, then turned to head upstairs to her room. Halfway up the stairs she flipped up her bathrobe to show off the way her panties hugged her ass. Of course, as soon as Petra was out of sight, Katie appeared. She walked down the stairs slowly, trying to make eye contact with Jake the whole way. The bathrobe Petra had lent her was short, and she walked with the leading leg inward to expose as much of her skin as she could. Jake gave her a friendly smile. “Feels good to clean up after sweating, huh?” Katie smiled back, sliding her hands down and up her sides. “Mhmm… my skin feels wonderful.” She was really laying it on thick. It was working, too; Jake was glad he’d tucked his dick down his pant leg because otherwise he’d be pitching a tent right now. He reminded himself that the night’s goal was not to get his own rocks off. “Is there anything else you girls need?” “Oh, I don’t know about need, but I know something I want,” Katie said, winking at him. She spun on her heels to head into the kitchen, and Jake caught a tiny glimpse of something.. he stopped time, then used that little frame-skip trick to back up a little. Yep. The robe had flipped up in the back, and unlike Petra, Katie was not wearing any panties. Katie’s skin looked soft and smooth and just a little wet from the shower. Jake took a moment to admire the bare, glistening flesh, then sat back and started time again. He pretended to read while Katie pretended to go look in the fridge for some sodas, although she knew damn well that the sodas were on the top shelf, not down in the crisper where she was bending over to look. Not for the first time, Jake wondered just what Katie’s game was. Was it a power thing? Did she get off on showing off to a man who couldn’t have her? Or was it some sort of infatuation she had with him? It was difficult to tell. Katie walked past him on her way back upstairs, clutching two chilled colas to her chest. “Good night, Mr. Stevens,” she drawled silkily. Jake chuckled. “Goodnight, Katie.” “Ugh! Finally!” Petra grumbled at Katie as she entered the bedroom. “What took you so long, did you have to trip and “accidentally” drop your robe? Katie smirked. “Whatever, jealous,” she said, tossing over one of the sodas. “Look, Katie, you need to stop slutting around my dad,” Petra said. “It’s not cool.” Katie rolled her eyes. Petra was such a little k**! “What-ever,” she repeated. “What’s on?” Petra had been watching something on her laptop when Katie walked in. “Nothing,” she said, reaching to close the computer. Katie lunged and grabbed the computer. “Let me see- oh my god you perv!” Petra tried to get the laptop back, but Katie jumped away, tabbing through the images on the screen. “You’re looking at naked women!” Tab, tab. “You’re into this sort of thing?” Tab. Twinge. Katie felt a familiar fuzzy tickling sensation. It probably was just a breeze up her robe, and not because of the picture that had come up on the screen. The picture was of two women kissing passionately, bare breasts pressed together between them. But it wasn’t why she’d felt that. Petra grumbled. “I was just looking, it’s not like I’m a lesbo.” Katie grinned. “Sure it’s not. What else do you have on here? What’s this file, ‘Personal’?” “No wait, don’t-” Katie opened the file and was treated to a full-body nude shot of a pale girl. She nice legs, beautiful tits, had red hair above and below, and a cute smile… because she was Petra. Katie felt another twinge. No, more than a twinge; she felt as if something warm and soft had passed between her legs, teasing her. “Holy shit,” she said, “You’ve got naked selfies on here!” Petra scoffed. “Says the girl who grabbed my boob ten minutes ago.” “That’s not the same thing as taking pictures though! Who are these for, then?” Petra snatched back the laptop. “Maybe they’re for my dad, because he’s mine and you can’t have him.” She stuck out her tongue. Katie laughed. “Fine, don’t tell me. But you can’t act better than me anymore. I’ve found who I want to be with. It just might take a while to happen.” Petra scoffed. “I saw the way you looked at me. You’re probably overcompensating.” “What do you mean?” Petra grinned impishly. “Alright fine, look me in the eye and tell me that it doesn’t make you sploosh when I do this.” “Do what-” Petra suddenly threw open her bathrobe, exposing her breasts. Jake stepped out of his hiding place in Petra’s closet once again. He was having a lot of fun with this, and he was getting really good at predicting when he should stop time to tease Katie some more. He