Hot Diver and Jenna

Jenna had recently taken up running, and was feeling sore and stiff from a long run the day before. As she rested at the end of the pool, she made the quick decision to cut her workout short and stretch in the hot tub. The warm water would be good for her muscles, she rationalized. She easily pulled herself out of the pool, slid into flip-flops, and walked quickly to the hot tub. As she slid into the warm water, her muscles immediately relaxed and she spread her legs into a long stretch, letting out an unintentional sigh.As she sat there stretching, feeling the tension and pain drain out of her muscles, she looked up to see the diver she had been admiring slip into the hot tub next to her. She politely said "Hey," but it came out more like a whisper. He smiled and gave a quick nod. Jenna was glad he didn't want to talk; she didn't know what to say to this stranger she had been watching every day for weeks. As he sat down, his eyes flicked from her face to her breasts and down to the space between legs, sprawled in a deep hip stretch. Suddenly self-conscious, Jenna said apologetically, "Sore legs from a long run..." and closed her legs, deciding to stretch her arms while she waited for him to leave. This was no better; every arm stretch she knew either involved arching her back, pushing her breasts out towards him, or pushing her arm across her breasts, pushing them down and making them appear larger.Despite her discomfort, Jenna didn't quite want to head to the locker room. She was enjoying the opportunity to be so close to the beautiful man she had admired from afar. He was even more impressive up close; his arms and shoulders rippled with the muscles of a swimmer, and his small waist revealed the most toned abdominal muscles she had ever seen. She almost wished they weren't in the water so she could get a better view of his legs and ass.Perhaps reading her thoughts, the diver offered, "I'm a yoga instructor, I could help you stretch your legs out." Surprised, Jenna replied "Uh, sure," without thinking."Okay, let's go to the sauna," he said as he got out of the hot tub. At first, Jenna was happy for her affirmative response. His legs and ass were every bit as gorgeous and toned as the rest of his body. Once he got out and turned around, Jenna realized what she had done. "What were you thinking?" She thought to herself. It was obvious that he was interested in more than helping her stretch, from the way he looked over her body to the bulge in his speedo that was growing as she walked toward him. And she didn't even know his name! Nothing would happen, she assured herself. Jenna promised herself that she wouldn't allow him to touch her, just to show her the poses and leave.The heat and dryness of the sauna made it hard to breathe at first. Jenna laid down her towel and stood on it, waiting for instructions. The diver wordlessly moved into a long lunge, and Jenna followed. She was grateful for the dim lights of the sauna, as she was much less self-conscious. Moving into the deep stretch the way he had done, Jenna thought to herself, "I could have done this on my own. Why am I trusting this guy?"Before she even noticed his movement, he was beside her, moving her torso into a deeper stretch and gently guiding her into the right position. As his fingers touched her skin, Jenna felt a shiver of excitement go through her, but she fought to keep still. Even though she had told herself she wouldn't let him touch her, this seemed innocent enough. As they worked through a few poses that stretched and softened her muscles, he stayed right behind her, his body pressing up against hers. She could feel his hard cock pressed against her back, but she chose to ignore it. This stretching was worth being touched a little; she could tell her body was relaxing and her soreness was disappearing.Her head was hanging down to the floor when the diver touched her right breast to pull her upright again. He let his hand rest there, even after she was standing. As he pulled his left hand up to her stomach, she whispered, "No," but she made no move away from him. His hands began to move around her body, caressing her over her thin Speedo suit, feeling her taut nipples, and down to the wet area between her legs. As he moved the swimsuit aside, she straightened her legs from the plié position, about to resist. He followed her up, rubbing her with the strong fingers of his right hand, and slipping his left under her suit to fondle her breasts. Body tired and loose, Jenna couldn't resist the sensations between her legs, and relaxed into his hard body. When he had nearly brought her to climax, Jenna's body began to tense up, preparing for orgasm. The diver sensed this, and he lifted her at the waist, turned her around, and kissed her. The kiss sent another shiver through Jenna's body, but this one she couldn't hold in. When he released her from the kiss, she began to protest, "No, I have a boyfriend," but he only had one word for her, "Relax."He kissed her again and began to pull the straps of the swimsuit from her shoulders. She hated to admit it, but she was enjoying the feel of his hard member pressed against her torso, and the sweet taste of his soft lips. Before she could tell herself no, she reached to his cock and stroked it through his Speedo. This put him over the tipping point: he quickly scooped her up and before she knew what had happened, she was laying naked on her towel with his head buried between her legs. His tongue worked magic, stroking up and down around her clitoris until she was on the edge of orgasm. Her protests had turned to moans, and as she looked down at his beautiful body the orgasm coursed through her.The diver gave her no time to recover. By now, she was ready to beg him to put his cock inside her, but she didn't have to. Before she could say anything, he was lying on top of her, and to her own surprise she guided him in with her hips. As his long dick slid into her slick pussy, Jenna let out a moan of pleasure. He went deeper with each thrust, and when his cock had gone all the way in she felt the most incredible sensation of fullness. He knew how to move his body to stimulate her inside and out, and as he fucked her she cried out in pleasure over and over. Despite herself, she wrapped her legs around him and pulled him close for another kiss. The diver's last few thrusts brought her to orgasm again, and their bodies tensed together in mutual pleasure.Jenna felt exhausted, but noticed the soreness in her legs was gone. As the diver rolled off of her, she wrapped herself in her towel and began to head toward the door, embarrassed that she had given in so easily, and enjoyed the encounter so much. Behind her, she heard him say, "Wait-""Relax," she said with a smile. "I'll be back."