Jacki's Journey into Sissyhood Pt. 02

I awoke as sunlight began to creep into my bedroom. I might have thought last night was a dream if it wasn't for the large hairy arm d****d across my shoulders and the large cock poking at my backside. I tried to slowly slide out from under Steve's arm, only to have him pull me closer and kiss my shoulder. "Good morning Jacki," Steve said sleepily as he yawned.I took my free hand and grasped his erection, and laughed," It seems this guy has been up for a while now."He chuckled back, "Yeah, well who can blame him he's next to such a hot piece of ass.""He does have good taste in gurls I guess, and he tastes good too."We both laughed for a minute and then I rolled over and kissed Steve good morning. "Well I'm guessing you will be leaving me soon," I pouted.Steve glanced at the clock, "yeah I need to head out in a minute.""You have time to do something with that erection," I questioned."I figured you're too sore for that this morning."I answered, "Well I am pretty sore down there, but how about a blow job instead.""I've never been a man to turn down a blow job."I peeled back the blankets to reveal his stiff member cloaked in his boxers. I peeled down his boxers and set to work. This time I attacked his prick, quickly swallowing it and coating it in saliva. I used my hand one hand to work his shaft and the other to fondle his balls, while I bobbed up and down on the shaft."You are cock hungry little slut this morning aren't you," Steve asked.I managed to gurgle out a, "yes Daddy," with his dick in my mouth.He laughed me on and began to moan slightly as I continued milking a load from his cock. I then pulled his cock out of my mouth and began sucking on his testicles. He sighed through his teeth, "That's it you dirty girls, such Daddy's balls."Spurred by his encouragement I rolled each testicle about in my mouth as my hand furiously worked his shaft. After thorough tongue bathing his sack I returned the attention back to his shaft and licked it from base to tip before returning it to my mouth.After of couple of minutes I felt Steve's cock pulse, and I knew he was close. He smiled and moaned, "Is daddy's gurl ready for breakfast?"Once again I murmured, "Yes daddy," as I worked his tool. A few seconds later, I felt Steve raise his hips and moan, "OH god, baby I'm cumming."His cock then began to spasm and launch ropes of thick warm seed into my throat. I tried to swallow as much as could, but there was once again a lot to deal with. Some of his delicious nectar began to leak out.I looked up at Steve as I released his cock and choked down the mouthful of his baby batter. As I swallowed he protested, "Looks like you made a mess, you need to clean daddy up."I returned to Steve's crotch and began to tongue up all the spilt jizz from his cock and balls. Once he was satisfied he tapped me on the head and said, "Good gurl, you learn pretty quick.""Thank you Daddy," was my reply."Listen I'm going to use your shower to get cleaned up, why don't you make me a cup of coffee for the road.""I'd love too," I answered.Steve disappeared into the bathroom and the water began to run. I scampered into the kitchen and began preparing his coffee.About the time the coffee pot was done, I heard the shower shut off. I yelled through the door, "How do you take your coffee.""Two sugars," was the reply.I returned to the kitchen, and found an old travel mug of mine. Filled the cup then added the sugar and fastened the lid. As I finished up, Steve emerged from the bedroom."Great the coffees done." He walked up behind me and smacked my panty clad ass, which made me jump. He grabbed the cup, and said, "Thanks baby, I really got to run. Last night was incredible, and I've got your number so I call or text you later in the week Ok."I nodded, "Ok sounds good." Steve kissed me once more and then was out the door.I stood alone in my living room, still dressed in my babydoll from last night, and my wig, with a butt plug in my ass containing a wad of a strange man's cum in my butt. I probably should have been embarrassed with myself but strangely I was a little proud.Before hand when I crossdressed it was simply about my sexual release, primarily achieved through me masturbating. However last night I hadn't even touched my dick. I had an orgasm, a powerful one, but it felt different. After my sexual release when I jacked off, I often lost my sexual desire and often felt ashamed. But my sexual release last night from my deflowering just made me hornier.And frankly I didn't particularly care about my pleasure as much as I cared about pleasing Steve. It was a revelation for me. I don't know what he knocked loose inside of me with his