iSummer, chapter 5

Carly woke up at 7:33 that morning, about an hour after Melanie had fell asl*ep, only she didn't know that. She opened her eyes and say Mel straight across from her, sound asl*ep. Carly smiled. She looked sweet. At peace. Whatever was going on between her and Sam, it didn't look like it was bothering her right now. Carly smiled as she seen a smile come across the sl*eping Melanie's face. She watched as Melanie grabbed the pillow she was sl*eping on tighter, the smile never vanishing from her face.‘Whatever she is dreaming about,’ Carly thought, ‘it must be really good.’Not wanting to wake Mel, Carly slowly slid out of bed, grabbed some clothes from her closet and got dressed. She sat down at her makeup center and started brushing her long dark brunette hair. She heard Melanie moan something but couldn't make out what it was from across the room. Carly giggled and went to brush her teeth.When Melanie woke up she noticed that Carly wasn't in the bed. Of course she wasn't, it was almost noon. Melanie threw the covers off of her and got out of bed. Her dream was still in her mind as she put on clothes and went downstairs."There is the dream girl." Carly said with a smile. "What were you dreaming about this morning?"Melanie stopped in her tracks. "What? I wasn't dreaming." She stuttered.Carly laughed. "Yes you were. You were smiling and talking and hugging the pillow like you never wanted it to go. Who was in your dream?""Yeah, Mel. Tell Carls who you were dreaming about." Sam said walking out of the kitchen with a bowl of something.Melanie shot Sam a dirty look."Sam?" Freddie said, trying to get her to leave Melanie alone."What?" Sam asked. "I want to know who my s*ster was dreaming about too." Sam said in a tone that said she already had a pretty good idea. Of course she had a good idea who it was. It could only be one."It was your lover boy wasn't it?" Carly asked, still smiling.‘Lover girl was more like it.’ Melanie thought as she shook her head yes."I knew it." Carly said as she got up from the couch and ran over to Mel. "Who is it? Is it someone I know?Melanie nervously laughed and looked over at Sam and Freddie who both just shrugged."Yeah, I guess you do kind of know… this person." Melanie looked down, Carly was holding her hands. Carly's skin was just as soft as her hair was."Ohhh I know this person. Okay let's see." Carly dropped Melanie's hands, and walked away as she thought. Then turned around quickly to face Melanie again. "Is it Gibby?""What? No." Melanie said as she finally came down the rest of the stairs."Is it Guppy?""No, he's like 13, Carly." Melanie said as sat down on the couch."Oh my god!" Carly said as she sat down next to her. "Is it Spencer?" She whispered as Spencer was in the kitchen."No.""You sure?""Yeah, it's not Spencer."Sam leaned in next to Freddie. "No, but she's getting closer."Carly heard that. Turned to face Sam and Freddie, and then turned back to Melanie."Is it Socko?"Sam leaned back in next to Freddie. "Oh, getting cold again."Carly turned back to face Sam. "You know who it is, don't you?"Sam stuttered just like Melanie had. "No, uh, not really, I just know that it isn't any of those you mentioned.""So I was close with Spencer, but not with Socko… who else is close to Spencer?" Carly asked herself."Just you k*ddo." Spencer said from the kitchen.Freddie, Sam, and Melanie turned their heads so fast to Spencer that they could have easily broke their necks. Carly didn't notice."We're talking about who Melanie is in love with, Spencer, and she can't be in love with…" Carly said as she turned toward Melanie and saw the nervous look in her face, and saw the nervous giggle. Carly just sat there with her mouth agape.Sam leaned in next to Freddie again. "Wow, this is awkward."Carly shifted her body on the couch and finally closed her mouth only to open it again. "Is it true?" She asked Melanie.Mel shrugged. "Yes, it is Carly.""So upstairs this morning you were dreaming about…""You.""Oh wow. Wow. Oh wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Oh wow." Carly nervously repeated. "I didn't even know you were gay.""It's pretty new to me too." Melanie smiled."How long have you liked me… like that?""Just a few months. Carly, it's just a crush. I mean, I saw you on TV playing basketball, and you looked so gorgeous, and I already knew how sweet and wonderful you were, so it just kind of grew out of that.""Oh wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Oh