Hallie's Story

I really love my bff, Jessica and I am fond of her boyfriend, Jason, but sometimes she drags me into things that I would prefer not to do. Like tonight, drinks and dinner at Jessica’s with her second cousin from out East. Sure, I can be pleasant, demure, sociable, and all that but things like this aren’t really what I had in mind.But, I may as well look nice. I have a new dress and the neckline is lower than I usually wear, but the color and print screamed at me in the store. It is white, pink, and sky blue in a floral pattern and goes half way to my knee. Longer than some of the little skirts that I have been known to wear; the ones that attract a boyfriend who after he becomes the boyfriend doesn’t want me to wear because “it shows too much leg”. I just don’t understand guys my age but then again I am not sure they understand themselves.So I am out of the shower and have slipped on this stretchy soft white lace bralette that plunges with a wide band of elastic at the bottom. Works perfect with the new dress as it keeps from showing in the neckline. I even have the matching white lace panties and together they make me feel very feminine. I guess it matches who I seem to be to the world, maybe who part of me is, but not necessarily who I want to be.Well it sounded like a good idea when my Mom suggested that as long as I was on the in Colorado that I stop and see my second cousin Jessica; but after a day of meeting with the new client I am not so sure. But I might as well go since I have carted this rather large can of Vermont maple syrup all the way out here. Wasn’t a big deal as the store that sells it is just a few miles from my Massachusetts condo just across into Vermont. That darn condo, which is so empty now that my ex-girlfriend has moved out to “pursue other interests”. We had been together since grad school, seven years, and I know my Mom had been already think about what dress to wear to a wedding. But I guess it was for the best as we had been drifting apart with two separate high pressure careers.So I stop where Suri tells me to get flowers. And then I follow her directions to Jessica’s. My Dad says that people of my generation have no idea how difficult it used to be getting around in a strange city before GPS and the I-phone. I don’t know; it seems natural to me.Now that I am at Jessica’s drink in hand this seems better than I thought it would be. It is nice to get out of Dad’s house for an evening and always good to be with Jessica. But I see a guy coming to the door who must be Jonathon, Jess’s second cousin. He isn’t cute but rather handsome instead. Maybe six foot with brown hair and while not a bulked up body like some of the beach guys, he does have wide shoulders and narrow hips.Jessica welcomes Jonathon who gives her flowers and maple syrup! Really that is kind of odd. But he explains that his Mom seemed to believe that Jessica had a taste for it and this comes from near where he lives out East. We are introduced and shake hands.Then I realize, he is dressed like the guys in my dream. He has on a dark grey three piece suit, a blue stripped shirt with a white collar and cuffs. They are French cuffs and he has oval blue stones as cufflinks. Ankle high black boots with straps, I think they are called jodhpurs. Oh my god he is, he is like the guys in my dream.I have this reoccurring dream where I am in a hotel meeting room with tables all around. I am wearing a short sky blue fitted dress and somehow which is never clear in the dream the dress is half off, my panties are on the floor, my bra is pulled up AND there is a line of guys DRESSED JUST LIKE JONATHON waiting to fuck me! I have one guy in my mouth and am going to town on his cock, one guy banging my pussy, and a couple of more sucking my aching nipples. I am so wet. I look at the line that stretches across the room and know that I am going to let them all take me. I am going to let them cum in my pussy, on my face, on my tits. I am going to get covered in cum. I am going to get ravished and know too that I am going to enjoy every minute. But I always wake up before any of that happens.Jessica greets me at the door where I present her with the syrup and flowers. I am introduced to Jason her boyfriend and to a lovely young lady, Hallie. Pretty name to go with a very attractive young lady; feminine, fresh. lovely. But as Jessica goes to get me a drink and I start to explain to Jason what brings me out her, Hallie seems to tune out. Her eyes are slightly unfocused. I wonder what she is thinking about? Thankfully I came back to reality with a start and recovered my composure. By the time dinner was over (with a couple of bottles of very nice wine) I was relaxed. I went to the bathroom, and when I returned everyone was gone from the table. I found Jess and Jason in the kitchen cleaning up and teasing