cock, but I did know this wouldn't be my last gurly experience I was hooked.The rest of the week went by pretty quickly for me. I was busy at work and had to work long hours. Thursday rolled around and I began wondering if Steve was ever going to call back. That evening I got off early than I had all week, I swung by the gym for a run, then came home for a little me time. I ran a bath and grabbed a glass of wine and set to relax. As soon as I got into the tub, my phone began to ring.I looked at the number, it was Steve. I answered quickly, "Hi there, I was beginning to think you were never gonna call back.""It's been a long week sweetie, but all is ok. How was your week?""Busy and long," I laughed."Well listen, I was wondering if you would like to come to my place for dinner tomorrow night.""Sounds lovely," I replied. "Can I come and get ready at your place early?""Why don't you just get dressed at your place, I'm sure you have a cocktail dress or something you could wear then you could pack an outfit for later," Steve insisted.I stammered back, "But I never, have been out before.""Listen you could easily pass, plus it's not like you are going to be out. Just in your car till you get here. I really want you to come, I have a little surprise for you."I finally reluctantly agreed, "Ok, if that's what you want. What time?""How about 9. I'll text you later with address." Steve said his goodbye and then was gone. I sat there soaking in the tub in the tub and sipping my wine. What had I gotten myself into, a week ago, I was just a curious crossdresser who wouldn't have dared to venture outside. Now here I was about to drive myself across town to a man's house to be his sex toy for the evening. Somehow that felt good, I felt proud of that.The next day crawled by, as I was constantly watching the clock. I was able to get all my work done, and was able to scoot out of the office before 5. I stopped on the way home and filled up my car, so I wouldn't have to do it later, and then flew home.I jumped into the shower and set to work with my razor. Shaving every nook and cranny in effort to remove any stubble, then washed my body thoroughly. I began my booty clean out process as well. After releasing my first enema, I sat to work on my face. I tried my best, yet alas I still ended up looking like a streetwalker. I attached my breastforms to my chest, then ran my second enema.I then combed through my closet, trying to find something to wear. I finally settled on a green dress, it had wide shoulder straps that lead to a plunge neck cut with a pleated skirt, and was adorned with little polka dots. I grabbed a pair of matching green thong panties and bra. I quickly put the undergarments and applied my body lotion, before running my third enema. I was now clean down there and ready to finish my transformation. I stepped into the dress and drew it up my body. After some work I got the dress in place, and twisted myself around and was able to work up the zipper. Next came my white peep toe pumps. Lastly came my wig. Once finished I stood in front of the mirror and tugged and straightened until I was satisfied with my image.I grabbed a bag from, and filled it with assorted lingerie, panties, stockings and my black patent pumps. I grabbed my phone to see I had a text message from Steve, "Make sure you bring your plug for tonight." I smiled and laughed to myself, "I guess he plans on filling me up again."By that time it was 8:30, and time for me to get on the road. I looked through the blinds to make sure there weren't a lot of people out and about. It was dark now and not many were out, so I cracked the door and peered out into the breezeway. I looked both ways a couple of times, took a deep breath, and then made the break for it. I scampered to the car as quickly as I could manage in my heels. When I reached the car and closed the door behind me I finally let out my breath. I started the car and was off.I followed the directions on my phone and made my way across town, and quickly made it to Steve's neighborhood. I hadn't ventured to this side of town before and was quite shocked at the massive sprawling houses that lined each side of the boulevard. This must be the nice side of town, check that the really nice side of town. I followed the GPS directions, and before long the voice told me to turn left, and then you have reached your destination. I picked up my phone and checked it again, "This can't be right," I thought out loud.I was sitting in a private driveway, starring at a large wrought iron gate. Next to the window there was a keypad, and speaker. A rolled down the window and pressed the call button. There was a loud buzz, then the gates