took a moment to admire the tableau before him. Katie and Petra were both on the bed, on their knees facing each other. Petra had just thrown her robe open, and Katie’s eyes were widened in surprise. Jake took a moment to admire his daughter’s breasts. They really were perfect, firm and round with pale pink nipples. He moved closer and gently rubbed each nipple between his fingers, giving them the little tease they’d need to become erect. He gave Petra a soft kiss as well, knowing that she’d recognize his hand at work. Then he turned to Katie. Sweet, unsuspecting Katie. Well, not so sweet; the girl had a bit of a conniving nature. What he’d overheard from the closet had answered part of Jake’s question about her: Katie seemed to be in love with him. She wasn’t just flaunting herself about to tease or manipulate him; if she was to be believed, she genuinely wanted to be with him. Jake decided to worry about Katie’s heart and his breaking of it later. Tonight was about Petra’s prank. He carefully peeled open Katie’s robe. Her brown skin contrasted starkly with his hand as he cupped and gently squeezed her breasts. Pulling back, Jake chuckled at the handprints he’d left there. He pinched and teased Katie’s nipples a little, but didn’t go too far. He wasn’t sure how sensitive Katie might be, and didn’t want to spoil this one. Now that Petra had flashed the goods, the time for teasing was over. Carefully, Jake lifted Katie into the air and turned her so her back was toward the bed. He took a moment, as he spread her legs open, to both admire the view - Katie had expertly shaved herself down there and looked gorgeous - and to appreciate how easy it was to do this with a levitating partner. Then he pulled her closer, moving his head between her thighs, and went to work. Jake softly licked at Katie’s pussy. She was already glistening wet, and he savored the different-but-equally-sweet taste of her compared to what he was used to with Petra. He teased her clit with the tip of his tongue and softly sucked at it. Then he began to press harder. His tongue parted Katie’s lips by degrees, pushing her open little by little until the stopped time held her wide open for him. Then he pressed deeper and did the same, licking just inside her and spreading her deeper. Finally he pressed his lips right against her and thrust into her a few times with his tongue. He kept at it for a while, caressing her thighs and squeezing her firm ass.Finally, when Jake was sure he’d done enough damage, he wiped his face and pulled away. He grinned, admiring his handiwork. Katie’s pussy was spread open to a few inches, and although the light wasn’t great it was still fascinating to see so deep inside her. Slowly, he inserted two fingers and pushed a little deeper. Jake was not too surprised to see that Katie wasn’t a virgin. Not that he had a ton of experience identifying a hymen or a cervix visually, but he certainly knew depth, and his fingers easily sank to the base within the girl’s well-lubricated passage. He spread her open a little further, imagining the shock she’d feel when that long empty space suddenly pulled closed. Would she feel it as a longing, or just a strange stimulation? He’d have to ask Petra later on. Speaking of Petra. Between looking at Katie’s body and the thrill of interfering with her, Jake realized that his cock was so hard it hurt. It was only fair that his little girl share a little of that longing and discomfort. Jake returned Katie to her original position and closed her robe. Then he re-opened it a little, just enough to show off the curve of her breasts. He figured she’d probably chalk that up to an accident. Moving to the other side of the bed, he stepped up behind Petra. His daughter was kneeling with her feet off the edge of the bed, back arched and both hands holding her bathrobe open. Jake lifted the back of the robe and pulled her panties to the side. She was almost in the perfect position. Jake had to pull her hips down and back a little, but soon he was sliding his shaft up into her pussy where it belonged. He moaned in pleasure as his daughter’s pink walls spread around him, and was pleasantly surprised to find that she was more than ready for him. Of course, it wouldn’t do to properly fuck her now, as much fun as it would be. So instead, Jake gave a few strokes and then grudgingly pulled out of her. Just enough that she’d know what exactly had gone on. He replaced her panties and robe and moved her back into position, then returned to the closet, almost-closing the