Episodes From My Nudist Life 03: The Live Model

The Live ModelWhen I was a student in Jerusalem in the mid seventies, I was sharing an apartment with Etty. She was studying ceramic arts and I was going through my life science studies. She had to take complementary courses, one of which was photography. I also liked taking photos. It was my most serious hobby. It was different then. No digital cameras were existing. SLR was the norm, with mostly black and white films. It was expensive to shoot a lot of photos, so each one shot, had to be planned carefully, in order to save on expenses. I was 22 years old and Etty was 28 years old, when I had moved in. I did like her vivid and direct personality. She was also very good looking. We managed very well together in the same apartment. The common areas were kept clean and and tidy, unlike many other student apartments I had visited.Using the shower and toilettes was never discussed between us. Being a shy person with people I've recently met, I found it difficult to discuss such an intimate subject. When I get to know people, I open up, and can talk about deeply personal things. I need my time to gain more trust in the person involved.So, although I regard myself as a nudist, and would love to be nude whenever possible, I was too shy to talk about it. At least for the time being.The maximal indecency I allowed myself, was getting out of the shower with only a towel around my genitals. Etty was doing the same, only covering her breasts and genital area with a towel, when she wasn't wearing her bathrobe.I mostly didn't bother to lock the shower and toilette doors when I was naked inside. She did the same. Non of us would enter without knocking on the door and waiting for an answer. We were both meticulous on respecting each others privacy. Even getting permission to enter each other room was well kept.It was about two months after we have started sharing the apartment. One evening, while sitting in the living room, Etty asked me to show her my photos. I brought my general portfolio from my room. It contained landscapes, portraits, some city shots etc. I had another portfolio, which contained nude photography. Just kept separately, so the privacy of the models was kept intact.Etty was going over the B&W prints, commenting here and there, but mostly was very positive about my work.Suddenly she picked a photograph with a nude model in it. It was an act of negligence on my side not to have put it in the right portfolio. I apologized for that. “Don't be shy. This is a very nice shot. Only a hint of eroticism, very tasteful! Do you have more nude photos that you took?”“Are you interested in nude photography?” I asked.“Well, I have to submit a portfolio as a final work for my course. I would like to photograph the nude human form. I'll use the photos later, as a study to make ceramic sculptures.” She said.“I have a whole portfolio dedicated to the nude human form.” I answered.Etty asked me whether I was willing to show her my nude art work.Encouraged by our mutual interest in photographing nudes, I went to my room and brought my portfolio.Etty inspected the portfolio, looking and studying each shot very patiently. She really liked my work. She asked questions about technical matters, such as lenses used, lighting angles, filters, flash, etc. She was also very interested in how I created the atmosphere to get my models to cooperate, and brought out their personality into the two dimension B&W prints.I explained the technical matters, which was a simple task. What was more difficult to explain, was how I communicated with my models. I told her, the only way worked for me, was to work with models I knew well, and had some relationship with them. When I was kind of intimate with them, that was when I took my best shots.Etty picked another rather large print, under which was lying a brown envelope. I skipped a heartbeat. How did I forget to take it out? It contained photos of myself and an ex girlfriend of mine. There were also shots of male and female nudist friends.It was too late to stop her. Had I jumped and grabbed the envelope from her hands, it could be looked upon as me not being mature enough as a nude - art photographer. So I tried my best to remain cool. Not giving a hint how exposed and defenseless I was going to be soon.Etty took the prints out of my very private collection and started to look at them. The first were photos taken on a nudist beach with a group of my friends and myself posing for the camera. Then there were photos of me lying nude on the sand.Etty moved her eyes from the prints to look at me. “Nice photos. I see you do not have tan lines. Are you a nudist?” she addressed me.“Yes I am,” I admitted shyly.“Very cool of you. I like your attitude!” She said, looking me straight into my eyes. “You have a great body. Very virile.” she added, looking at the prints.Then she picked a print and froze. “This one should be displayed in an art gallery.” Etty looked at me and again at the print. “Now I understand what you meant by being intimate with your models.” She said in a very thoughtful manner.The print she was holding, was shot by my ex girlfriend, who was also into photography. It showed me kneeling with my left knee resting on the mattress, my ass pressing on my left heel. My right foot lies on the ground and my leg bent at the knee and hip joints. I was supporting my chin with my right hand. In a way, it resembled the Thinking Man by Rodin. There was one big difference. The photograph with me as a subject, showed me having an erection, giving clear evidence I was above average in length and girth. My penis was curved in a perfect arc upwards. It was glistening , like it was smeared with oil. The rest of my body had a slight shine, like the skin was covered with sweat. The different luster, created by the camera flash, put the focus on my erection as the center of the photo. It didn't occupy much of the print area though. In addition the testicles were up and tightly adhered to my erect penis base. I, the subject, was looking intensely forward as if I was flooded with male hormones.Besides the date at the back side of the print, was written one word: “Desire.”