First time with older man

The night of the party he’d been at it again, telling me how good looking I was, and what a shame it was that I was straight. I’d laughed along but given him no encouragement, but the more I had to drink, the more my thoughts turned to what I could do with him given the right opportunity. I'd been wanking about gay sex, looking at porn and experimenting with my girlfriends sex toy, I’d had teenage fumbles with a friend but I’d never even touched another penis never mind tried anything else. Now here I was, thinking about the chance I had a trying something for real with this much older man. After a few more drinks I had convinced myself to try and initiate something if the chance arose, he was older and would understand it would have to be a secret and besides, he was leaving that night and I was unlikely to ever have to see him again. I left my girlfriend talking to friends and wandered around the party in a state of some arousal trying to find him and hoping to lure him outside for a smoke if possible. Anyway,he’d disappeared, couldn’t see him anywhere - how frustrating! A little later a taxi arrived for him at the box office and when the driver called out his name I heard someone say he might be backstage. No one seemed to go for him so I took my chance and slipped off and made my way through the empty auditorium. I had butterflies in my stomach and was semi erect as I walked down to the dressing rooms. There was no one about as it was pretty late and those who weren’t partying in the bar had already gone. The door to the dressing room was open and I could see him packing his stuff. I walked in, closing the door behind me and told him his taxi was here, and it was time to say goodbye. He opened his arms and told me to give him a hug, said it had been lovely working with me. I moved in to hug him, a normal kind of manly hug, but the hug lasted a little too long, I didn’t break it and neither did he. I could feel his hand stroking my back and I leaned back, looking him in the eye. Then I just leant in and kissed him on the lips, I couldn’t believe I was doing it but he responded straight away with a deep tonguey kiss and before I knew it we were full on snogging. He was moaning into my mouth, really pushing his tongue in and his hand cupped my bum cheek, pulling me against him. I could feel myself getting really hard, moreover, he could feel it, and see it, bulging in my jeans. He stopped snogging me and laughed, saying it looked like I was enjoying things! His hand moved to the front of my jeans, rubbing my bulge, making me moan as my swollen cock grew under his hand. ‘Hmmm yes, I like you very much’ he said as he started to undo my jeans. He kissed me again as he pushed his hand inside my boxers, fiddling with my stiff cock with his hand. He stroked me gently, his palm sliding up and down, my hard young cock leaking precum as he fondled me. I gasped as his hand slipped further down, sliding under my balls and between my legs, his finger finding my hole.’Hmmmmm do you like that you horny young boy?’ he asked as his finger teased my tight hole. I couldn’t help but moan and felt his finger push a little further as he pulled me to him, his tongue slipping into my mouth again, searching out mine with hot wet kisses. I felt this had gone further than I ever expected and half of me wanted to get out of this situation. Apart from the worry about being caught with this old actor in his dressing room, I was a bit worried where it was all leading. I pulled his hand from between my legs and stood back, telling him he needed to go and get his taxi. ‘Fuck the taxi!’ was his response and he grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to him. ‘Why didn’t you do this two weeks ago?’ he asked but I just shrugged and mumbled something about ‘complicated’, and ‘girlfriend’. He led me by the hand, further into the dressing room and turned to face me again, his mouth on mine. I kissed him back, slower this time, my tongue darting into his mouth as he held me, his big belly pushing against mine. He took my hand and placed it on the front of his trousers. I could feel his cock pressing against the material and I ran my hand over his length, feeling it throb and hearing him moan as I squeezed it. I felt his hands on my shoulders, pushing me down in front of him and as I sank to my knees, knowing what he wanted me to do. I remember thinking ‘fuck, this is it!’ as I knelt in front of him. My hands were shaking as I fumbled to get his trousers undone, he had to reach down and undo them for me, letting them fall around his ankles. I looked up and could see him looking down on me over his belly, his hand stroking the side of my head as he directed me to where he wanted me to go. I could see the outline of his cock in his briefs, see where his precum had leaked, and I remember him moaning deeply as I stroked my hand up his shaft before peeling his briefs down, revealing his bare cock, It was about the same length as mine, but thicker, and his grey pubes were curly and trimmed. I held his shaft in my hand and slipped my mouth over the end, tasting a man for the first time. My lips slid down his shaft and I felt his cock touching the inside of my mouth. I tried my best to suck him as I would like, making him all wet with my lips and tongue, my head bobbing up and down on him. I could feel his hand on the back of my head and could hear him urging me on, telling me how good it felt. My hand caressed his heavy balls and he pushed my head down to lick them. His cock looked really hard and thick as I licked and sucked on this old man’s balls. I could feel him grinding himself against me, telling me he wanted my hot mouth back on his dick. He sat down in the chair behind us and spread his legs, beckoning me forward. I crawled over to him, my jeans and boxers round my ankles and knelt between his legs, He held his thick shaft, and wanked himself as I moved forward and tried to take him in my mouth again. He held my head gently and rubbed his cock over my lips, urging me to take him in my hot young mouth. I opened my mouth and di as he told me, my lips sliding down the shaft till I gagged on him. He was leaning back, his hand pushing my head back down onto his cock, all wet with my saliva. I tried a few more times to take him and gagged each time, and each time his hands pushed me back down to his glistening cock. I held the base of his cock and sucked and licked on the end until he was writhing about on the chair, trying to push up into my mouth as I wanked him. I held that thick shaft and bobbed up and down on the end, I could hear him panting and warning me I was going to make him cum. I continued sucking him till I felt his cock spasm and the first spurts of cum come out, then I rubbed my lips up and down his erect shaft as the rest of his cum landed on my face. He lay back in the chair panting as I tried my best to wipe his seed from my face. I had done what I came to do and was feeling a bit shocked by myself and thought it best to leave as quick as poss. He stood up and pulled a tissue from nowhere. Wiping his cum from my cheek he told me how much he had enjoyed that and how he thought I had enjoyed it too! With that his hand slipped down to my cock again. It had gone soft and I moaned as he cupped my small, soft cock and balls in his hand. ‘You did like it though didn’t you?’ he whispered as his hand gently fondled my cock. His lips pressed against my neck and I could feel myself getting harder as his tongue pushed into my ear. His other hand snaked round to grope my bum cheeks, kneading them and squeezing each one in turn as his sweaty palm gently wanked me. He slowed his pace as he pushed his finger between my bum cheeks, pressing it against my hole. My knees started to buckle as he whispered in my ear, ‘do you like that Alex?’ I said nothing but gasped as I felt him applying more pressure with his finger, my virgin hole opening up as that finger wiggled around, probing my tight anus. My cock was throbbing in his hand as he fingered me, ‘Ooh yes, I can tell you like that, you’re very hard young man’ he whispered as his finger pushed deeper inside me, making me gasp out loud as I felt it wiggling inside my bottom. Kissing my neck he was urging me to cum for him, his right hand wanking my stiff cock, his left hand fingering my virgin bottom. Crying out I started to spunk, feeling my hole twitch and spasm on his finger as my cock throbbed and unloaded in his hand. He continued to hold me as I grew soft in his hand, my cock all slippery and spunky. His finger slid out of my bottom and I felt my hole close as the tip slid out. ‘Now that was horny, I knew you would be, if I got the chance’ he whispered in my ear as he started to stroke his dick again. I laughed and told him he needed to get his taxi. I pulled my jeans up and cheekily gave him a peck on the cheek before dashing out of the dressing room door to find my girlfriend, the taste of that old actors seed still on my tongue.