door and watching the girls as he started time again. Katie’s eyes widened in surprise as Petra flashed her tits. She stared for a full second. Then as she was about to say something witty to regain control of the situation, something strange happened. There was a strange turning in her stomach, like on a rollercoaster only more gentle, but she barely registered it. Instead she focused on the thunderstorm of pleasure that assaulted her mind. Her nipples tingled and her pussy practically screamed to her with a sudden combination of fulfillment and need. She gasped, rolling her eyes back, and shivered all over as the pleasure bubbled over within her. She fell forward onto her hands and knees, moaning through the unexpected climax. Distantly, she heard Petra giggle. “Oh my god, Katie!” She lowered her voice. Did my tits just make you cum??” Katie shook her head. “No… no way…” “You totally did!” Patra leaned down and patted Katie’s hand. “Hey, it’s okay. I understand. I like the look of them too.” Katie looked up at her friend. She felt the hot sting of tears building in her eyes. “No… that’s not right! She pushed herself back upright, turning away from Petra’s open robe and distracting body. “I don’t know what’s happening but it can’t be from that!” There was a soft touch on Katie’s shoulders. She flinched a little, but sat still. “Shhh,” Petra said soothingly as she massaged Katie’s now-tense neck and shoulders. “Don’t worry about it, alright? I’m sorry for teasing you.” Katie sniffed. She was crying now, and couldn’t seem to get control of herself. “I just don’t understand,” she said quietly. “I want him. Nobody else. I want him so much. I think about him and me being together, and… But then I look at you and this keeps happening.” Petra leaned down and kissed Katie softly on the back of the neck. At the same time, Katie gasped as she felt another weird turn and a shock of sensation from her lady-parts. “Don’t,” she said. Petra kept rubbing her shoulder. “Why not?” “I don’t… don’t like it.” Petra sighed. “Listen, I know the feeling. When you feel something new, it’s scary. But there’s a difference between “don’t like” and “it’s new and scary.” I just want you to know that it’s okay, and I’m not gonna judge.” “Thanks,” Katie said, relaxing a little. “And if you wanna explore it, you know, it’s cool.” Katie’s shoulders tensed up again immediately, but her nipples tingled as if someone had just sucked them both at once. “What.” Petra chuckled. “Not like in a gay-lovers way. I just mean, if you wanna fool around, you know. Just say so.” Katie twisted around to look back at her friend. Petra was smiling, in that warm, accepting way that she had. Katie used to hate her for that. Nobody should be that happy and kind, she’d thought. But with that smile turned on her now, she just felt safe. Katie bit her lip and screwed up her courage. Her stomach did cartwheels as she nodded her head. “I think… I think I’d like that,” she said quietly. “As friends.” “Just friends,” Petra agreed. “Would you like me to kiss you now?” “Yes, please,” Katie said. Jake peered at the girls from his hiding-place as they repositioned. Petra looked into Katie’s eyes and held her hands. She was really good at this, and the combination of genuine kindness and succubus-level seduction had Jake steel-hard again. He rubbed his shaft slowly, savoring the slick feeling still lingering from being inside his daughter a minute ago, as he watched. The girls leaned closer together, and Katie closed her eyes. Petra didn’t hesitate, but the kiss was still soft, slow, and very experimental. Katie responded, equally experimental, leaning in and kissing what Jake knew were the sweetest, softest lips in the world. The girls went on kissing for a minute, and Jake decided to up the ante. He stopped time and moved toward the girls. It was a really sweet scene, but if Petra was going to convince Katie that she wanted her, it would need escalation. Jake untangled Katie’s right hand from Petra’s left and moved it up, slipping it under Petra’s robe to cup a breast. He didn’t press them together hard, just enough that the fingers touched Petra’s skin and that pert pink nipple was against Katie’s palm. Just for good measure, he leaned in and gently stroked Katie’s pussy. He figured if he rewarded her with little teases, she’d start wanting more. Jake returned to the closet and started time once more. To her credit, Petra managed to keep cool at the sudden appearance of Katie’s hand on her breast. Katie, meanwhile, moaned softly into