“This is a print I would love to hang in my bedroom. So powerful! So full of desire to penetrate the female vagina!” She said as if she was talking to the print.Etty looked at me and asked: “Did you masturbate yourself for the session?”I didn't answer.“Did she masturbated you to get you that hard?”I didn't answer.“Did you have sex with her, till you almost shot your semen? You must had! Otherwise your erection wouldn't look so authentic.” She said and waited for my reaction.My face turned beet red. “I didn't mean to show you that print. This is something I keep to myself. I am sorry I forgot to take that envelope out.” I said looking downwards, avoiding her eyes.“Nonsense. This is, till now, the best work I've seen in your portfolio. You should be proud of yourself being such a great model!”“Isn't it pornographic?” I asked quietly, gaining the courage to look her straight in the eyes.“Definitely not! Sex is beautiful. If the human race was smart and not full of shit, we wouldn't hide when we have sex. Good sex brings inspiration! Nothing to be ashamed of.”She went over more prints from the envelope, till she reached one showing a fully nude young woman photographed from behind. She was crouching on her knees, her head lying on the mattress trying to look back into the camera. Her pudenda was soaking wet and glistening, as if she had just been penetrated and taken from behind. Her outer labia were puffy, her inner labia hanging down and surrounding an enlarged and opened love box, drawing the eyes of the viewer deep into the cunt in focus. There was a similarity between the two photos. The extra shining genitals were like my shining erection. The cunt in the print was dripping love juice. One drop was hanging down from her exposed and large clitoris. The face of the female subject was full of lust and contorted like being in the midst of a huge orgasmic wave. Her hands were clutching the white sheet with extreme force, conveying a tensed look to her figure being on the verge of an orgasmic bliss.Etty put down the prints back into the envelope, arranged back the other prints into the portfolio, and turned to me.“This is the kind of art I would like to do! Would you model for me?” She asked.“If you are talking about non sexual, or even mildly erotic poses, the answer is yes. If you would like me to pose for intensely erotic photography, then the answer is more complicated.“You see, we do not have intimate relationship between us. It takes time and patience to establish that kind of openness on my side, till I'll be able to express myself with no inhibitions as a model. Can you commit yourself to this process?” I answered her plead.“Honestly, I don't know. What I certainly feel is that I'm willing to try hard to be able to create this kind of art. This level of genuineness and openness is what I search for.” She said.“Besides, I can model for you if you want me to. What's fair is fair. Isn't it?” She concluded.A few days have passed, and one evening, while sitting in the living room, Etty raised the issue of nudity: “Since I've seen your private parts already in the photos; and since we may be nude models for each other; I see no reason to cover our bodies all the time. I already know you are a nudist. You should feel free to be nude in your home. I may give it a try myself. I am not shy, but I never had the chance to be nude with other people around in a non sexual way.”“Thank you for bringing the subject up. I didn't know how to address you with issue of nakedness in the apartment. I'd love to feel free in my home. You should give it a try yourself. You may surprise yourself and like the nudist life style very much.” I said.“It's a deal!” She said. Next morning I woke up with my usual morning erection and the need to pee. I almost put my shorts on, when I remembered our agreement from yesterday. I opened the door. The coast was clear. I crossed the corridor to the bathroom with my stiff cock pointing upwards. I did what I had to do and as a result my cock relaxed to half mast. It was still quite full and pointing away from my body, when I stepped out of the bathroom just to meet a naked Etty, coming from her room in my direction. The sudden view of her feminine nakedness caused my cock to jerk. My eyes focused on her perky breasts, stiff nipples and full untrimmed bush. When I raised my eyes to look at her face she seemed a little shocked to meet me. Her first gaze had been focused on my jerking semi erect cock, and my fully shaved genitalia. Only then she looked into my face. After we both overcame our initial surprise, we managed to look into each other's face like nudists who pretend not to be aroused by sheer nudity.Etty looked prettier naked than dressed. That was the moment I realized I regard her as a sexy woman. She was not only my flat mate and potential friend.When she looked me into my eyes, I saw a different look than the days before. Was she also realizing I wasn't only her young flat mate, but also a sexy man who might desire her? This was definitely something I should be aware of.“Lovely morning!” I said cheerfully.“It certainly is. Especially when somebody is so happy to see me.” She said pointing at my cock.I blushed. “Sorry about that. It went out of control.”“That's what I like about it. He is genuinely happy to see me.”