began to swing open. Guess this is the right place.As I drove up the drive I noticed the size of the estate, the front lawn was expansive and expertly kept. The long driveway led to a large circle in front of a Spanish style villa, the front lights were on and a familiar figure stood on the veranda. I pulled up the circle and parked before shutting off the engine. Before I could manage it, Steve opened up my door and offered me his hand. I took his hand as he helped me exit. "I was worried you might have trouble finding the place," he remarked."No trouble, GPS took me wright to it actually. I've never been over this far. This is so beautiful out here."He smiled and said, "Not quite as beautiful as you look tonight.""Oh stop," I blushed as I retrieved my bag from the car.Steve took my hand again and led me into his home. He opened the massive front door into a large front room, with high ceilings, travertine floor and bright plaster walls. On the far side of the room there was a large set of glass doors that looked out over a pool and garden."What do you think," Steve questioned as we walked."I'm thinking this is the nicest house I've ever been in," I laughed. "What do you do for a living again."We talked as he guided me around his home, and he showed me no less than 10 different bedrooms. As it turns out Steve had become quite successful in the construction industry after his divorce and due to lucky investments he had turned that success into a large fortune. He only continued to work because he enjoyed it. "Must be nice," I commented.As we walked the expansive halls, he turned to me and asked, "Enough of the tour, How about some dinner?""Sounds great," I replied.Steve led me to a small formal dining room, with a small table set for three. I looked at Steve and nervously questioned, "Are we expecting someone else?""Well that's the surprise you see. My girlfriend Laura will be joining us in a minute."I protested, "But I thought, I mean I'm not ready, I mean what if she knows, she could out me.""Easy there darling, everything is going to be fine," Steve comforted. "Me and Laura have an open relationship, we are swingers. You do know what swingers are?""Yes," I nodded in acknowledgement."Well see Laura really wanted to meet you, after I talked so glowingly about you. She allows me to indulge in my sexual desire for sissy girls such as yourself, but occasionally likes to join in on the fun if everyone agrees."I once again nodded in agreement."Listen after dinner, you make the call on whether or not you would like to stay and go further. No hard feelings either way, Ok."I nodded Ok, and we began dinner. I was quite, and a little nervous but the flowing wine helped to relax me. Eventually the door opened, and in stepped a gorgeous middle aged women. Laura was about my size 5'6" or so 130lbs with long muscular legs. Her red hair framed her face perfectly and d****d down onto her shoulders. She wore a gold sling dress, which hugged her figure. Like Steve she was in impeccable shape and her curvy figure was highlighted by her large DD breasts and firm hips and ass. She glided into the room, "This must be Jacki the gurl Stevey can't quit babbling about.""Yes ma'am," I answered coyly as I extended my hand."Oh call me Laura," she insisted. "Stand up so I can have a better look," as she helped me to my feet. I stood deathly still as Laura walked around and examined me. She must have sensed my angst and touched me on the arm and said, "Relax darling, you are just trembling."She turned to Steve and remarked, "I must say not bad, and like you told me with a little work she could be a stunner."Laura then returned her attention to me, "Other than the makeup, the manly shoulders, atom's apple, and god awful wig, she could pass."I thought to myself, "But I like my wig," as I twirled my fake blonde locks.We resumed dinner and continued the small talk. I began to loosen up as the wine erased my cautiousness. After we were finished dinner Steve collected the plates and turned to Laura, "Why don't you propose our idea to Jacki?""Ok dear," she smile back at him."What idea," I questioned."Well we have a proposal for you," Laura added as she looked deep into my eyes. "Steve and I are in an open relationship, do you know what that means?""Yeah he explained it some, you guys can sleep around a bit.""A bit might be an understatement dear," she laughed. "We lead a pretty active swinger lifestyle, we sleep around and do as we please basically. However Steve also likes playing around with sissy girls from time to time. I'm fine with his fetish, but I don't like the secretive and unsafe nature of some of his rendezvous. When he told me about you and your