Petra’s lips. Her hand softly squeezed Petra’s breast, and Petra in response pressed closer. Then Katie seemed to realize what was happening and pulled her hand and lips away. “Whoa, sorry,” Katie said. “I didn’t mean to do that…” Petra giggled. “It’s okay. You were caught up in the moment. Besides, it felt good.” “Really?” Katie seemed surprised. Petra nodded. “It’s really nice. I thought you said you’d had sex before though, didn’t your boyfriend want to touch you there?” “Yes,” Katie admitted, “but he wasn’t really a boyfriend… it was more of an internet-personals sorta thing.” Petra blinked. “You did a hookup?” Katie nodded. “I wanted to, you know, be ready for-” she stopped herself, but Petra nodded. “For my dad,” she said. “I guess I can understand that. My first time hurt a little, I can see how you’d want that out of the way, and a little experience.” “You don’t think I’m a total slut?” “Katie,” Petra said, taking her friend’s hands again, “Let’s make a rule for tonight. No judgment. Just honesty and openness. I think we both need it, okay?” “Okay,” Katie agreed, nodding. “Anyway, he touched me, but he was really rough.” Petra hissed softly. “Jeez, no wonder. Do you wanna touch me again?” She slid her hands up to her robe, holding it ready to open. Katie smiled weakly. “Yeah, sure.” Petra slid the robe off her shoulders, letting it pool around her on the bed. Then she took Katie’s hands and gently pressed them to her breasts. “They’re soft,” Katie said quietly. “And warm.” “Yep,” Petra said. “I like them.” “Me too,” Katie said, giving one of them a little squeeze. Petra moaned softly, then gave Katie a little smile. “Sorry. That feels nice.” “Really?” “Yep. Do you wanna feel?” Katie shrugged. “I guess so.” Petra reached for Katie. She let Katie’s hands stay on her chest while she opened the robe and slipped her own hands inside. Katie let out a little gasp as Petra’s fingers slid around her breasts. “Sorry, are my hands cold?” “No… they’re nice, you’re right.” Petra’s smile widened. “Okay, since we’re holding each other’s boobs, can I ask you a question?” Now it was Katie’s turn to giggle at the situation. “Sure, go ahead.” “What’s the deal with you and my dad? Seriously.” Katie blushed. “Seriously? I’m in love with him.” “Okay, you need to explain this to me. I mean, I get why you’d like him. He’s strong and hot and super-nice and has a big dick...” Katie gasped. “Omigod, you’ve seen his dick?” “Sure. I stole a picture he took. It’s really nice.” Katie grinned. “You gotta share.” “Later. First tell me why you’re so ga-ga over him.” Katie pouted. “Fine. But after you gotta show me.” “Deal,” Petra agreed, sealing it not with a handshake but with a deft rubbing of palms to nipples. “Mnh- stop that, it messes me up. Okay, remember when we were ten and tried to ride skateboards?” “Heh. You mean fall off skateboards.” “Yeah, that. And I got that really bad cut on my thigh? And your dad helped clean me up?” “Yeah, that was a mess. You still have that scar.” “Well okay I was sitting in the bathroom in my panties and he was swabbing it clean with one hand and the other was holding my hand because it hurt so bad. And he just kept talking to me and distracting me and being so nice, and he bandaged it up… and then it was over and he stood up and smiled at me and said I was okay, and I never wanted to let go of his hand again. And then I did and I realized he was bleeding because I dug my nails in so deep, and he never even complained. He just washed his hand and dried it and then asked what else I needed.” Jake smiled, remembering. That poor k**, she’d been terrified at the sight of her own blood. She’d caught her leg on a piece of metal or something and ripped it right through her jeans. At the time Jake was just trying to keep her calm, but the way she told it was really sweet. “So then you fell in love with him?” “Well not at first,” Katie admitted. “At first I just wanted him to adopt me, ‘cause I didn’t understand stuff. But then I got a little older and we all started liking boys… only I never really liked boys, just… him. And he barely knows I exist.” The poor girl really had it bad. Jake clearly needed to deal with this situation in a different way, since “ignore it” had just led to escalation and apparently some heartbreak. Petra sighed, obviously coming to the same conclusion. “That sucks,” she said. “If it helps, he knows you exist.” “Really?” Katie perked up. Petra grinned. “Tell me, did you mean for him to see up your shorts when he came downstairs? Because he