Gloryhole Alternative

I'm a married guy with limited and oral-only experience with other men. I mostly get the chance when I'm out-of-town, usually in adult theaters. I like bookstore gloryholes too, but prefer to be able to reach around a guy's butt when I suck him and pull him in tight. In any case, I've only had ten or so experiences but they've always been hot.I was out of town again recently and found an old-school adult theater. It was pretty large and had rows of seats and some sofas up front. I went about 6:00 PM on a Wednesday and there were a few guys s**ttered around the huge theater. After standing in the back for my eyes to adjust, I walked down one aisle and discovered the sofas. On one was a lone, middle-aged gent, slowly working a Fleshlight over his cock! I'd never seen a Fleshlight "in the flesh" before and was mesmerized. He made eye contact with me and smiled so I sat down next to him to get a closer view. There was a hot lesbian "seduction" taking place on screen and the sweet young thing had just taken her first tentative lick on a clit. That kind of scene always gets me, so between my neighbor with his toy and the new girl tasting her first pussy, I was stiff in my pants. I solved that problem by opening my fly and hauling out my own cock.As attractive as the on-screen scene was, this guy and his Fleshlight was way more interesting. I was watching him work it over his nice dick while I stroked myself. He turned and asked, "Would you like to try it?" I didn't know if he meant me jacking him with the toy or me trying the Fleshlight, but either way sounded hot so I nodded. He pulled it off his cock with a little plop and leaned over. He took my cock in his mouth and got it wet with a few excellent strokes. I was a little disappointed when he replaced his mouth with the Fleshlight. But I didn't stay disappointed for long. He began to work it up and down my cock and it felt great. I watched the scene on the screen for a minute, and it had moved on to a 69. It looked so good that I turned to my new friend and asked if people ever 69 on these sofas. He responded by scooting around, never letting up on stroking me. I swung around and took his cock in my mouth. It was heavenly. He continued to jack me with the Fleshlight while I sucked him. It was like 69'ing but a bit different. SInce the sensation of the toy was not quite as intense as a mouth, it was a little easier to concentrate on the blowjob I was performing. It might have been an even better compromise between giving head and doing a 69. In any case, I was having a great time sucking his cock. Just the head. Then the whole shaft. Then licking the sides, avoiding the head. Then taking the head in my mouth again. We were both having a great time.Alas, all good things must cum to an end. He started to buck and asked if he could come in my mouth. I mumbled enthusiastically. Just before he started to swell, I felt the toy being replaced by his mouth. And what a mouth it was. He treated me to a wet, silky sheath that felt amazing as he exploded in my mouth. On about his fourth spurt, I started to cum too. We both swallowed and stayed locked together, feeling each other's dick shrink and release the last drops of liquid onto our tongues.