potential, we began to discuss the possibility of you becoming our sissy."I interrupted, "What do you mean potential.""Well sweetie, I must commend you on the work you've done by yourself. But to be honest you just look like a man dressing like a woman. Your makeup is all wrong and your figure although well disguised gives you away. But don't worry those are things that we can work on should you choose to.""Oh ok I see what you mean, I definitely could use some help and assistance in some areas, also what did you imply by our sissy," in enquired.Laura smiled and said, "Well we, Steve and I, were wondering if you would consider moving in here with us. We have a pool house that you could stay in, rent free and I could help further your feminization. Steve would pay for everything, you wouldn't be out anything but your time. During the day I will coach you, and at night or special occasions you will share our bed. The only stipulation would be that you would live as a woman or stay in dress the entirety of your stay with us, and you will take no other lovers, male or female, without clearing it with us. How does that sound.""What about my job, and stuff, I can't be expected to be in dress in front of my co-workers," I questioned."We had already considered that. If I'm correct, you told Steve you worked as an accountant, am I correct?""Yes that's right," I repliedLaura looked pleased and said, "Well I run a small personal training business here, just a couple of clients really, and Steve could always use an extra hand keeping up with things. You could work from here essentially. We would set up a savings account in your name and deposit your salary into that. As I said before you wouldn't need to touch that account during your time here, as Steve would pay for everything else."I pondered over the situation in as I sipped my glass. I then asked Laura, "That's a very tempting offer, but I have another question. It's fairly obvious what Steve would get from this arrangement but why would you agree to it.""I thought you'd never ask honey," she joked. "Well, I guess I would start with that I have a dominant side that I've kept pent up over the years. Steve, has a dominant personality, and two doms in the classroom don't exactly mix. So inside of the bedroom, you would be my outlet for that energy. Outside of the bedroom, I could really use a girlfriend to go get my nails done, layout by the pool with, go shopping with. It's been difficult for me to make friends because A, women of my age are either jealous of my body, or aren't excepting of my lifestyle; and B, younger women just try and undermine me with Steve so they can get at his money.""Have you ever done anything like this before," I questioned.Laura answered, "No not with a sissy, we tried with a younger woman but it ended in flames. That's when a swinger couple we know suggested training a sissy. Karen, our friend, has been sending me things about how they recruited and trained theirs. It peaked my interest, so Steve and I decided to try it.""I see," I added as I pondered the information I had been presented with. "It's a lot to take in, I have to say that your offer does intrigue me but I'm unsure if it's for me.""Oh darling, No, we didn't expect you to make the decision tonight. This is a big decision for you, take your time and when you're ready let us know. No hard feelings either way, yes or no, Ok."I sighed a breath of relief and nodded Ok."Enough of this talk, let's have some fun, why don't we," Laura insisted as she stood up grabbing her wine glass."Yes lets," I agreed grabbing my glass and joining her.We clanked our glasses and downed them. Laura grabbed my overnight bag and my hand in the other and said to me, "Let's take this party elsewhere."She led me down a long darkened hallway, as the click clack of our heels echoed off the tile. Eventually we came to two large wooden doors. Laura opened the doors, and turned to me and laughed, "And this is where the magic happens."We stepped into a softly lit bedroom, with a giant 4 post bed that dominated the center of the room. It was the largest bed I'd ever seen, easily able to accommodate 10 people. Laura led me to the side and into the entrance to their dual walk in closets. On the either side of the corridor that separated the closet there was a sitting area with a mirror. Further down the corridor it opened up into a luxurious master bath. Laura tapped me on the ass with a firm hand and said, "Take a seat and let's get started." She motioned to one of the stools in front of the vanity's I sat down as commanded and Laura d**g her stool close to mine."Now off with this dirty wig off, and see what I have to work with," she