I watched as my sons football team made the winning play, jumping up and cheering along with the rest of the crowd of parents, faculty, students and locals who'd come to see the game. My son had done a great job tonight, and hopefully would be offered a scholarship. My wife couldn't come tonight, our younger daughter was home sick, so I had come alone to the game. I gathered my coat and walked to the back of the stadium, waving at my son as I passed. The crowd thinned out quickly, the cool temperatures rushing everyone back home. Standing along one wall I saw a woman walking towards me, it was you and your coat was over your arm. I then recognized you as one of the teachers at his high school. "Hello" I smiled. I'd often thought about you the young teacher, enjoying jerk off sessions to images of you in my head. You weren't tall, maybe five-five, a round, soft body that begged to be held, an impressive rack and lush pink lips that made a man think of what they'd feel like wrapped around ones hard cock. You said "great game tonight wasn't it?", I replied with a nervous "Yes it was.". You continue with "Your boy has a great arm, can run the best, and makes great plays." you smiled, he must get that from my dad." I realized you were flirting with me. "Well, I did play myself in high school and college." "I thought so. Are you waiting for your son?" Before I could answer my son and some of my teammates came out in regular cloths, "Hey dad, is it ok if I go with the guys to get some pizza?" "Sure, just be home by midnight ok?" As the boys walked to the parking lot I turned back to you. "Looks like I'm not waiting for him anymore." You smiled and moved a little closer, "You know, I've always loved football." "And football players too I'm guessing." I said. "Definitely that." Standing where we were in shadows I saw the last of the coaching staff leave the locker rooms and head to the parking lot, none of them noticing us standing there. "Want to go inside and talk some more?" "I'd love to." You followed me into tI musky, dim locker room. Towels lay s**ttered, moisture hung in the air from the recently used showers. I straddled a bench and you sat beside me. "Your first visit to a boys locker room?" I asked. You shook your head, "No, but its been many years since I was in one. It's just as I remember." I moved a little closer so that my chest brushed your side. "I always enjoyed bringing girls into the locker rooms after a game." "I bet you did." you grinned wickedly. "And now here you are with another one in a locker room." I moved quickly, pinning my mouth to yours, my tongue delving into the damp sweetness of your mouth, as I lowered you onto the bench, coming down on top of you. As our mouths feasted on each other, I slid between you thighs, my now hard cock pressing into your crotch. I could feel the heat coming off of your pussy through your clothes. Though I and my wife had a great sex life, I wasn't opposed to getting to know your pussy too. You clutched at my hair, holding my head in place as we kissed, grinding our hips together. Pulling our mouths apart you gasped for air, "Are we going to undress?" I stood and pulled you to your feet, and we quickly stripped each other naked. Lowering my head I sucked on your nipples, and bit them gently, laving them after bite. Then I sank to my knees and lifted one of your legs over my shoulder, so that your pussy opened before my mouth. Licking my lips I buried my mouth in your slit, licking your creamy juices, and flicking my tongue back and forth over your hard little clit before sucking on it hard. Your hands tugged my hair, pulling me up. You pulIed me to sit on the bench and went to your knees before me, spreading my knees wide. You took my hard cock into your hands, smoothing your fist up and down its sleek skin, enjoying the pulsing feel of a cock in your hand. Beads of pre cum trickled from my tip, tempting you to suck it into your mouth. Still moving your hands up and down you sucked it into your mouth, circling your tongue around the flaming head, drinking down the pre cum that was tart yet sweet on your tongue. Raising your head but keeping your hands moving as looked up at me, "Do you have a condom?" I groaned, "Fuck, no." You smiled, "Don't worry. How about you just fuck my ass instead? I love feeling a nice hard cock in my ass." I smiled broadly. I loved ass fucking but my wife wasn't as crazy about it, so I didn't get to do it very often. "Oh yea, I'd love to fuck your ass." You stood and bent over the bench, your legs spread, your arms braced on the seat of the bench, "Come into me." I spotted a small tube of lotion on a nearby massage table and grabbed it, coating my cock for easy entry. Lining up behind you I pushed until my head popped in and grunted at the tight feel of your ass clenching around me. Gripping your hips I pushed again, this time sliding further into your back door. At last I was buried, my balls pressing into your pussy lips as I ground into your ass. "Fuck yes, your ass is one hot, tight hole." You moaned, "Fuck me, ride me hard and deep." I pulled out almost all the way then pushed in as hard as I could, picking up speed as I thrusted. I could see your heavy tits swinging under you as I thrusted. Bending low onto your back I slid one hand from your hip to cup your pussy, pushing three fingers into your cunt as my thumb rubbed your clit in circles. "Come on my hand as I fuck your hot ass Ms. Teacher. Teach me how a girl comes from being ass fucked." "You're such a good student, giving teacher extra credit work. You're going to get a A+ for how well you fuck." you moaned out, Your pussy rocking on my fingers as my cock pumped in and out of your asshole. You came on my fingers with a cry minutes later, your pussy flooding girl cum onto my fingers as your ass gripped even tighter around my thrusting cock. "Fuck me, hard!!" you gasped. I raised upright, my hands again holding your hips tightly and slammed my hips back and forth, rocking hard and deep in and out of your ass. When I felt my balls grow tight I thrust in long, deep thrusts, and with the first explosion of my cum I lodged my cock as deep as I could, jetting my load deep into your asshole. After catching my breath I pulled my softening cock from you and patted your ass, "Thanks teacher, I loved that lesson." "Anytime, you're a great student. I'd be happy to have more lessons with you anytime." you lustfully said as you sat on the bench.