Dogging with TXLassy

If you have not read my other “Dogging” stories here is some back round info. I am a ex stripper and exhibitionist who loves to suck cock and fuck outside where there is a chance to be seen by others. Dogging combines technology with swinging, cruising, exhibitionist and voyeurism. To wit: Couples, single men, women and strangers watch exhibitionist couples who've met on the Web have sex in cars or outdoors in parks, hiking trails, forest, country roads and sometimes they join in. We have been dogging in the daylight, dusk and in the dark of night.We have been dogging outdoors in parks, hiking trails, forests, trailheads, the river, lakes, beaches and some country roads.We have been dogging with Couples, single men, women and strangers who we have met on internet web sites.We have been dogging together as a couple and alone with my husband just watching me with others.We have been dogging where I am naked masturbating for others to watch.We have been dogging where I masturbate and suck my husbands cock and let others watch us fucking.We have been dogging where my husband has let other couples join in or single guys sucking and fucking.We have been dogging where my husband has watched me masturbating for guys and letting them play with me.We have been dogging where my husband has watched me sucking and fucking other well hung guys as he watches. My husband has set me up with single and some married men.We have been dogging where my husband is hiding and the others don’t know he is there watching. I have also been dogging alone without my husband.Dogging is fun when you live out in the country and there are lots of back roads and secret places to play and let others watch.When my husband and I found out that I had to have surgery on my knee, my husband suggested we have a few adventures in dogging before the surgery.My husband contacted two younger men we have been chatting with online in chat rooms and ask if they wanted to meet for coffee at a coffee shop near the waterfront in Corpus. I like meeting in a public place the first time and we made sure both guys understood it was a meet and greet no sex. We have shared photos with them and chatted quite a bit but this was the first face to face meeting. My husband picked out my clothes; my nipples were super hard and could easily be seen under the white western blouse I was wearing with a short wrap around skirt.Thursday morning my husband and I drove into the city to meet Chris and James two hot young men. Chris walked in and as soon as we made eye contact my pussy got very warm and was throbbing. My husband noticed right away how excited I was, my nipples were erect, I was very horny for Chris.Chris is 32 y/o 5’11” dark hair and a very fit body. The photos of his cock he showed me in the chat room had me gushing and wanted to feel it. His cock photos were of a “Perfect Cock” 8 inches long and 6 ½ around with bulging veins and a bulbous head at the tip.James walked in right after Chris and he was about 6 foot tall 29 y/o tanned and very fit, the photos I have seen of him do not give him justice. He must have known my husband is a car nut because he was wearing the same classic Mustang t shirt my husband was wearing, it was like they planned it lol. I have seen James’s cock pictures and could tell he was packing a nice hard on in those jeans. His cock photos were very pleasing 8” and about 6 inches around with nice tight balls.I wore a short jean skirt and a white western blouse showing off my hard nipples and lots of cleavage. My husband knew I was horny for Chris and as we sat drinking coffee and talking my pussy was throbbin. My husband explained to Chris how we like to play and our rules for swinging, Dogging and our Spontaneous adventures. We agreed to meet the next week for a night of Dogging fun by the river. My husband told them how I love to masturbate as other guys watch me and told both guys where and what time to come and watch the Dogging action.We did not get very far after saying goodbye to Chris and James at the coffee shop. I was so fucking horny I was reaching for my husband cock as he drove out of town. We pulled off the freeway and were in the back of my Van fucking like rabbits; we stopped again by the river and fucked again but this time outside the Van on a picnic table. When we got home my husband had me get online and message Chris and chat with him. We chatted for two hours my husband told me to tell him I was alone and my husband was gone to visit my uncle in Austin. We exchanged more photos and I had a orgasm as I looked at Chris’s cock and chatted with him. Chris then asked that sense my husband was in Austin I should meet him for dinner. My husband watched me type a message to Chris agreeing to meet him for dinner on the waterfront where we met this morning I did tell him I would have to be home before my husband gets back from Austin. Later that night I was getting dressed with the clothes my husband had picked out for me, it was a hot n naughty erotic fun day and my husband has been in the sharing mood lately. My hard nipples were clearly visible in the light shear blue blouse with three buttons that showed of my cleavage. The skirt was a wrap around darker blue and I was wearing short heels. When my husband came into the bedroom and seen me in the outfit he got so worked up I ended up on my knees sucking his cock as he reached for my tits. My husband was so excited he did not last long and exploded in my mouth. After swallowing his hot cum he pulled me up kissing me deeply as he reached under my skirt and felt my hot wet bare pussy. I was soaking wet and almost orgasmed when he slides his fingers inside my steaming hot pussy. With his hand covered in my pussy juices he rubbed it around my neck on my cleavage and tits and whispered in my ear that my pussy perfume will dive Chris crazy.My husband kissed me and then watched as I drove off in my Van to meet Chris. It was 2:20 am and my husband was waiting for me when I got home late that night. He kissed me and reached under my dress and I flinched when he rubbed my sore pussy. You sucked his cock didn’t you as he kissed me deeply tasting my lips? My husband told me to take my clothes off and he watched as I stripped and he made comments about the red hand prints still visible on my tits inner thighs’ and my ass. He traced around my nipples with his fingers asking me if it was Chris’s dried cum on my tits and pussy. I did not answer my husband’s question.My husband pushed me down to my knees taking his hard cock in my mouth. My husband had both hands on my head making me take all of his cock. 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I did not answer my husband again. My husband spread my legs wider guiding his cock towards my ass. He started to push his cock into my ass and “Easily” slid his cock balls deep in my ass. “Fuck Ya” that big cock was in your ass as my husband plowed balls deep.Again my husband asked me. Did you let Chris fuck your ass? As soon as he asked me if Chris had fucked my ass I exploded in one of the most extreme multiple orgasms I have had in a long time, my toes were curling my legs were shaking as I had orgasm after orgasm as my husband pinned my legs back fucking me as hard as he could. My husband exploded in one of the most intense orgasms he has had in a long time. I could feel how many times his cock spewed his hot cum deep in my ass.Before untying me my husband made me promise to chat with James online and told me to see if he would meet for Dinner on Monday.