remarked as she removed my blonde wig and let it fall to the floor. I kept my hair usually cut close, but I had missed a couple of haircuts and my brunette hair was longer than usual. Laura ran her fingers through it saying, "Yes, yes this will look quite cute when I'm done with it."Laura handed me a wet washcloth and instructed me to scrub my makeup off, while she gathered some things. I found out later that before she had met Steve, Laura was a hairdresser and cosmetologist. So I was in good hands. When she returned with scissors and blow dryers and all types of hair product. She then set herself to cutting, clipping and shaping my hair into a more feminine style. Afterward she began applying makeup to my face, she brushed and blended until she was satisfied with the final look. She spun me around on my stool and said, "Now that's more like. How do you like it?""Wow, that is amazing," I exclaimed as I starred at a feminine young goddess in the mirror. I saw what she had meant about my makeup job, this was totally different. It wasn't too heavy, but lite and fresh. The transformation was made perfect by the new styling of my dark hair. It was a hip, young luck, kind of punk-rockerish but was quite cute. "I love my hair.""Yes much better than that cheap mop you were wearing," she laughed.As much as I loved my blonde wig, I had to agree with Laura, this was much better."Now that's out of the way, on to the outfit," Laura noted as she started digging through my bag. "No, no, no, oh the shoes are cute, no on these things. The butt plug and the shoes will work." She turned to me and told me, "Stand up dear."I stood up as she twirled me around, "yes, I have something I think will work." She disappeared into her closet, on to return a few minutes later carrying some clothes. She dumped the things on her vanity and then held up a hot pink, vinyl overbust corset."Have you ever worn a corset before," she enquired as she sized me up.I shook my head, "no.""That's fine I can help you get into it quickly, so strip out of that dress and bra," she commanded. I hesitated a second, and she laughed, "Don't be bashful, I'm going to see it all anyway."Upon her encouragement, I quickly let my dress fall to the floor, then unhooked my bra setting my breastforms free. She squeezed on of the false tits, making a disapproving face, "These really don't work on you, but they will have to do for now."She then unclasped the corset and d****d it around my body as she instructed me, "Start fastening the clasp from the bottom up."I followed her instructions, fastening each steel clasp bottom up until they were all done. She then tugged the corset into place, and stuffed my silicone tits down at the top, and motioned for to sit. I sat on the stool in front of her, holding the top in place as she had wanted. I was the instructed, "Now take a deep breath and hold it." As I did she began pulling on the laces of the back of the corset, tightening the fabric against my body. She tightened and tightened, and then tightened some more. The vinyl material and steel ribs of the corset compressed and reshaped my torso. It felt as if all my organs were being squashed together. Eventually, Laura tied off the laces, and told me, "Now breathe out."I did as I was told, but found it incredibly hard to get another breath. Laura place her hand on my bare shoulder and said, "Breath slowly in through your mouth and out through your nose." I followed her instructions and was able to regain my composure.She laughed, "You'll get used to it I promise." She then handed me a matching pink thong, and a pair of white fishnet stockings. "You can handle it from here, I need to get myself ready, oh and just wear your white peep toes you have on with that outfit." She motioned me out into the bedroom and told me, "get ready in here, I'll be out in a minute."I carried my things into the bedroom and laid them out. I started by trying to take my green thong off, only to find I was unable to bend at the waist in the constricting garment. I finally figured it out and wiggled the thong off. I then stepped into the pink thong that Laura had given me, I squatted down and d**g the satin thong into place. It just barely covered my clitty and was little more than two strings running up my ass crack. Next came the stockings, which took some imagination on my part. I stood up and placed my foot on the bench at the foot of the bed, from there I was able to draw each fishnet stocking up and fasten the garters. Holding onto one of the bed posts, I then stepped back into my heels."What a sexy sissy slut you make," Laura called from behind me. I spun around to face Laura wearing a purple, open bust