Denise - He meets a beautiful woman and takes her

This story only happened because of fear, the fear that I'm sure everyone has experienced at one time or another. The Fear I speak of is the fear of rejection.When this story happened I was 19, I was in the Army and I had become a very self-assured young man. Kind of strange for me because of the fact that I had been a fat c***d. I mean a 12-year-old-fat-k**-being-told-he-may-not-see-13-unless-he-lost-some-weight fat. Ah, but the Army had changed that hadn't it? I had gone from 5'6" and 220 pounds to somehow 5'8" and 178 pounds. I had to look good in that uniform, didn't I?So, on to the story. I'm 19, looking pretty decent, dressed well, nice car, everything you would not expect from someone so young. My friends and I had gone to a party and we were having a really good time. Not being a drinker I was having a great time watching my friends get pretty stupidly drunk. They were hitting on girls at the party, some were being turned down, some were actually finding dancing partners and I was pretty much just chatting up this one girl, nothing serious, but if nothing else worked out, she might get lucky.It was a house party so there was only so far you could go, didn't want to be invading anyone's Moms room. So my friends and had pretty much become stationary at the entrance to the kitchen where the front door was still in view and ditto the back door.At around 11:00, it happened. Denise walked through the door. She walked in with a couple of friends, but I noticed no one but her. My conversation with the girl I had been talking to trailed off to nothing, the guys facing the door were standing aghast, the guys not facing the door, finally turned to see what we were so in awe of. They too seemed to lose the ability to speak.Now I say I had become a much stronger man than I had been, but I won't try to fool you into thinking she saw me and just fell into my arms. God I could only wish. No the truth of the matter was, I had fear, that selfsame fear of rejection that I mentioned at the onset of this story.Denise walked in and stood around with her friends, getting a drink, laughing, she actually looked like she was having a pretty good time. After a while the oddest thing happened, guys started walking up to her and her friends, but instead of asking her to dance, they asked her friends, staring at Denise all the while.Denise, man her name still conjures images of that dress. She was wearing one of those great 80's dresses where the sides have holes that show the skin and you could see she was wearing no underwear. She stood about 5'6", she looked like she weighed about 125-130, I would have guessed her measurements at about 36-22-36, maybe bustier, maybe a bit more in the hip area, but she looked so good. Her hair was very light brown, not quite blonde, but a shade short of it, her eyes looked to be a hazel or hazel-green and her skin was white like milk. God I loved the way she looked. Hell I think everyone at the party loved the way she looked.I got up the nerve to approach, but only because she looked so lonely standing there by herself. Everyone was staring at her, but not one swinging dick came towards her. I couldn't believe my eyes. I decided at that moment to approach her, damn the consequences and the damned fear I felt.I asked her if she would like to dance, she said yes. We danced and we talked. She wondered why no one had approached her. I offered my answer, fear. She asked if I thought she scared people. I had to explain, they would all have loved to ask her to dance, but they couldn't bring themselves to ask because had she turned them down, they would have been crushed. Any other rejection was easy to deal with because the other girls, though attractive weren't women. She appeared to be just that, a woman among girls. She said she wouldn't have rejected them, I leaned close and whispered into her ear that I was glad that they didn't know that because I might not be where I was right then.A few minutes more and a slow song came on. She said she'd rather not dance to anything slow, she felt she didn't know me well enough yet. I asked if she would like to go outside and walk. She agreed to that and we were away.Outside was rather exciting, I stopped a fight from smashing into my car, I told the Police I would get the guys to lower the music to appease the rather angry neighbors and actually got Denise to let me get with her into her car.We talked for a few minutes and she was pretty much just milking me for more compliments. I had no problem with that. I called her beautiful, again explained how she was just more than most guys could hope to get, and after a few minutes, I got a kiss.Her lips were like rose petals, soft and moist and sweet. She opened her mouth and I swear I tasted candy, her tongue was like a piece of fine silk and I was lost in her kiss. I licked her lips with my tongue and gently bit her lips and nibbled on her tongue. She seemed to like that because she suddenly just about crawled right on top of me. I kissed her chin, then her neck and the space just above her cleavage. She pulled my head back up and looked into my eyes with passion a raging blaze in her eyes. The windows were totally steamed and I thought we were headed to that place where we both walk away a bit more sore than we were in the moments before.She stopped me and got herself together, saying she couldn't do this. I was a little bit hurt, a little bit pissed off, but hey, she said no. Even then I knew No means No. She got out of the car, I followed. She took my hand and we walked into the party together. Now