After a few days things have gotten a bit normal. I heard his alarm, when he stopped it, he rolled over and wrapped his arm around me. I could feel his breath by my ear. I turned my head to him, he caught my lips quickly. Enjoying that kind of early morning euphoria, I rolled to him, and he rolled to his back. I left his lips, kissed down his smooth, strong chest, down his abs, and pulled down his underwear. His cock was already growing when I put it in my mouth. I was on my hands and knees, on the bed, beside him. In the dark, I couldn't tell how he did it but I felt a hand on my belly. He placed me on top of him in 69 position.The lack of light made me forget whether my eyes were open or not. His cock was, effortlessly, sliding lip to throat, I guess I was already a little hard. I felt him on my cock. He pulled my body a bit lower to him, I could feel his warmth down my body. He would kiss the insides of my legs and touch the soft sensitive parts of my body. Although, I was very small (2-3 inches) soft, but 7 inches hard like I was now, his mouth was pleasuring all of it.I tasted precum, his cock was shallow in my mouth, I was tonguing around his foreskin, his head behind my lips. I teased off, both of his large balls made their way into my mouth. His knees were up and I went lower. He was totally smooth and my tongue traced to his hole. He picked up his pelvis, I got a little closer and tongue him a little before going back to serving his cock. I felt a little close to coming myself when he came. Soon, his cock, squirted, then again and again, my lips were tight when his cock left my mouth. I tried to get off of him and he held my hips. I took the hint, I had my ass in the air, face beside his cock as his cum slipped down my throat.I soon realized, once my attention shifted that I was close. His cock rested on my face I couldn't focus. I shuddered when he made me cum. I was breathing hard. He grabbed me and slammed my naked body onto the bed. He was between my legs, poised to fuck me. I could feel his wet cock on my belly. His powerful fingers grasped my throat, I was pinned down. I could feel the tingling pressure. His lips brushed mine, they fell open a little, I accidently let out a desperate, 'oh.' He kissed my own cum into my mouth.He growled, 'swallow it whore!,' I did. He folded my legs back into my chest, I could feel it, 'beg for my cock.''Please, baby,' I said with a soft girly tone, 'fuck me.' His cock was pressed to my hole. I tilted my hips back as much as I could, 'please,' I whispered, 'please, fuck me!.'He pushed hard, it was unlubed and slow. His head was only just in and he pulls out. 'Later,' he said. He got up and left. I drifted off in the warm spot where he had been sleeping. My nipples were without tape for the first time since I had them pierced. The ecstasy of it all put me out. I woke, his lips touching mine. He was kissing me lightly to wake me. His clean, sweet smell was sexy, the minty taste on my tongue was pleasant. He picked up my head, I felt the leather, I heard the buckle. He clasped my collar around my neck one notch too tight.The slight pulse in my head made me even more horny when he said, 'I want you to think about it,' he took one of my to his lips, 'all day!' He kissed me very long and hard. He bit my lip as he stood up, the tight collar made it tingle.I slept hard, when I woke, it was light outside. The collar immediately gathered my thoughts. After eating, exercising and yoga I showered. I knew when he would be home and I wanted to be ready. I put my everyday eye makeup on, black and a bit darker than normal. My lips became more pink, lined darkly as well. My straight hair nearly touched my shoulder, teasing into my eyes. I put a good size butt plug in, I put on a black v-thong, a well fitting chemise that barely skirted my ass. My nipples were left without tape for the first time since I had them pierced. I rolled up my black thigh-highs (his favorite part), they have little bows at the top. I put on black heels, I don't like to wear them but Daniel is tall.As soon as I saw he was home, I went to the bedroom. I clamped a locking spreader around my ankles, and strapped a ball gag into my mouth. I cuffed my hands, I hooked the chain to over a purpose made hook on the wall that puts my arms stretched fairly high. I could feel the lace at the bottom of the chemise brushing my ass.I heard the door close, foot steps through the house. The door swung open. My knees instinctually touched as I knew he was looking. 