corset. Her massive tits hung free, unsupported. She obviously had some work done, as they didn't sage but just sat on her chest and bounced with her every movement. Her plump nipples were pierced with metals bars that caused them to glisten. She wore black fishnets stockings and high heels, with a large strap on dildo fastened across her pussy.""I think that might fit you better than it does me," she joked. She moved across the room towards me as my eyes were affixed on the large rubber phallus, she wore. She came up to me and kissed me firmly, sticking her tongue down my throat. I returned her kiss as her manicured hand dug into my exposed ass cheeks. "Where is Steve," I protested.Laura kissed me again, and said, "He told me what a good fuck you were, so I thought I give you a test drive before he joins us." She licked her lips and looked at me lustfully, "why don't you show off your cocksucking skills, on my friend down here," while she shook the fake cock with her hand.She placed her hand on my shoulder and commanded, "On your knees."I lowered myself to my knees and took the dildo into my hand. From this angle I could see that while one end of the cock was in my hand, another end was firmly inserted in Laura's juicy cunt. I looked up at Laura as I began sucking the shaft of her toy. She moaned and sighed, "Good girl, Jacki."I covered the shaft in saliva and then used my hand to milk the shaft as I bobbed up and down on the shaft, as I had done on Steve's cock. "Well, aren't you just a cock loving slut," Laura chided as I made love to her strap on.After a minute or two, I guess Laura became bored, and pulled the cock from my mouth, "Steve said you can take all of him in your mouth, let's see if you can deep throat this." She grabbed my head and held it still and drove her tool into my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could but her speed and length made me choke with about an inch of shaft left. "Not quite, but we can work on that.""Enough of that, let's see how well you fuck," she insisted as she pointed to the bed. "On your back sissy bitch."I hopped to my feet and moved quickly to the bed, and laid down as instructed. Laura grabbed a bottle of lube from the dresser and followed me onto the bed, taking her place between my legs. She greased her rubber cock saying, "Legs up, grab your heels."I grabbed my heels and pulled my legs to my chest exposing my ass to Laura. She pulled aside the pink cloth string, and massaged my hole. "What a pretty pink pussy you have sissy. You want me to fuck your slut ass with my big cock Jacki?""Yes fuck me Laura," I answered.My response was followed by a swift smack of my ass, "No, sissy in here, I am Mistress," she jeered angrily, then swatted my bare bottom again.I jumped and yelped at her smack, "Yes, Mistress."She then lined up the fake phallus with my hole and pushed into me. Steve had been slow and easy, Laura was anything but. As soon as the head cleared my sphincter she buried the cock in my pussy. My eyes watered and I gasped in gain, "Oh shit, that hurt."My tears, had little effect, as she immediately withdrew the strap on and slammed back into me laughing as she did so. Laura continued her strokes as my ass throbbed around the dildo. As she worked herself in and out she began to moan as the other end of the strap on stimulated her pussy. The pain in my ass began to yield to the pleasure of the cock stimulating my prostate, and I too began to moan. My cries of satisfaction, caused a lustful smirk to appear on Laura's face. "I knew you were a cockloving sissy at heart, tell me how bad you need mistresses' cock.""Oh god, that's it, your cock feels so good mistress. Fuck my pussy harder mistress. Please fuck me," I pleaded.Either her clitoral stimulation or my cries cause her speed to increase, as she continued pounding me. In and out, in and out; faster and faster she went as the replica penis probed my bowels. All of sudden she shuddered and slammed into me, and shouted, "Oh yessssssssssssssss, I'm cumminnggggg!!" She collapsed as her body conversed in orgasmic bliss.Laura gathered her composure, and removed the phallus from me. I objected as my now empty pussy throbbed for cock, but Laura laid down beside me and said, "Time to put the pretty mouth back to work.""Yes mistress," I replied, then crawled between my legs."Clean up my toy, first." She harassed as she waved the cock in my face. I returned to sucking and cleaning the rubber dick, tasting my ass in the process. To my surprise I tasted good, and I happily lapped at the dildo. Laura unhooked the harness, and slid the strap on from her vagina. She then stuck that end into my mouth, giving me the first taste