wow. Wow." Carly said again. "This is... this is, well, shocking.""I know and I am so sorry, I wanted to tell you when we were alone." Melanie looked over at Sam and Freddie but they weren't there anymore. They had gone into the kitchen, took Spencer and went out the kitchen door to give them some privacy. "We are alone." She commented.Carly looked over. Everyone was gone. They were alone. On the couch."I didn't want Sam to practically tell you, but to be honest; I am so glad that you know. You are one my oldest and dearest friends and having these feelings and keeping them from you have been tough and now that you know, I can feel the wave of relaxation wash over me. I know that you are confused, I'm sorry. Can we talk about it?"Now Carly gave a nervous laugh. "I don't know what to say. I feel scared and honoured all at the same time.""I don't want things to be weird between us. I rather have you as a friend than nothing at all." Melanie said, getting more worried by the second."You really thought I looked gorgeous when I played ball?" Carly asked.Melanie smile. "You always do." She thought she could see Carly blush."That's nice of you to say. I don't always feel so gorgeous when I'm running up and down that court, sweating like a crazy person." Carly paused. "Look Mel, you know I love you and I always will but despite the fact that boys don't seem to like me, I like them."Melanie let out a low sad sigh. "Well all I can say to that is those boys are stupid.""Are you alright?" Carly asked."I'm fine, I mean I've known you for a long time and pretty much knew that you weren't gay. I think I could have had one of those celebrity crushes on you or something. I mean, I see you on the web, I see you on TV. You're practically famous." Melanie told Carly, but it was a lie, it was more than just a celebrity crush. It was more like one of those 'someone falls for one of their best friends' kind of things. But obviously Carly didn't like her like that."You don't hate me now do you?" Carly asked, sensing Melanie's hesitation."No. Never." Melanie assured her. "I'm just embarrassed. Sam sold me out." She laughed a little. "And last night she didn't want me to tell you.""She didn't actually tell me." Carly said. "She just made sure I would find out.""By any means. I'm going to go and see if mom is home and visit with her for a while." Mel said as she stood up and started toward the door."Wait. Are you coming back before tonight?""I'll probably just stay with her. Tell Sam okay?""But wait." Carly said, wanting her to come back."Carly, it's okay, seriously. I'm a big girl. I'm a Puckett." Melanie smiled.With that, Melanie walked out the door and closed it, leaving Carly standing there in front of her couch. As Melanie made her way to the elevators, tears started forming in her eyes and rolling down her cheeks.* * *Out in the hallway by the kitchen, Freddie was whisper yelling at Sam."How could you do that? After you told me you were going to kill me when Carly found out about Mel's feelings?" He asked."I got tired of all that awkward banter between them. First of all, I think you were right, no matter what happens, Carly should know, and second of all, it was Spencer who gave it away with his 'Just you, k*ddo' remark." Sam replied as she had to resist the urge to hit Freddie."What?" Spencer asked, just now catching up. "Melanie has feelings for Carly?""Yes." Both Freddie and Sam said to him."Oh wow." Spencer said as a spaced out look came across his face. "I never would have thought it.""And neither would have Carly and Melanie would have waited until Hell froze over to tell her. All I did was help speed things along.""Let's hope you didn't help speed things into a brick wall." Freddie told her."Shut up, dork. Mama knows what she is doing." Sam confidently replied. "…I think." She thought, with less confidence."Can we hear what is going on in there?" Spencer asked, putting his ear to the door. He listened for a few seconds. "No."Just then the door opened and Carly stood before them."Sam, Melanie asked me to tell you that she went to visit your mom.""Oh, okay.""And now I'm going to go take a long shower." Carly said as she turned and headed for the stairs."Uh oh." Spencer said."I'm going to go and talk to my s*ster. You two stay here." Sam said as she started through the kitchen.Spencer and Freddie just looked at each other as Sam went out the front door, heading after her s*ster.