totally did and he looked. Like, looked-looked.” Katie giggled. “Good.” Petra sighed. “Look, you gotta be more subtle. I… can maybe help you.” Katie seemed thrilled. Apparently Petra had made the decision as to what to do about her for him. Jake shrugged. “That’s awesome,” she exclaimed. “But first you gotta show me.” “Show you what?” “His dick!” “Oh. Yeah. Hang on a second.” Petra shot a look at Jake that told him what to do. He stopped time, but left Petra mobile, and walked out. “Hey, Daddy,” Petra said, smiling. “Hey, Pet. So this is going… differently than I imagined.” “Yeah. You mind taking a picture and putting it on my laptop?” Jake chuckled. “Of course. Any requests?” Petra glanced at his crotch. “Load of ‘em, but for now just let’s get a good pic or two.” Jake let his pants drop. “Two now? Hm, aren’t we demanding.” Petra grinned, taking his cock in her hand and stroking it. “Says the guy who stuck this thing inside me while I was frozen in time,” she said. “Heh. You got me there. You just looked so sweet and-mmh.” Jake’s sentence trailed off as Petra bowed her head to suck Jake into her mouth. Her hand and head bobbed up and down slowly, while with her free hand she reached down and dug his phone out of his pants. Jake unfroze the phone and took a couple pictures of Petra sucking his cock. “Oh god, that’s nice,” he said, “but we can’t show her this.” Petra pulled her lips back off him and smiled up at her father. “Why not?” she asked, still stroking his spit-slicked shaft. Jake rolled his eyes. “Yeah, because poor Katie would totally react well to seeing you like this.” Petra giggled. “Yeah okay,” she said, leaning back. “How about now?” “Your hand is still on me.” “Yep. She’ll think it’s mom, it’s cool.” Jake shrugged again and shifted a little, moving the camera so the bed and floor were cropped out. It wouldn’t do to have the location be identifiable. He got a couple good pictures containing only his cock, Petra’s hand, and the pants around his ankles. Transferring the pictures to the laptop was a little harder, not because of a technical limitation but because it’s difficult to remove a memory card when your daughter keeps stroking and sucking your dick. Still, Jake manager to get the job done. “There,” he said, “You’ve got them.” He’d also plundered Petra’s collection of naked selfies, but somehow he didn’t think she minded. “Thank you, Daddy,” she said sweetly. “Would you like to fuck me now? Or wait until later?” Jake grinned. “How about now… and again later. Or better yet… I have an idea.” Petra smiled broadly. “Yes, Daddy,” she said. Jake groaned in pleasure as he once more slid inside of his daughter’s tight, moist pussy. Petra was on her hands and knees on the bed before him, and Jake was standing behind her. He held her hips and ground against her until her ass wat firmly pressed against him. Petra’s own moan was muffled somewhat. In front of her was Katie, who had been re-frozen an instant after seeing the picture of Jake’s cock. She was sitting with her legs wide open, and Petra’s face was buried between them.The plan was to make Katie cum again, hard, while looking at Jake’s dick-pic. That way, she’d hopefully come to the conclusion that she was bisexual and her “spontaneous orgasms” were normal. Jake started pumping into Petra slow and deep. He was hard as a rock and throbbing with desire, but he wanted to take his time and enjoy the feeling… and the view. He had to admit, he was starting to really like Katie, and knowing about her real feelings only made it better. Petra moaned into Katie’s slit again, and Jake got an idea. He thrust into his daughter a few more times, then he froze her along with the rest of the world. With Petra frozen, there was an immediate difference in sensations. The vise-like tightness of her pussy let up, and Jake plunged deeper inside her. He felt the familiar squeeze of her cervix around the head of his cock. Jake gave a couple more thrusts, planting himself balls-deep inside Petra’s womb, and started time. Petra suddenly screamed in pleasure and pain as she was simultaneously rapidly stroked inside and stretched open deep. The shock made her try to pull forward, but she was trapped between Jake’s hips and Katie’s crotch, and her father’s hands held her firmly in place. Her pussy clenched down so hard it hurt, and even if she weren’t crying out Jake could have told from the way she spasmed inside that she was cumming hard around him. He felt wetness on his thighs and relaxed his grip, then pulled back and started once more