each other. “Did Jonathon leave?”, I asked. “No I think he is outside in the yard. Go see what he is doing” Jess answered. So out I went.With this, Hallie tried to do an impression of a stork. Trying to stand on one leg while reaching down working on the strap of her shoes. I think she might accomplish it as her poise is quite amazing, but none the less I feel the thing to do is to assist her. Is it just because I want to touch her?Oh my god! Did I just do the modern equivalent of a Victorian woman dropping her handkerchief? With my years of yoga I can easily do this myself. Even in heels that are sinking in to the ground.So now I stand as Jonathon kneels in front of me, clasping my calf in his hand as he deftly removes my shoe. I wonder if he used to do this for his ex-girlfriend? His hand feels so nice. Now he is removing the second which he neatly places next to the other. I can’t believe it; with him standing there like that I want to pull up this dress and put my pussy in his face. I don’t know what it is, but he is so much like the guys in my dream that I just want him to take me.And I want to take a tumble. In fact at this point I would willingly roll myself down a hill. I seem to be confusing my dream and reality but I just don’t care. Hell, my midsection is starting to tingle and I am becoming damp. What am I doing?Well that last seems to have killed the conversation. It is rather pleasant to stand here with Hallie looking at the dark looming mountains in the background while listening to the picnic next door. Oh well, perhaps I should go.So we walked across the yard and put our ears to the fence. It seemed to be three couples just sitting and talking. Once woman was explaining something about where she worked how management had found out that a storage shed on the property was being used by coworkers for ‘romantic’ rendezvouses. It was just a random wish, nothing more. But Jonathon stepped behind me and I felt two hands clasp me just above my waist. Seemingly without effort Jonathon slowly lifted me about two feet so that my head peaked above the fence. Thankful the couples were sideways to the fence otherwise it they would have seen my blond head slowly come in to view. They were uninteresting, but what was amazing was how those hands felt on me. Clasping me yet not squeezing. It was more the way one would hold a c***d. I wanted to be held like that for days but sadly I was slowly lowered to the ground again.I watched as Jonathon laid his coat on the ground. I want to say that it was my dream that made me do it, but I am not sure that it was. It was everything together; the wine, the way Jonathon smelled, our conversation, the ways in which he had touched me. So I simply reached behind my back. Pulled the zipper of the dress down and let the dress go to the ground. I was looking at Hallie to see if she needed help being seated on my jacket, when she did the most unexpected. She just took off her dress! Stunned is the only word. I was stunned that she had done that. And I was stunned by what I saw. Little was hidden from me as she stood in front of me in just her bra and panties. Hallie has an amazing body, a truly amazing body. She is surprisingly athletic looking with not an ounce that shouldn’t be there but lots and lots that should. Large but not overly large breasts that don’t look like they really need that bra for support with dark nipples outlined through the material of the bra. An amazing small waist and just below….It suddenly occurred to me that Hallie standing there was just like a beautiful high performance sports car. All wonderful curves, no unneeded ornamentation, powerful, agile; so I did what I would do if I saw a car like that; I walked around her and admired.I was almost in tears as Jonathon just stood in front of me and stared. He must not like me. Maybe he thinks I am just a wanton slut. Well the wanton part I guess may be true but I am just not a slut. I could feel my eyes start to fill when he did the strangest thing. He just walked around me.Clearly I had his attention but what the hell? Oh god what a mistake.Jonathon completed his circuit around me and then he placed his hand on my neck and jaw and drew me to him for a kiss. A heart pounding kiss at that, a kiss that said, “of course I want you.”So Jonathon sat with his back to the fence and I installed myself in his lap with my legs out alongside his. I twisted my head around to his to continue those wonderful kiss while he slipped my bra strap from my shoulder so that his hand could cup my breast. He had gathered my nipple and areola in his fingers and was gently tugging on it. It just felt so good. It just felt so right.I still don’t know exactly how he managed it. One moment we were just kissing and the next I felt my panties being pulled to the side and he entered me. No fuss, no fumbling, no