“All of us are happy to see you.” I corrected.Etty gave me her melting smile and passed me to enter the bathroom for her morning routines.We had our breakfast naked. It was relaxing since the initial surprise had passed.Since that morning, nudity in the apartment prevailed. Not enforced, not a must do type, but a very nonchalant attitude. Sometimes one was nude and the other fully clothed or semi clothed. Many times the two of us were both naked, doing our daily chores, or just sitting together in the living room talking to one another over coffee or wine.We also started to take photos of each other while being nude. She could follow me in the apartment with her camera, taking pictures of me. She would sometimes sit and sketch me with her pencil in her sketchbook. I followed suit and was taking photos of her without posing her for the camera.The prints came out nice. Etty had a great eye for photography and I complemented her on her talent. We liked to show each other the prints we had developed, commenting and suggesting improvements in a positive non critical manner.Our photos became more intimate with the time passing. More closeups of our faces, more closeups of intimate body parts. Our nudist lifestyle became also freer. If at the start of our common nudist phase, there was no touching of intimate body parts in front of each other, now Etty could be found scratching a nipple, or even scratching her labia in front of me, when she needed to. I would too could be seen by her arranging my cock and balls into a more comfy position. It was nonsexual. In the mornings, Etty could see me with my morning woody, non of us being embarrassed. If I was using the toilette for peeing, she wouldn't wait till I've finished, but would use the sink or the bath tub while I was there. It worked the same, while she was using the toilettes and I needed to shave or shower.You may wonder how we managed with people visiting the apartment. Well, quite simply, we gave each other a warning and if necessary got dressed. The same applied whenever we brought sex partners. Non of us had someone steady. What was done in each bedroom remained private and there was no nudity out of the bedroom with random sex partners. Our nudism remained our own.One more thing that had changed were our masturbatory habits. If at the beginning, I was keeping silent while masturbating, now I allowed myself full freedom, sometimes being quite vocal. The same behavior was heard from the other side of the thin wall separating our bedrooms.I can only speak for myself, but I suspected Etty has felt the same. Our friendly relationship was too good to be jeopardized by trying to cross the line into having sex with each other. It could have been easily a natural progress to our lifestyle. But what would happen, if the sex between us wouldn't be satisfying? I could risk losing her as a flatmate and a real fun partner. Was it worth it? The question remained unanswered.The dynamic between us was developing nevertheless. There were some accidental touches between us. Sometimes when we were cooking together in the kitchen, for example, our thighs would touch. It was electrifying for me and my member would jerk. I was working hard to suppress my penile reactions, not always being successful. Etty on the other hand seemed unconcerned. There were times when she tried to reach something over my shoulder, and her nipples were stroking my back in the process. I didn't withdraw and Etty didn't withdraw either. I loved her nipples touching my back, but did not share my feelings with her.Sometimes, especially in the mornings, when she would use the sink while I passed between her backside and the bathtub, my stiff cock would travel across her ass. Most of the times I remembered to push my cock downwards so it passed below her ass. But some other times, since I was still sleepy, I forgot to manipulate my cock and it got pressed hard into her ass-cheek. On these not so rare occasions Etty would use her hand to playfully help me pass behind her, though I suspect she used to rub my cock on her ass intentionally. But yet everything seemed natural, or I would rather say casual.It could also work the other way around, when I would lean over the sink and she would squeeze herself between my protruding ass and the bathtub. I could feel her ample bush brushing my ass cheeks. Sometimes she would hold my pelvis with both hands to pass safely to the toilette sit while pressing her pudenda hard into my ass. I admit it was difficult on all this occasions to remain nonchalant. Building hidden excitement was intoxicating, I must say.Watching movies on TV together was also getting more exciting. If, for instance, I would sit naked on the sofa Etty would join me and lie down fully nude with her head on my lap. If my cock interfered, she took it in her hand and arranged it to lie in another position. It usually involved a pat or two on the whole length of my cock or just fondling my balls and cock for a second. Quite often my cock would stiffen instantly to her gentle touch. She would let herself feel my erection and then removed her hand from my genitals, but continued to keep me erect with the back of her head rubbing my cock once in a while throughout the movie.I would reciprocate by laying my hand on one of her breasts very casually. It could just be that my hand would cover her breast, keeping it warm, or my fingers would tease her long nipple getting it very hard. Occasionally I saw that she was rubbing her thighs in reaction to the nipple treatment she received.Our photography sessions became more erotic. One evening Etty asked me to rub my cock so It would be erect when she took her shots. “I already saw your erection many times. I hope you are OK with it?”Frankly, I was glad she asked. There was a lot of built up disguised sexual tension between us. It was becoming more and more difficult to hide my sexual excitement caused by her presence. I was sure she felt it. Etty was too smart and sensitive not to feel my reaction to her naked presence. Since that evening I found myself more and more in an excited and fully erect state while being photographed. There were times when I felt my balls tightening and my face contorting in a pres-orgasmic state. Then she would stop and let me relax till I could continue without an ejaculation ending our photography session. My obvious stimulation and my oozing precum were impossible to hide. It was reflected from Etty by her flushed face and the red spots on her chest. It was