pumping slowly in and out. “Oh… oh god, Daddy,” Petra panted, “God, fuck me, that was incredible.” “What, you mean this?” Jake smirked, stopped time, and repeated the procedure, starting it once more deep within her core. “YES!” Petra screamed. “Ffffuck yes, that, that!” Jake chuckled and stroked his daughter’s back as he resumed slowly fucking her. “I’m glad you like it. It’s pretty nice for me, too.” Petra shivered. “Mmh Daddy, you can’t cum inside me yet. Katie will notice.” “Then what do you want to-” Jake began, but Petra was already at work. She started to pull Katie down on her back under herself. Jake soon got the hint and helped, dragging the other girl under his daughter and to the edge of the bed, much as he’d done with Petra and Natalia before. Still pumping into Petra smoothly, he gave her thighs a stroke. “What now, Pet?” “Well first, you put it into Katie.” Jake stopped moving. “Are you sure?” Petra looked back over her shoulder at him. “Why wouldn’t I be?” Jake blinked. “Well, technically we’re talking about me r****g your friend while you lay on top of her.” Petra giggled. “Oh, Daddy,” she said, pushing her hips back to steal another thrust from him. “She wants you so bad, you heard her.” “Well, yeah, but she wants to be with me, not be… whatever this is.” “She’s going to cum anyway when she starts moving.” “True…” “And also… who cares?” Jake blinked. “What do you mean?” “I mean, there’s no victim, there’s no crime. So please, Daddy,” she said, putting on her poutiest face, “put your big cock in Katie’s little pussy for a while.” Jake chuckled. “Alright, Pet, whatever you like.” He slid back out of Petra slowly, eliciting a little gasp from her, and angled his cock downward. Petra reached down between her legs to help, taking him in her hand and guiding him down into Katie’s already-moistened slit. The frozen Katie was as sweet, hot, and tight as the frozen Petra had been, maybe even more so. Jake groaned once more as he felt her passage open around him. There was very little resistance, however, and he was soon thrusting into the unaware girl the same way he’d been in Petra a moment before. “How does she feel, Daddy?” Petra asked. “Mmm, wonderful,” Jake admitted. “Hot, tight and wet, just lovely.” Petra giggled, then told Jake what she wanted him to do next. Jake started thrusting faster, stroking his cock against the walls of Katie’s pussy. The angle ensured that even without tightness there was constant stimulation, and it did not take much to bring him to the edge. Then he pulled back out again. With some quick shuffling, Jake was soon where Petra had wanted him. His cock was between the girls, shaft pressed against Katie’s pussy lips below and Petra’s above. The head curved up against Petra’s stomach, and she pressed down against it to squish him more tightly between them. “Fuck us, Daddy, cum all over us,” Petra breathed. Jake did as she asked. He started thrusting between the girls, both hands on Perra’s ass holding her down firmly. Juices from both girls lubricated the passage between them, and he groaned in pleasure at the tight hot skin and the teasing tickle of labia on his dick. Petra moaned for him as her breasts rubbed against her friend’s, and the lusty needy sound sent him over the edge. Grunting with effort, Jake drove hard between his girls, gasping with pleasure as the release finally came. He thrust again and again, each time spurting hot cum up between their bodies. Finally, with a last thrust and a twitch, Jake came down from his high. Petra lifted herself up and he drew back shakily from beneath her. Petra rolled to her back, panting softly. Her lower stomach was glistening with sex, and above that… Jake had made a mess. There was white cum plastered all over between and under her tits. Katie looked about the same. Jake started to step out of the pants that still bound his ankles, but before he could move away, Petra slithered snakelike off the bed and onto her knees before him. Using only her lips and tongue, she pulled his softening cock between her lips and swallowed it. Jake groaned as Petra’s throat tickled his sensitive member. Her tongue moved and prodded, cleaning all their fluids from him. Finally, she pulled back and looked up at him. “I guess I should get cleaned up, huh?” Jake chuckled. “One second.” He picked up his phone and took a picture of Petra on her knees, plastered with cum and smiling, then after a second of deliberation took a couple of Katie as well for the collection. “Now we can clean you two up,” he said.