'You quiver like a whore,' he said. He sat down behind me. 'Stand up straight!,' he commanded. I straightened my knees, poked my ass out a little. His hand gently touched by ass, his fingers went straight for my hole. One finger went past the butt plug. He rubbed downward onto my prostate, his other hand pushed my body to the wall. I made a little dirty girl moan, 'moan like a bitch,' he said.His strong body, beautiful and naked, I could see over my shoulder, it intimidated me a little. He turned me, arms still stretched above my head. He stepped over the spreader bar grabbed me by my hips. My feet left the ground, the bar between my ankles was now behind his back, my legs pulled in as far as possible. I could feel his cock on my back, he dropped the gag from my mouth. He plucked the butt plug from my ass, his head met my hole. I could feel his cock slide to my hole. Our eyes met, 'please,' I desperately mouthed, as he teased me. He used the full length of his cock, it made me gasp.I don't remember when my eyes closed but I remember when they opened. He was taking pleasure in my pleasure. My lingerie was teasing my body as he pounded my hole. I watched his body, his flexing muscle, it controlled my body and his magnificent cock. I reveled in the power he was using to stuff my hole. I was in his arms, he unhooked me from the wall. He dropped me onto the bed. He recuffed my hands behind me. He slapped my face, 'are you my little slut?' I nodded yes. 'Beg for my cock,' he dropped my gag around my neck.I was helpless on my back. Hands pinned beneath me. 'Fuck me!,' I said. I sounded intentionally uninterested.He slapped me again, his eyes inches from mine. He straddled my face. His cock pointing down my body. He throat fucked me ruthlessly. I gagged and then I choked. His dripping cock pulled from my mouth. I could see his seemingly virgin ass. Bound at my hands I served his ass with my tongue. He throat fucked me again, I gagged and gagged he finally extracted his cock from my mouth. 'Say it like you mean it,' he said. 'Beg for my fucking cock,' he growls, 'beg like a little slut.'I knew what to do. 'Use me,' I said. 'I am your whore, use me to pleasure yourself.' He looked down his body, his cock dripped onto me. 'Break me, Daniel,' I pleaded, 'I need my masters cock. Like a wild horse, BREAK ME!' I said the last two words slowly.His reply was not in words but in angry, virile, anal fucking. Daniel fucked straight down into my hole. It was the perfect angle, like I loved it. His fingers locked into my hair, his speed changed from slow and deep to fast and just deep enough. When he came, he never stopped, he just got deeper again. I couldn't (or wouldn't, I don't know) stop, my girly cries, 'oh, oh, oh,' with every push of his hips. I even tried to act like I was crawling away.He wrapped his hands around me. I was rolled over, my hair was annoyingly in my eyes. Grabs me by my thighs, behind my knees. With a hand on each leg, he lifts my whole lower body. He led my ass, to his cock. Only my shoulders were left touching the bed, he was on his knees. My ankles separated by the spreader bar, drifted between our faces. My limp cock, bounced with the rhythm. My arms just lay above me. He steadily picked me up more and more. Soon he was standing, my dripping, little cock was nearly above me.I could felt the pressure building. His cock was pushing right into my prostate, his hand on my chest; my nipple between his fingers. He was ruthless, my moans hand turned into screams, muffled by a gag. He slapped my face a little. I watch his body, absolutely dominate mine. Muscles, powering his thick cock into my hole. My sound changed when I came, I felt it go down my body, it ran to my chest. It was on my face as well. He was still pounding away. It was bucketing out.He pounded my hole, it didn't stop until he came in my hole again. He straddle my face again. His semi-hard cock was at my lips. I sucked it a little, he directed his balls to my lips. I sucked and licked them as much as I could until my tongue was at his hole. I licked around. I felt the little wrinkles that give it a delicious, virgin-like pucker. After a few minutes my tongue managed to open his hole a little. A little startled, he pushed his balls back into my mouth.