fooling around; unlike the guys that I had been with. He felt so good inside me. I have this curved metal toy with a ball on the end at home that I use for special occasions. It pushes up against the inner wall of my vagina and really makes me cum. Sitting on Jonathon’s lap like this, his cock was pushing against those very same spots and moving towards the same effect.Hallie had inflamed me with that kiss so that when she sat in my lap I wanted to touch her. And the more I touched her, the more I wanted all of her. So I got myself out and slid into Hallie. She was just so wet that I didn’t even have to work back and forth; I just slowly went balls deep. God, it hadn’t really been that long but still I have forgotten how wonderful a woman felt. I don’t think Hallie realized it, but every time I would push up into her she would arch her back driving my back against the wall. The faster we went the harder she started to push against me; until I heard one of the neighbors at the picnic say “Is there a dog next door?” The response was, “I don’t think so, I have never seen or heard a dog, why?” “Well something is shaking that fence!”A flash light beam suddenly appeared in the yard beyond us. The neighbor must have been standing on something but right up against the wall as we were we weren’t in view. I put both arms around Hallie to restrain her movement but all this seemed to make her more excited so that she just changed her movement around the way I now held her. “I don’t see anything except a pair of women’s shoes”, the neighbor said and the beam went out.I don’t know what it is about the thought of getting caught during sex that excites me so, I guess I am weird. I didn’t notice the flashlight beam at first but Jonathon holding back my movement alerted me to the change. All I know is that the combination on Jonathon and the flashlight just stepped things up a notch for me.I should have thought of it before we got this far, but after seven years with the same woman who throughout remained on the pill, it just never occurred to me. Hallie’s renewed excitement was getting me so close when that thought hit me like a hammer.Those three little words, “cum inside me.” They resounded in my head and flipped a switch for me. I felt my ass clench, my balls tighten, my cock swell, and then release. That glorious feeling of good spread throughout me.But, I realized this had been one sided; I needed Hallie to feel the same thing.Sometimes when a man cums inside you, you can really feel it, but tonight because I was so wet already there was just an added warmth that hadn’t been there before. It felt good, and it please me but it didn’t get me the release that I wanted. So when Jonathon said, “Let’s go inside”; with the implied continuation of what we had been doing I was all for it.So I ran across the back yard in my bra and panties. I was probably dripping a little bit but thankfully it didn’t matter. I lead Jonathon to the spare bedroom where it was like we had never stopped. I couldn’t wait to get all his clothes off. I couldn’t wait to have whatever was next. Jonathon removed my bra and I slipped out of my panties.As we lay down on the bed together he started kissing me. First my mouth, then my neck, down to my nipples which he sucked for good measure; he was to my stomach when I realized. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god; Jonathon is going to eat my pussy with his cum in it. I can barely get the guys my age to lick me. They just do it long enough to get me to the point where they can fuck me. But Jonathon had no need for that. Jonathon was going to take me where I wanted to go.Not to be crude, but put simply, “there is nothing quite like a freshly fucked pussy.” Hallie was swollen and wet from the sex we had just had and was gaping slightly open making it easy for me. As I descended from her stomach I stopped to caress her clit with my tongue letting her think about what will happen when I return to it. The long slow lick outside, inside, both sides which got moans so I knew I was going in the right direction. Back to her clit, sucking it between my lips with soft pulsing pressure got her to move her hips in time to what I was doing.There is nothing else to say. It just felt so damn good. I could feel myself slipping away, let the feeling take me when I had that strange notion of being watched! I looked over to the partially open door which we apparently hadn’t closed in our hurry. I seemed to see a shadowy figure out there or did I?I didn’t care now as I was going to cum. My clit was sending messages, first to my pussy which was contracting almost painfully, and then to my legs which started to tremble. It was “oh Oh OH ‘O’” and was so good.We had sex again that night. We came together in both senses of the words. All I know is that I am NEVER going back to guys my age.