Firefly: After Serenity

lost many friends on Haven colony and their pilot. The ship flew out of the way and had not seen or heard anyone or anything else in a week. They were trying to stay out of the Alliances way in case they decided some revenge was in order against serenity and her crew.It was late for ship time and the corridors where quiet and empty as most of the crew slept in their own bunks. This was true for all except for theship's mechanic and medic. Kaylee and Simon both laid in her bunk naked,embraced in each other's arm smiling and looking lustfully into each other's eyes.Simon moved his lips towards Kaylee's and passionately kissed her before slowly moving his mouth away."I'm glad we finally did this." Simon whispered."Well it took ya long enough." She said chuckling."I wanted to show you the respect you deserve." He replied with a huge grin across his face."Well! What ya waitin' for, a goram invitation."Simon then began to passionately kiss Kaylee once again for a few moments before he began to slowly move himself down the mechanics body. He began to kiss her neck and continued to move down kissing her right shoulder and stopping at her right breast and started to lick the nipple. His hand raised to her left breast and began messaging it while he kissed and licked the other nipple, Kaylee groaned as her nipples began to erect from the attention they where getting. Simon looked up to Kaylee's head and sore how much she was enjoying it and began to move down her body again kissing every inch of skin down to the Clit. He looked at the wet pussy in front of his face and smiled before sticking out his tongue and licking up the dampness around the glorious slit. Simons tasted the juice and watched as Kaylee shuddered from the Oral sensations she was receiving from he lover.Kaylee massaged her own breasts as Simon worked on her smooth and shaven pussy, she moaned out loud as Simon continued to lick her clit. The doctor stopped for a split second then thrust his tongue in to her as far as she could and wiggled his tongue inside her body. She screamed in pleasure as Simon began to rapidly move his tongue in and out of her pussy and licking up all the juices that began to flow from her body. He moved his head away and took three of the fingers from his right hand and began to thrust them in stimulating all the flesh inside of her. Simon rapidly moved his hand backward and forward while his tongue went to work on the young mechanics clit. She started to squirm as she began to reach climax urging Simon to go faster and faster. She gasped and them screamed out in pleasure as she came.Simon then stood up at the side or her bed and smiled at the look of satisfaction across her face. She slowly opened her eyes and looked up at Simons face before moving her focus down to his cock. It was already very hard and pointing outwards towards Kaylee's body."Now it's your turn." She announced with a smile and sitting up on the edge of the bed looking directly at his 8' cock. She took the hardon in one hand and slowly began to push and pull the skin up and down the muscle. Her mouth moved in closer as she licked her lips and then the tip of his cock. Her mouth widened as it engulfed the medic head and closing her lips behind it, She slowly moved her head forward taking the cock deeper and deeper into her mouth before it reached her throat. She gagged slightly and slowly moved her mouth back to the head. Kaylee repeated this motion again and again, as she got quicker and quicker in motion, and took the Simons cock deeper into her throat. She kept her eyes opened and looked up at the face of the man she was sucking; he was looking down at her with a large smile across his face. Simon stroked her cheek as she moved her face back and forth along his shaft. Simon felt his balls begin to tighten and looked up as he shot his load into the beautiful young women's mouth. She tried to swallow all of what he was giving her but it became to much and she pulled away having cum dripping out of her mouth. Some of Simons load still shot out and landed on her breasts, Kaylee licked up what had dripped out of her mouth and wiped her fingers against her breast to pick up all that had fallen. She slowly stuck her fingers in her mouth and wrapped her mouth around them taking all the jizz off them.She smiled as she slowly moved her fingers out of her mouth and looked at Simons cock once again, it was still hard and Simon looked like he was ready to go again. Simon grabbed Kaylee by the arms and pulled her up passionately kissing her again and laying her onto the bunk. He broke the kiss and slowly moved on top of her as he positioned himself never taking his eyes off the women he loved. She smiled back at him as his Cock hovered over her wet and opened pussy, she moved her hand delicately over his back and caressed it.Simon then slowly moved his hips down until he felt the mechanic's opening on the tip of his penis. Then with one quick thrust he penetrated her and watched Kaylee's expression change to one of great ecstasy, She moaned loudly as her eyes closed to savour the moment. She could feel Simon's cock begin to move out of her and then thrust in again, she groaned once more and opened her eyes to look into