early wanking

Around about a year later a man the family referred to as "uncle Pete", although in reality he was no relation, came into my life. Uncle Pete was pretty good fun and generous! It was him that introduced me to train spotting which was to become a lifetime passion. Pete took me all over the country to railway sites of interest and when he wasn't doing that we were in his shed playing with his model railway. All good clean fun!One summers day in the shed, quite casually, Pete asked if I had started wanking. I don't know what I replied, but I was immediately suspicious of an adult asking about a taboo subject. He must have sensed my unease for he went on to say what a natural thing it was for a boy to do and that he and most men indulged in it. Quite a bit different to the attitude at home where sex was never spoken about and considered dirty.Pete drew me out a little more and discovered that I basically knew nothing about what my little prick was for or what girls looked like without clothes and that they had a couple of orifices purpose made for enjoyment. He then showed me some pictures in magazines of naked women that blew my mind and gave me a raging hard on, which in those days was referred to as being "on the bone"Pete asked me if I was hard and I shamefacedly admitted that I was. It's OK, he said, so was he and with that he proceeded to show me. He unbuttoned his fly and pulled out this enormous (to me) uncut cock. Slowly he rolled back the foreskin and revealed the glistening purple bell end. I was totally enthralled and when he said I could hold it, I couldn't wait to grasp the wondrous appendage.It wasn't long before my shorts and pants were round my ankles and Pete was fondling my tiny prick. I tried very hard to do as he instructed, but try as I might I couldn't quite get it right and Pete had to get himself off. I was totally awe struck when he shot great spurts of thick white "stuff" out of his cock and in seconds I had that lovely feeling of cumming but only a dry one. It would be several years before I was able to "fetch" spunk.In subsequent visits to the train shed I learned how to wank off a grown cock and Pete explained to me that if I drank down that thick white cream that came out of him it would help my cock get big like his. I wasn't too keen at first, just putting it in my mouth was difficult enough, but Pete sucked me and it felt really nice so I overcame my reticence and soon grew to like it. At first he suggested that I just lick a little of the cum and again I didn't really like it, but with perseverance I got the hang of things. Of course the first time he came in my mouth properly I nearly choked, but then a strange thing happened. The more I sucked his cock and caressed his balls the more I wanted to drain him and get a big cock like his and shoot fountains of spunk into his mouth.Years later when I was married and having three and foursomes I couldn't understand why other guys weren't keen on sucking cock or cleaning out the woman they had fucked or their wife after I had fucked her. Now I am without a wife and women are few and far between I find that wanking is as enjoyable as ever and cock sucking likewise.