I was the center of attention. Every one was totally amazed. How had I done it, they could see she looked a little bit like she was being accosted, but she was holding me close and making sure there was no chance of separation. She walked over to her friends who were now, ironically enough, standing with my friends. She gave one of her friends the keys and said she has a ride and would need one of the girls to take her car home and stop by to drop it off the next day.Everyone stood there in a silent stupor that made me the proudest man there. I then heard one of her friends say simply "Damn!" Another, as we are walking out says "No way!" Then I hear one of my friends, "Fucking Romeo!"We stop to pick up something to drink, turns out the reason she looks like a woman is because she pretty much is. She's 24. We go to her place and I find out she's a housemaid for some rich guy in the hills of one of the little towns around mine. This fucking guy has a miniature castle on his damn property. No shit, moat and all. We walked into it and she showed me around. We kissed a bit inside but she didn't want to do anything out there, she suggested that we go to her room. Her room was a weird little room, it was along a hall that ran the length of the house on one side. It had glass-sliding doors on the outside and a door that lead to the hall that led to the house. These were the servants quarters. We listened to some music for a bit then she got a call. All I heard was her side of the conversation but it sounded so cryptic. Hello. Yes. No, he doesn't. I will. Okay. Bye.I'm trying not to pay attention, but I am starting to wonder. I head to the stereo to see what other music she has laying around. She heads to the bathroom and I don't hear the door close. I look around and I can see her in the bathroom, undressing. She gets totally naked without looking at me once and I am not hiding the fact that I'm staring. She throws on a tiny teddy and comes out of the bathroom looking sexier than I know how to describe. She lays down on the bed on her stomach and starts talking to me. I am not listening to a word she's saying, all I can do is stare.Then I hear it. A sound at the hall door. I ask her what the hell that was. She says "Do you like me?" Now I'm really starting to wonder what the hell is going on here. I answer that although I don't really know her, yeah, I think she's cool. She asks, "Do you think I'm sexy?""Hell yes, I mean look at you, you define sexy!""Would you like to have sex with me?""More than my next breath."She says there is something I have to know first. The sound at the door is her Boss, he's standing outside, watching. I ask how that's possible, then I notice the peephole is in the door the wrong way. It doesn't look out at who's there, it's for someone outside to look in. I'm young and for the first time tonight, I have a real fear. This time it isn't about rejection though, this time it's for my life.I ask her what the hell she expects. She explains that he doesn't want to participate, he just wants to watch, if it's okay with me, if not, I have to leave. Those are the rules and now, knowing them, it's also my decision to make about whether or not I want to stay.She gets on her knees on the bed and rubs her hands over those beautiful tits and asks if I'm staying.I look at the door and I smile. I walk over to her on the bed and I get onto it on my knees. I pull her to me and I kiss her deep. I drop the romantic façade and I become that guy. You know the one, he lives inside each of us and is the bastard that can and will fuck the hell out of someone just for the sake of doing it. He's the guy that knows no indecision in bed, that seems to do just the right thing at the right time to make a woman cum buckets and buckets. He gets out rarely because we are afraid of the things he might ask for, but tonight, I had no fear anymore, tonight that guy was in business.I love the way he talks, that guy."Denise, tonight, you are mine. The shit he is going to see is going to be the shit that he jacks off to for the next coming year. The show we are going to put on here will drive him crazy and will do the same to you, but now I have to ask, are you up to it?"I saw worry run across her face, but she said yes.I stand her up and I take her teddy off over her head. When it is almost off, but still covering her eyes I pull her close and I kiss her. I tell her to leave it on like that, I want her blindfolded to start. She agrees and I tie it up around her head. I lay her down on the bed and I tease the hell out of her. I stand and just look at her for a minute, studying, wondering where I should begin. I take off my clothes and I lay down beside her on the bed. I nibble on her nipple, then I bite it ever so gently, but I then begin to build the pressure on her nipples and tits with my teeth until she's squealing. She starts to push me away and I whisper to her that she should just allow what is going to happen to do just that, happen.I move over her and I hold her hands above her head and I kiss her lips and her cheeks and her neck. I lick her all over her face and her tits. I run my tongue along her jugular then I bite her there. She is loving it. Her chest is turning red with the heat of the passion and I can see her starting to breathe hard, I can feel it, I am the cause and I love it.Denise is amazing, she is such the showperson, and I have to keep reminding myself that there is someone, just out of view, but there. I have to remind myself that this show is for him, not me. I am just the lucky bastard that gets to enjoy this pretty piece of flesh before