In & Out

Turns out Jane wanted Daniel to try being with a man and I was the easy and least stressful option. From what I understood Daniel was pretty straight and had only recently been introduced to the idea of being dominated and that was by a woman, as far as I knew he had zero experience with a real cock. He was pretty nervous and apparently somewhat resistant to the whole idea. I was a little nervous myself most of my guy on guy action was with my wife or at least another woman present and for some reason the idea of being with just another guy (we would be alone) was disconcerting. On the flip side Daniel and I enjoyed each others company, he was good looking, we both liked to please our wives and to top it off my wife said he had a big and very sexy cock (she had seen pictures).The date that Daniel and I would play was set up by my wife and Jane for a week out and the details were set out. This time I would not be in chastity, Jane wanted Daniel to see how far he could go. Jane had it set up so that Daniel and I would meet at a bar and then go back to his place, she set a minimum bar of activities that we had to at least jack each other off. Both she and my wife said that they hoped it would go further than that but that we had to at least touch each other.On the night my wife saw me off, she was meeting Jane at another bar, and wished me luck with Daniel. I arrived at the bar and he was already there. He was well set up, about 6’ and moderately muscled (I knew he liked to hit the gym) with short dark hair and a trim beard and mustache. I could tell he was nervous because he immediately downed a bourbon and order another. We made small talk but none of it was relaxed, finally in a effort to break the tension and get him to laugh I said “you seem like you could sure use a blowjob man”. Daniel at first looked like he was stunned and then a small smile flashed across his lips and he chuckled, “yeah I’m sure Jane would agree and Im sure she would say to get it from you” he said. I joined him in a laugh.He told me that this session had been on his mind and that Jane had been pushing him to do it and while he liked me and was open to most things he was just not sure he “swung that way”. To make matters more “tense” Jane had not let him cum for almost two weeks but had been teasing him constantly so he was pretty worked up. I told him to just relax that the minimum they wanted was a jerk session and at least he would get to cum. I said I would do what ever but just wanted him to be comfortable, or at least as comfortable as he could be. “Let’s just go back to you place,” I suggested, “we can have another drink and get through this, who knows, it might even be fun”.I drove Daniel back to his place as he had cabbed over. He seemed less nervous than before but I could still see the tension in his movements. We got to Jane and he’s home on the outside of town and went in. Daniel made us both a drink while I took a seat on the couch in the living room. He brought the drinks over and then seated himself on the other end of the couch. “Mind if I put some porn on?” he asked “I need something to get me in the mood if possible”. “Go right ahead” I said and he flicked on the TV and brought up some girl on girl porn (no dicks in sight). We both sipped our drinks while we watched the women on the screen get it on. I felt myself getting hard and judging by Daniels movements on the other end of the coach he was feeling the same.“You mind if I stroke myself some?” Daniel suddenly asked. “Not at all, as long as I can join in,” I said. without another word we both undid our pants and began stroking. I glanced over and Daniel his cock was truly outstanding even soft. He was cut with a well defined head and a nice thick veiny shaft, and he kept his pubic hard trimmed back tight against his smooth skin. He turned to see me looking and I saw him go slightly flaccid as he blushed. “I’m sorry man,” I said “I did not mean to spook you.” “No it’s OK, I mean its what we are here for, right?” he said. With that he turned lightly toward me giving me a better view of his cock while he turned his attention back to the porn on the TV. My cock was rock hard in my hand as I took turns watching the porn and eyeing his cock.Daniel continued to stroke his cock and while he kept his attention on the porn he could not quite get all the way hard. I decided take matters into my own hand, so to speak and slid across the couch to where he was. “Let me” I said reaching out to grasp his semi erect cock. With out a word he moved his hands allowing me access to him. Daniel still kept his eyes on the screen while he used his now free hand to take a big slug of his drink. I stroked his thick shaft with one hand while using the other to grip myself. In spite of his nervousness I felt him growing harder in my hand as I squeezed and jerked him.After stroking him for several minutes, Daniel’s cock was still only semi erect. Without saying anything I lowered my head to his crotch. He did not make a sound but he leaned back some and allowed me to work his pants down a little further so that his cock was fully free. I held his cock with my hand and licked the full length of his soft smooth shaft. I kissed the head and took the base in my hand and slipped my lips around him.I slowly circled the head of his penis with my tongue while I squeezed the base of his cock with my hand. I felt his cock respond and stiffen more, now he was almost fully hard. I dropped my head and bobbed up and down an inch so that my lips caressed his shaft behind the head of his phallus. I felt him stiffen more the base of his shaft forcing my encircling fingers open as he became engorged with blood. I continued bobbing my head taking him deeper in my mouth and I heard him gasp with unexpected pleasure. His cock was quickly coming to full erection but before it could do so I took him deeply into my throat til my my nose buried it’s self in the crinkly patch of his pubic hair, he groaned deeply.I sucked hard and I pulled my head back off his cock so that I could look at its veiny glory. Erect it was a solid eight inches in length and nice and thick. “Let’s get naked,” I suggested sitting back. “Sure,” Daniel said and without hesitation he stood and stripped off his clothing. I