his."Faster!" The mechanic screamed. Simon obliged and began to thrust his hips faster and tried to penetrate her as far as he could manage. She wriggled in pleasure under his body as he kept getting faster and faster moving his cock beep inside her pussy. She kept screaming in pleasure so loud she knew the rest of the ship could here, but she did not care."Ahh! Fuck me! Harder!" She continued to scream urging him on to continue thrusting in and out of her as fast as he could possibly manage. He kept going and going for what seemed like a near eternity of pleasure before he could feel his balls begin to tighten."I'm cumming." He told her continuing to thrust his cock deep inside her."Cum in me!" She shouted to the man she had fallen in love with not caring if she would become pregnant. Simons balls fully tightened and he began to cum again, this time inside of Kaylee Pussy.Simon fell to Kaylee's side, both breathing heavily and exhausted after making love so passionately first time with each other. They both smiled and looked into each others eyes."We are Gonna' do that again." Kaylee said in between her breaths...Zoe woke in her bunk in a cold sweat, she had the nightmare of watching her husband's death again. This time she was rudely awoken from the noise coming from Kaylee's quarters, the screams of pleasure could be heard through the walls. Zoe started to remember the first time she had slept with Wash and smiled. Zoe was glad Kaylee and Simon had finally gotten together aftermonths of almost getting there but this just reminded her of what she hadlost.The first officer took off her bed and covers and stood up from her bed only wearing a green tank top and black panties. She walked over to the ladder outof her quarters and climbed it to get up to the corridor, and began to walkdown to the mess hall. Zoe entered the room and saw Inara sitting at thetable with a cup of tea in front of her. Zoe walked over to the drinking tapand took a glass pouring herself a drink, she then proceeded to the chairopposite Inara and they both drank."Still having trouble sleeping?" Inara asked looking up from her drink."Yeah, I just keep having the same nightmare." She replied looking into her glass.Inara stood up and walked over to the side of Zoe and held out her hand."Come, I have something that will help you." Inara ordered.Zoe raised her hand and took Inara's as she also stood up, Inara led theship's first officer down the stairs and towards the guest quarters. Inaraopened the door to her room and set Zoe down on her bed releasing her hand. Inara turned to a bed side table and opened the top door taking out a small bottle of pills. Inara opened the bottle and gave one to Zoe with a smile."What is it?" Zoe asked."A mild sedative. I use it to relax some of my nervous clients." Inara said referring to the men who pay her to sleep with them in her duties as a companion. Zoe looked at the pill suspiciously for a second before placing it in her mouth and swallowed it. Inara sat next to Zoe on the bed and held her hand. "Do you want to talk about.""No, I'll be fine, I just feel alone.""You don't have to, we're all here for you.""I know, it's just not the same, I miss Wash so much." She said having a tearform in her eye."Let it out Zoe, I won't tell anyone." Inara said allowing Zoe to began tocry more and rested her head on Inara's shoulder. Inara let go of Zoe's handand wrapped it around Zoe's body while she cried into her shoulder."It will fine, it hurts now but in time you will be able to move on." Inara reminded her as Zoe didn't reply and continued to cry into her shoulder. This went on for a few minuets until Zoe just stopped crying and looked back up at Inara."Thanks." Zoe said smiling."That's better, I haven't seen you smile for days." Imara replied returning her smile. Then suddenly without provocation Zoe raised her lips up toInara's and lightly kissed her. Zoe pulled away after a couple of seconds andsmiled, Inara was slightly shocked at this but smiled back at her. Zoe then moved in again and kissed Inara for a lot longer as she began to feel very, very horny from the contact with the other women. This time Inara broke the kiss and pulled away from the women in grief."Zoe I'm not sure...""Shhh." Zoe interrupted placing her finger over Inara's lips. Zoe thenlowered her hand and began to kiss Inara again this time much moreforcefully. Inara decided to go along with it and begun to kiss Zoe back byslipping her tongue into the other women's mouth and massaged the inside of her mouth. Zoe then broke the kiss and stood up from the bed and slowly beganto pull up her tank top and threw it to the floor. Her Amazonian beauty wasso alluring to the companion and Inara decided to mirror her current partner.Inara stood up in front of Zoe and took the straps on her shoulder and slidthem down he arms allowing her whole dress to fall down to her feet. Theyboth stood opposite each other only wearing panties, they both smiled asInara stepped in closer and began to kiss Zoe a lot more passionately thanbefore. Zoe wrapped her arms around Inara's body and began to caress her backmoving her hands down to her arse. Zoe began to squeeze the arse flesh as shebroke the kiss and moved down to Inara's c-cup breasts. Still caressingInara's