a convincing sign she wasn't indifferent to my state of arousal.After shooting each other we would sometimes sit facing each other on the coaches with our legs apart, folded on the sofa, discussing our session. Our genitalia were totally exposed in this position to each other. Many times, I could see that Etty's labia were spread open and sticky fluid was glistening on her wet labia and inside the entrance to her love canal. These views usually resulted in my cock getting extra hard and some precum dripping from my pee hole. When Etty used to see my dripping cock, she usually wore a sweet innocent angelic smile. I was usually occupied at these moments in a big struggle not to ejaculate in front of her. There were times when she was sitting with her love box opened in my direction and while talking to me she would stick a finger or two inside, then caressing her erect clitoris and finally in an absent minded manner would lick her fingers clean, as if nobody was watching her. This as well used to put a lot of strain on my upward pointing erection. Certainly not easy on a man trying to behave himself properly with his flat mate.Our shooting sessions progressed even further. Sometimes I couldn't control my arousal and I was shooting my semen in spurts into the air. Etty loved to take these shots, saying they were the essence of her work. To put it in her words: “A man's duty in our world is to fertilize his female partners. Shooting semen is the essence of life.”On my side, I became more courageous while shooting her, using my fingers to stimulate her clitoris and the entrance to her vulva. I loved to see the drops oozing out of her vulva. I would then looked at her straight into her eyes and licked my fingers clean, making sexy sounds. These never failed in causing her to have the sexiest look I ever saw on a womans face. I would always shoot her in her arousal. When she viewed the prints a few days later, she never failed to like them and asked me for a repeat.You probably wonder about how we took care of our arousals if we didn't fuck each other. As I had told before, we masturbated and quite vocally. We could clearly hear one another through the thin wall. We also had our fuck buddies, though non of us was having steady relationship during the time. I now think that being constantly aroused by each other, didn't leave a space for any other steady partner to enter our lives.One morning I woke up with my regular morning erection and went to pee. Etty was leaning on the sink, brushing her teeth. She was wet from the shower she had just taken. I tried to pass between her protruding ass and the bathtub. As usual I was holding her pelvis to support myself. I tried to lean backwards so my cock wouldn't push into her ass-cheek. The floor was wet and I started to slip backwards. It all happened in a fraction of a second. In order to save myself from falling backwards into the bathtub, I pulled myself violently forward, grabbing her pelvis desperately with both my hands. This sudden maneuver drove my erection straight between her wet labia. My cock got stuck for a fraction of a second at the entrance to her love box, and then drove, in one swift aggressive movement, all the way in, only to be stopped by her cervix. Our surprise was total. When I understood the situation, I tried to pull out quickly and apologize for the accidental unauthorized penetration. Etty's reflexive reaction, besides a surprised cry, was to contract so strongly on my penis that I didn't need to grab her pelvis anymore. There was no way I could release myself from her grip.A second later when we better understood what happened, we both started laughing. Etty's grip on my cock was still firm. “Stay inside. Please.” She pleaded. I relaxed my muscles and started a subtle in and out movement. “I wanted to fuck you for such a long time.” I said.“Me too. Now please take me with your big cock. I've been craving for your cock for too long.”I didn't need more encouragement. I fucked her mercilessly, driving my cock in long in and out thrusts till my balls slapped on her clitoris each time I hit her cervix. Etty would let me drill into her by relaxing her cunt muscles, but squeezing my cock when I started an outward movement. This movement was milking my cock. There was no way I could last long. Etty probably sensed that and in some magical way it made her climax soon. Her whole body was shaking in a blissful orgasm. Mine came right then. My balls tightened and shot forcefully deep inside her. We both cried in our sweet agony. My legs were shaking and I could barely supported myself on my legs.When we relaxed, I pulled out slowly, and turned Etty towards me. We hugged and kissed for the first time.“Let me make love to you properly.” I said.Instead of answering, Etty took me by the hand into her room where we fucked for hours, forgetting to take shots of each other.Several months later, I went with Etty to the exhibition of her project in her school's gallery. Besides the black and white prints hanging on the walls, there were ceramic sculptures of nude male and female reproductive organs. These were actually fertility statues painted with bright colors. They were all modern versions of old fertility symbols found in Indian and African art.The prints were fabulous and very explicit, just on the border line between pornography and art. It made the observer think what is pornography and what is art. Is an open swollen vulva, obviously freshly fucked, and beautifully displayed and decorated with strong colors an art or just a disguised pornography?The critics loved the openness and degree of exposure the young artist dared displaying, against all social conventions. Some observers asked for the identity of the models. I do not know what answers they were given.We were sharing the apartment for two years. Then Etty moved to another town, while I remained in Jerusalem. She got married. Even then, whenever we had the chance to see each other, we couldn't resist having sex together.