quickly knelt in front of him and grabbed his cock and began sucking and licking his balls. “Fuck,” he said “you know what your doing”. He stood there naked while I sucked his entire scrotum into my mouth and he let his head fall back. I sucked his sack while I stroked his shaft with one hand and the other went between his legs to grab his ass. He reached out and and picked up his glass and drank deeply. I sucked his balls as deep into my mouth as I could, tilting my head back so that I could tongue his smooth taint. “Fuck, you’re convincing me this is fun,” he said.I let his balls slip out of my mouth and stood up. I striped off my own clothes while Daniel stood there stroking his cock and sipping his drink. I turned to him my own cock rock hard and jutting out from my body in a upward angle. He removed his hand from his shaft and encircle my shaft with it. He began stroking me slowly while looking me in the eye. I reached out and began stroking his nipples tweaking each one and rolling the hard tips under my fingers. He held out his glass to me and I took it, drinking deeply from it, draining the last of the booze from it while he sank to his knees.Daniel eyed my cock which he was still stroking. He tentatively put his lips to head and gave it a light kiss. He followed that up with some equally tentative licking, while I gave him encouragingly appreciative grunts. Slowly he took the head on my cock in his mouth while he stroked the shaft. As tempted as I was to put my hand on the back of his head and drive my cock into his face I let him proceed at his own pace. He sucked lightly and moved his head up and down a bit awkwardly. I set the glass aside and placed my hands on his shoulders pushing my hips forward slightly so that he took me a little deeper into his mouth. He increased his suction and I felt the warmth of his mouth increase as he bobbed his head deeper taking almost half of my rock hard cock into his mouth. “That feels fucking great,” I said looking down to see him stroking his own shaft in time with his bobbing.I moved on of my hands to the back of his head and pushed down slightly while I used my hips to start fucking his mouth. I felt his shoulders stiffen slightly as he put his hand on my hip and pushed back a little. I did not push any deeper but also did not back off and he slowly relaxed and let me fuck his mouth while he jerked himself. “See it’s pretty fun isn’t it,” I said enjoying the sight of my cock sliding into his mouth. “Mmmhmm,” he replied not able to really answer with his mouth full. Little by little I stroked more and more of my cock into his mouth trying not to hit his gag reflex but still get him to take as much of my shaft into his mouth as possible.Finally I decided to see how far he was willing to go. I released his head and stepped away pulling my cock out of his mouth. “Turn around,” I said commandingly. With out a word Daniel flipped around and went down on all fours. I knelt behind him and stroked his back letting my hands come down to rest on his buttocks. I parted them slightly watching him for any sign of resistance but instead he lower his head slightly allowing me better access. I spread his cheeks to see his pink anus. I placed my thumb against it and pressed slightly and Daniel let out a moan. “There is some lube in the end table,” he said. I got up and got it returning to my position behind him. I lubed up my cock and placed a generous glob on his asshole and then slowly drove my finger into him.I finger fucked his ass slowly, warming him up while I used my other hand to caress his balls and shaft between his legs. Daniel moaned and backed up toward me slightly, I guess Janet had introduced him to anal stimulation and he liked it. Finally I withdrew my finger and used my hand to place the head of my phallus against his rectum and then I pushed in. Daniel gasped and I paused at about two inches letting him adjust to my cock in his ass. I put my hands on his hips and began taking slow shallow strokes enjoy the feeling of his anus hot and tight around my cock. Then with each stroke I began to go a little deeper.Judging my the moaning and grunting coming from Daniel he either really loved it up the ass or was finding that side of himself now. That encouraged me to feed more of my cock into his butt until almost all of my shaft was disappearing into him and then reappearing with each stroke. I lent forward so that my hands came to rest on the ground on either side of Daniel and my stomach lay on his ass and lower back. I leaned my weight on one arm and reach back between his legs with the other. His cock had gone somewhat soft while I was fucking him but a few strokes of my hand had it headed back to full hardness.I began pounding Daniels asshole while I stroked his cock hard to match the pace of my fucking. Daniel gasped and writhed under me forcing his hips back to meet my strokes so that he penetrated himself fulling on my phallus. Both of our paces quickened until I felt Daniels back go ridged and his cock spasmed him my hand and he spurted cum across the floor. I jerked him and kept pounding until his spurts tapered off, then I raised my body up and grabbed his hips and gave a few last hard stokes and then pulled out of his ass.I let out a jet of cum that arched over his muscular back up to his shoulder blades. The next jet splattered across his ass cheeks. I reached down so that the final few spurts were directed into his asshole. Then before I could start to soften I slid my cock back into his ass, sighing as I did so. I stroked in and out a few times then let my cock slip out of him.“Ok that was pretty damn interesting,” Daniel said getting slowly to his feet. “Fuck that was great, I loved fucking your ass,” I said also getting up and giving his sticky cheeks a slap. Daniel grabbed some tissues to wipe up the spunk as I began to get dressed.Daniel walked to the bar to pour himself another drink. “I’m sure the wives will want to see this reenacted,” he said chuckling. “No doubt” I said.When I took off Daniel had already texted the results of the evening to Jane and waiting for her to get home still nude. My own wife met me at home happy that I had been able to satisfy her friends request. I had a feeling a couples evening was in store soon.