arse Zoe began to kiss the companions breasts and lightly bite theerected nipple. Inara purred as the warrior women paid all this attention toher tits and arse. Zoe moved down Inara's body again and got to thecompanions expensive panties with gold rims."You won't be needing these." Zoe said ripping the panties off of Inara'sthighs and flinging them to the side. Inara gasped at the strength andquickness Zoe managed to do this with, but before she could comment Zoe hadalready began to Lick the clit. Inara took her hands and began to stroke Zoe's dark hair as the First Mate licked her most precious area. Zoe's tongue began to explore Inara rapidly dampening pussy and inara was obviously enjoying the oral pleasures. She groaned deeply as Zoe had found the whole and penetrated it with her tongue, liking all she could Zoe buried her face into the companions pussy. Inara continued to groan as Zoe's tongue began to rapidly flick up and down. Inara's fluids began to gush out of he pussy and cover all of zoe's face and it wasn't long before the companion started to cum. Zoe Licked up what she could then moved her face out ofInara's loins wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. Inara smiled asshe looked down at the women covered in her juices."Why don't you lie on the bed?" Inara ordered as she went back to her bedsidedraw. Zoe walked over to the bed and lied down on it looking over at Inara asshe shuffled around the open draw. She soon found what she was looking forand pulled out a elegant looking Dildo, often used for her wealthier femaleclients. Inara walked over to the end of her bed and kneeled down by Zoe'sfeet. Inara placed the dildo to the side and proceeded to pull down the blackpanties that Zoe still wore. She pulled them down and threw them on the floorto her side as she cruelled on to the bed. Inara looked at the very wet andwarm pussy in front of her and took the dildo, she put the tip so it hoveredover the clit. Zoe growled slightly at Inara and stared her straight in eyeas Inara giggled a bit. The dildo was trusted into Zoe's opening allowing herto let out a sigh of pleasure, Inara slowly began to move the Dildo back andforward, in and out of Zoe."Please fuck me faster." Zoe ordered keeping her eyes closed to enjoy every second of it. Inara complied and began to move her hand faster pushing the dildo deeper into the warrior women's pussy. Zoe began to squeal and groan louder as the pulsing of the dildo got quicker and quicker. After a few moments she let out a loud scream and all her fluids began to drip out of her pussy on to Inara's bed. The companion put the dildo away then climbed onto the bed next to Zoe."Thank you Inara."The pleasure that was happening all over the ship could be heard everywhere, but no one felt it more than the young psychic girl, River. She could hear every thought and feels every feeling the others near her could. The fact four of the crewmembers around her were having sex and all were greatly enjoying it caused her sex drive to go wild. She was currently asleep and her mind was entering those of all the crew she could feel Kaylee's orgasm, her brothers love, Zoe's relief and Inara's compassion. She found herself seeing what the others were seeing and could not help but stick her fingers inside her pussy. She began to masturbate in her sleep feeling all the women in absolute ecstasy with their sexual partners. Then her mind went to anothercrewmember one without a partner and sexually frustrated because of it.Her eyes opened as she awoke and continued to move her fingers in and out of her own pussy. She continued to feel the frustrated crewmember and this kept urging her on to finger fuck herself as fast as she could. She kept pounding her own pussy but she was not getting the relief she wanted so badly shecould only feel hers and the other person's frustration.River sat up on her bed and closed her eyes and felt out with her psychic power to find the frustrated one. She moved her bare feet on to the floor andelegantly stood up and glided out of her room and up the stairs down towardsthe crew quarters. She walked down the corridor and stopped outside Kaylee'sroom to feel the wave of love emanating from the room. She continued to thedoor of the frustrated one and opened the door to climb down the ladder.She jumped on to the ground silently and began to walk over to the bed. She soon found her self with a pistol in her face as Jayne turned around andpointed it at her."What are you doin' 'ere?" He asked lowering his gun down realising who it was."I feel the lost boys frustration." River said looking all around the room."Huh?""I need to end it so I can move on." She said only getting a blank look from Jayne."What are you talking about?""You have not felt a women's touch in so long." She said looking straight at him."I think I'll get your brother, you've gone loopy again." Jayne said standingup and walking towards the ladder out of his room. As he passed River herhand stopped him and pushed him back to the bed into a sitting position thenstepping forward in front of him."I am going to fuck you." She said blankly looking strait into his eyes.River slipped her dress off her shoulders and stood in front of the mercenarycomplete naked, Jayne was