me.I bite my way down her body to her beautiful little pussy. I bite the inside of her thighs. I nibble first one lip then the other, letting my tongue snake out with every change of position. I ever so gently touch her clit with it and the sweet, sweet juice flows ever so steadily from her as I get more and more into this.Odd aside here; I once heard, I think it was a comedian, say that if you don't know what you're doing when eating out a woman, just do the alphabet. You know run your tongue over her clit like ... A... B... C... etc. Now I've done it enough to know which letters they like, but then, well let's just say it sounded like a good idea.I'm licking her clit and I'm getting completely glazed, I can't seem to get enough of her and I keep trying to get in deeper. I've got my thumb rubbing her clit and my tongue thrusting deep into her and she is raising her hips off the bed to get me in as far as possible. I hear her moan, I hear her screech and I feel the wonderful warmth flow over my tongue and I swallow, deep.She allows her body to fall back onto the bed, and her legs are shaking. I notice also that her breathing is erratic and she hasn't really stopped the little moaning noise she was making as she came. I feel a little tired from what has just happened, but I have more to do to her, so much more.I crawl back up over her body rubbing first my tongue over it, then my dick. It rubs first between her legs, then between her cunt lips. I can feel her breathe deep as it hits her clit, and I know she expects to be penetrated any moment, but not yet, not just yet. I keep moving until I am sitting on her chest and my dick is hovering over her lips. Her lips look so pretty with my dick inches away from them. I move in closer and she darts her tongue out and tries to taste me. I pull back and tell her to just leave her tongue out. She does and I rub that thick vein underneath my dick all along it. I pop the head into her mouth with one swift move and she starts to suck it for all she's worth.Then a surprise, she's really into it, she pulls it out and sort of wrestles me off of her. I scoot, tripping because this whole thing has been a little strange and I don't know what to expect. She yanks the teddy from her eyes and throws it to the floor. She has what looks to be anger in her eyes, then I realize it isn't anger, it's lust. She crawls over to me and grabs me by the base of my cock and swallows me whole. She starts to piston her head up and down, up and down with increasing speed and force and I don't know if I can hold back much longer. She stops and she is breathing like she just ran the Boston fucking Marathon. She looks at me with that same wicked look and she say's, in a voice deep enough to make me feel it, "Fuck Me!"I pull her to me and start to kiss and I'm really starting to react to this because she has become the aggressor. I can't remember ever feeling like this and I like it. I lay her down on the bed and I put that hard cock at the entrance to that oh so sweet pussy and she gives me no chance to play, she grabs my ass and just pulls me in. As I sink into her body, I am amazed at the heat of the juice that has already flowed from her, and more amazed that it seems to get hotter as I pump. We're sweating and I'm dripping, it flows from me like water from a faucet and our sweat is mingling and flowing off of her pretty much uninterrupted, soaking the bed beneath the two of us. I'm kissing her neck and sucking her tits and biting her nipples and contemplating death so that I don't just start shooting jizz all over the motherfucking place. She's clawing my back and she sounds like she's speaking in tongues and she's cumming.I roll her over onto her back and I re-insert it into her pussy doggy style, and I start bucking like a dog that has just gotten his doggy cock stuck in some bitch and is being soaked by some crazy old woman that finds it disgusting. She moves like she wants me drill her into the wall, or rather would like to see me drilled into the one behind me. She is trying with all her might to get it into her, balls and all. Then I surprise her.The Kama Sutra tells of a little trick that is used for pleasuring women by men with an ... inadequacy. It calls for taking your cock by the base and giving it a serious squeeze and holding it that way. Now I know every guy has had his dick in his hand and been pumping it reading some story or looking at some pic and squeezed it and tripped on how it seemed to grow. Imagine that happening in the throes of passion. You squeeze and it expands and it's already inserted so the affect is mesmerizing. She starts to cum and scream and scream and cum and I swear she's telling me to please stop but I feel her working that body against me and I don't want to stop any more than she wants me to. She finally collapses beneath me and I figure she must really be done.I pull from her pussy and turning her over, start to jack off in her face. She starts to darting that tongue in and out, teasing my dick just enough to make me start to cum. It shoots out in long streams, landing on her tongue and her tits and her belly. It gets in her hair and on the bed and she is using her fingers to gather it all up and push it into her mouth and she is eating it like it is her life's mission. She takes my dick into her mouth and tongue washes it, leaving me shaking because of the sensitivity at its end. She smiles, eyes half closed and she says "Thank You".In the hall, I hear a moan and a thump on the door, then quiet. A few minutes later, footsteps walking away and the soft, but unmistakable sound of... applause.