of pussy in over a year. Her scent was primal, and strong, and her taste mellow and smooth. I greedily lapped at the pussy stick till it was cleaned thoroughly. She sat the strap on aside, "now make me cum again," she said and tapped her pussy."That was the only instruction needed and I dove in lapping her labia like a dog, she cooed and groaned. I felt her hand grab my head and then jam my face into her sex. My nose dug into her pubic mound and my tongue fought at her clitoris. She moaned and began grinding her hips into my motions. I looked up at her lost in ecstasy. Laura then looked up and motioned to someone else in the room to join us. I never lifted my head as to keep with my task to make her cum, but crawled to my knees and lifted my ass into the air, as the bed undulated and the visitor climbed aboard."She's such a good slut isn't she, her hole is nice and ready for you just slide right in baby," Laura instructed the stranger. I then felt two large hands on my hips and the familiar feeling of Steve's hard cock at my love canal entrance. My earlier fuck session with Laura had indeed loosen up my tight pussy, as Steve pushed is meat into my rear completely."Oh god, yes," I muttered into Laura's pussy, while Steve began fucking my hole with his rod. We continued fucking and licking in ecstasy for several minutes. My tongues gyrations on Laura's button began to bring her close, she threw her head back and moaned loudly, and her hand kneaded and teased her nipples. His girlfriends cried of joy, kicked Steve into high gear, his trusts quickened and his balls began smacking my taint. The motion of Steve's cock sent me over the edge first, sending ropes of cum from my clitty, and began to drip down as the satin G-string did little to contain it. As my ass orgasmed, I sucked hard at Laura's clit, sending her into a second orgasm. The spasms of Laura's body, caused Steve to grunt then bury his sword, and began spilling his seed into my sissy pussy.We froze in that position as our heads slowly stopped spinning. Laura broke the silence, "Holy god, that was intense." We all laughed in agreement. She then looked at Steve over my shoulder, "Did you cum in Jacki?"I interrupted, "Yeah, like a fire hose." We all giggled as she grabbed my butt plug from the night stand, "Here you go honey, plug her pussy so she has something to take home." Steve took the plug, removed his cock and inserted it into place. He tapped my ass, "There you go, baby. We will let that cum incubate in there for a bit."We all collapsed on the bed in our post sex stupor, and laughed and talked. Apparently Steve had been in the room for pretty much the whole session, I had just been so focused on making Laura happy that I didn't notice."Well Laura, what do you think? Did she pass the test," Steve asked."With flying fucking colors, babe," Laura exclaimed. I blushed as the two gushed over me.After a while we climbed out of bed, as it was early in the a.m. now, and I needed to get home. Laura told me to keep the clothes as a gift. Since it was so late, and I was too tired to change, I borrowed a mini skirt from Laura to cover my ass gathered my things and headed out.Laura walked me out, putting her phone number in my phone along the way. She told me as I loaded my bag into my car, "No pressure, but I'm really excited about where this could go, I think you really enjoyed yourself tonight," as I nodded in agreement, "well I know we did to. Thank over our offer, and when you're ready, call me and we can talk.""Ok, Laura, I will," I replied.We kissed passionately goodbye and I made my way home.My drive was a blur, as my mind danced with images of the night and the offer at hand. I had never intended on becoming a woman or a sissy, I quite enjoyed my old life as a man. But I had just had two of the most powerful sexual experiences of my life, like mind alerting sex, as a woman essentially. My mind was so preoccupied that I never even thought to look around the apartment complex before walking to my apartment. I was still wrapped up in post sex euphoria.I closed the door to my small one bedroom flat, and it seemed emptier, bleaker than it had before. I set down at the table, to hear a "rap" as my crystal plug touched the wooden chair. It reminded me that I was still carrying Steve's payload. I had to see my trophy for the night, I placed a bowl on the floor and squatted above the saucer and removed my plug, pushing the large glob of jizz from my rear. The cum splashed into the container. Once I was empty I picked it up. The bowl now contained about a quarter of a cup of still warm jizz, from my sex partner. There was never a better sign that I was now a sissy slut forever.