almost mesmerised by look of Rivers breasts. Thepsychic reached out her hand and pulled Jayne's head into her crotch, Jaynewasted no time and began to lick the horny young women's nice tight pussy. Hequickly wrapped his hands round to grab River's nice firm arse and pulled thegirl forward to burry himself in River's crotch. River groaned loudly whenJayne lightly bit down on the 18 year olds clit and licked all around it.Jayne lick down and all around the virgins opening before sticking his tonguein as far as he could push it. She continued to groan loudly as the mercenarywent to work on the young pussy.Suddenly without warning River pushed Jayne's head back and kneeled down to unzip the man's fly."Enough of this, I want to fuck." She pulled the zip down freeing the man extremely large cock that had already stiffened to it full length."I like this side of you girl..." Without leaving any space for Jayne to continue she went in and kissed Jayne passionately on the lips for a long time."Shut up and lie down." She ordered causing him to comply and lie down flaton his back, River pulled down the mercenary's pants and underclothes in onepull then walked on to the bed before crouching above his groin. She spread her legs and hovered her dripping wet pussy over Jayne's large cock. She reached down and held the cock up looking lustfully at it then back up at Jayne. She lowered herself on to the tip of the cock and closed her eyes as she slowly took in the glorious penis and lost her Virginity. Jayne could tell the girl was a virgin by how tight the pussy was and helped river take as much of his cock as she could by thrusting his hips up into her. She let out a loud scream of pain but she still liked it and stayed still as Jayne pushed his hips back down. River's eyes opened and she lowered herself down on the cock again and then raised up slowly she repeated this motion for a bit, but she could sense the man's frustration she began to quicken her pace and leaned forward propping herself up on the mans chest, She began to groan out loud and continued to get faster thrashing her head around as she went up and down on the man's cock. She started to scream and threw her whole body back throwing her hands back on to the man's calf muscles and with her back arched, still moving up and down as if she was possessed. Her head was thrashing backwards and forwards as she bounced on Jayne's large cock gettinga little deeper each time."Yes you bastard, give me your cock." She screamed at the top of her voice.It had been a while since Jayne had fucked anyone and he was greatly enjoyingthis nice tight virgin's pussy. Put she didn't fuck like a virgin it was likeshe was inside his head doing what he wanted her to do. He liked dominantwomen and this girl was in complete control of the situation, Jayne knew thegirl was psychic and this must be the case, he had the perfect sex toybouncing on his cock. Jayne quickly felt is balls tighten and knew he wasgoing to cum, and so did River."Yes, Give me all you've got!" She screamed as Jayne came in side of her pussy, River stood up and looked back down at Jayne. "You're not finished let, stand up!"Jayne stood up allowing River to crawl on to the bed, on her hands and knees she stuck her arse out in front of Jayne and looked back at him over her shoulder."You took my pussy, now take my ass!" She ordered, Jayne was more than happy to oblige and took his cock in his hand and directed it into the tight littlearse Hole. His cock was already lubricated from the ex-virgins pussy juicesand it slides in nicely without much resistance. "Bang me you Son of abitch!"Jayne then started to thrust his hips backward and forward in to the young arse hole, fucking it deep and hard. River's body began to sway with Jayne's thrusts and she quickly began to scream in pleasure. River took one of her hands and began to finger fuck her self matching all of Jayne's thrusts with her own."Oh, yes, fuck my ass!" she screamed "YES, do me hard!"Jayne was urged on and kept banging her in the doggy position enjoying each of his thrusts into the tight little hole. He had never fucked like this before it was like he felt stronger and much more virile than normal. He couldn't believe his luck months with out sex then getting to fuck both the holes in the little virgin. His grunts kept getting louder as he pushedharder and harder in to the girl. She screamed louder and louder as her arseand Pussy got worked on and soon found her self cumming all over her fingers.She began to lick her own fingers tasting her lovely juices and groaning,Jayne saw this and got even more strength to fuck the girl hard and fast.Jayne then felt the familiar feeling of his balls tightening and pulled his penis out, River knew what jayne wanted and she turned around to face him. Cum quickly came shooting out all over Rivers face and chest she began tolick up Jayne's release and smiled. Jayne fell back on to the floor exhaustedfrom the fuck session he just had and enjoyed watching the slut lick up hiscum. River then stood up and picked up her dress slipping it on and walkingto the ladder out of the room."Where are you going?" Jayne asked."I'm going savour all I can from the stars above.""Huh?" He asked watching River climb the ladder.