Husbands revenge part2

take advantage of my wife whenever she decided to combine her pills and vodka. The thrill of taking advantage of the situation lay in what I could make her do to another man – a man she would never be with otherwise. You may it's fucked up, but I guess after the first time I realized how great the power felt in whoring out my wife (for free no less).The second time I took advantage of her, Sharon had had a bad day at work so the vodka came out soon after dinner. I tried to find out what was wrong but this only served to upset her further. Women claim they want to talk about their problems, but with Sharon this was the exact opposite tonight. The more she complained, the more sympathy I tried to show which infuriated her even more. I knew that ignoring her was a horrible idea so I took the abuse until she decided to pop a sleeping pill and wash it down with the rest of her drink. She went into the bedroom and I took a walk.The cool air helped a little, but I still was too upset to go back. After a couple of blocks, I saw a homeless man sitting in an alley drinking. I don't know why but I wanted to talk with someone, so I gave him a $5 bill and started chatting. I didn't know what to expect, but he seemed like a really nice guy. I asked if he wanted a shower and food and of course he said yes. Like a lost little puppy I took him back to my place for some hot food and hot bath. While he was showering, I went into my bedroom to find some old clothes for the guy to wear. I saw my wife in her d**g-induced sleep, comforter down to her belly, and I knew what I needed. Of course the guy (I never found out his name because I didn't want to know) was willing to be videoed while being with my wife. Although he was somewhat clean, he still clearly looked homeless. I told him that my wife's body was his for the taking and already being naked, he got immediate to work. He started kissing my wife and after a few seconds she responded in kind. By the workout their lips were getting, I'm sure their tongues were busy mingling their saliva. His hand slid down to my wife's breast and started clutching and pawing at it. Sharon started moaning and I could see her semi-erect nipples hardening through her white t-shirt.He pulled himself off of her lips leaving her mouth slightly open. He started rubbing his shaft back and forth across her lips. Her mouth opened wider inviting him to m***** her throat. How could he refuse? Here's a woman who wouldn't give her own husband a blow-job now wrapping her lips around homeless man's cock. By now her nipples were as hard as diamonds and each pinch he gave them resulted in a soft whimper from Sharon. My dick was so hard it was starting to hurt from watching his cock slide in and out of my wife's mouth. Her shirt was slowly being pulled up and soon her bright pink nipples were exposed to this homeless man's abuse. The more he pinched and pulled at them, the louder the moans and the harder she sucked him. Suddenly he stiffened and grunted and I knew that his cum was flooding Sharon's mouth and from there sliding down her throat. I saw her lips milking him trying to get every last drop out of his balls.He withdrew himself from my wife's mouth and moved down the bed to strip the comforter from her body. She lay there with her shirt pulled up exposing her D-cup tits and a pair of floral panties. He pulled her panties off and started stroking himself hard while staring at the moist slit between her legs. He asked if I wanted him to use a rubber and told him no. I wanted him to pollute my wife's cunt with his sperm. He wiped juice off of Sharon's pussy to lubricate his cock as worked it hard again. Each time his finger rubbed her clit, she seemed to spread her legs wider, but this was not foreplay for a night of passion. I saw the look in his eyes and this was going to be ****, pure and simple. He took my wife's hand almost lovingly and placed it around his shaft. After a few strokes, my wife got the idea and started lightly stroking his growing manhood. When his cock was fully erect, he removed Sharon's hand and knelt between her legs. He placed the tip of his dick at the entrance of her dripping hole. He grabbed her hips and in one motion buried his shaft all the way to his balls. Sharon arched her back and let out a loud, "Uuhhhhhhh!" She kept moaning as he shoved himself over and over inside her, his pubic hair pounding into her clit. I heard the wet slapping sound as her pussy juice production went into overdrive. I knew that hearing that sound while watching him suck and bite on her engorged pink nipples would soon send me cumming in my pants. His sweat was pouring on her as his grunts mingled with her moans. I got a great shot with my camera of his cock abusing my wife's soaked cunt and as I was videotaping this, he shoved himself as deep in her hole as he could and he let out a low moan. His cum was contaminating my wife and I was loving every second of it. He pulled out of her leaving a trail of cum leaking out of her slit. He was exhausted so I gave him some of my old clothes to wear and then I redressed my wife, putting on her flowered panties to soak up the homeless stranger's sperm for her to lay in all night. I pulled down her shirt over her sweat-soaked tits and gave them a quick squeeze. I gave the homeless man some food and he told me that he was available to fuck my wife whenever I wanted. I told him I might take him up on that. After he left, I hooked up the camera in the den and watched the scene all over again. The visual of giving my wife to a nameless homeless guy was enough get my boxers all sticky with cum after a couple minutes of stroking. Having learned how to handle this situation the first time, I stored the camera away, got a blanket, and sacked out on the couch. I think my wife was suspicious, but I managed to convince her that I fell asleep after watching a movie. Why shouldn't she believe me? It was the truth.