Daughter's Best Friend

"Come on Dad," my daughter Angie whined sweetly. "Do you like the more demure prom dress or this one? I think this one's much sexier! What do you think?"I had to admit it, she was right. This red one was much sexier! Especially since her best friend Rose was the one wearing it.Rose was always a sexy k**. She had grown up as my daughter's best friend and I loved it when the two of them ran around the house together. She's skinny in that sexy way that makes young girls look hot. Always with the low cut jeans, a strip of belly showing off, teasing all the boys.I wasn't supposed to look. She was my daughter's best friend and I wasn't supposed to look. But I did. And every now and then I know my daughter caught me looking.But Rose was just too cute to look away from. Dark brown hair, long enough it almost reached her ass. And those sweet, innocent green eyes. Every time I saw her I wanted to eat her up. My palms itched and I just wanted to take her right then and there.But I wasn't supposed to look. When I would take them to the beach I'd wear my sunglasses and lay back and watch them to my heart's content. Two perfect sea nymphs in their sexy, skimpy suits. My mouth tasted like salt and a girl's cunt all day.In my fantasies, at least.And I fantasized about Rose all the time these days. Ever since getting over my wife's death three years ago. When I masturbated now, it was always Rose I thought about. Rose's thighs. Rose's small breasts. Rose's perfect ass. Her tight cunt. Her lovely long neck.Here she was, decked out for her senior prom. A beautiful, eighteen year old virgin.For once, I was supposed to look."I don't know, Angie," I equivocated. "Have her turn around."This was Angie's show even though Rose was the one on display. Angie always ran the show. I sometimes wondered what they did at night on sleepovers. Whether Angie ran the show then or not, too?Rose submissively turned around slowly. Rose was just that way around Angie, very submissive. And shy. This had to be Angie's deal, not Rose's.Pretty little Rose. So deferential. Like a flower waiting to be plucked. I wonder if Angie's beat me to it?"Dad!" Angie giggled. "Could you concentrate here?"Rose's shoulders blushed. I could tell because the back of the prom dress scooped down low and exposed the wide, pale expanse of her shoulders. Angie had pulled Rose's long hair to the front so I could get the full effect. It was very sweet. Very snug against her ass. Rose's perfect ass."It's nice," I said as flatly as I could. Trying not to let my voice crack with arousal."But is it better than the other?" Angie asked, pouting. "That's what you're supposed to tell us!"Thankfully, the phone rang."Oh my god!" Angie exclaimed, giving a little hop."That's got to be Zack," she said excitedly as she sprang up to go to her room. Zack was the hunk of the day. The prom date."You stay right there Rose, until Daddy says one way or the other," she ordered as she flew from the room.Stay right there. Daddy, look. Until I say. One way or the other.These are the thoughts that flickered through my mind in the first ten seconds."Turn around, Rose," I ordered softly, to test how likely she was to obey.She slowly turned, trembling just a little as she did.Perfect little Rose. I wasn't supposed to look. But now I could."Step forward just a little so I can see you better," I ordered gently.Her bare foot moved forward with a flash of naked leg from the slit in the skirt. She was shaking a little as she stepped toward me.Pretty toes on my pretty Rose."Let me feel what the fabric is like," I said softly, almost a whisper, as I reached out with both my hands to grasp her slim hips.The hips I knew so well in all my fantasies. The hips I'd fucked a thousand times, pulling them back firmly toward me over and over. Rose's hips. Pretty Rose in her sexy dress.The material felt slick and warm against my palms. Her boyfriend would love this, that little prick! He didn't deserve my Rose. My sexy submissive Rose.She'd probably do anything he would want. Worse yet, when he saw her in this dress, I know what he'd want.He'd want to put his hands just where I had mine and he'd want to do just what I wanted to do.That's what he'd want!Without even thinking I pulled her closer. The slick red material glided under my hands and before my fevered brain could register it, Rose's ass was under my palms. Her eyes looked wide and startled and her mouth was open.But no scream. No sound as I gave a tender squeeze to test her more."I have to see what it feels like Rose," I said, stalling for each precious moment while her ass was in my hands. "That's very important. In a prom dress."Then I just shut up. I was babbling. Babbling while Rose was in my hands for the first time."The feel of a dress is important to a man, Rose," I said slowly, taking deep breaths and getting control. "Tell me, is the front snug? Across your breasts?""No, Mr. J.," she said so softly I almost didn't hear it. She was trembling in my arms like a leaf."Because it looks snug, right here," I told her, as I slid my right hand up to cup her perfect breast.They were the size of ripe apples. Delicious, rosy red apples. This one was firm and ripe to the touch."Will your date to the prom try to touch you breast like this, Rose?" I asked her gently. She was swaying back and forth on her feet. She seemed lightheaded and unsteady."He might," she whispered into my chest."Will he try to squeeze your pretty ass like this too?" I said, more aggressively."He'll try," she said submissively."Will he try to reach under your dress like this?" I asked her, gripping the back of her leg along the slit and then caressing it higher and higher. Rose wasn't wearing panties! Nothing but warm girl underneath and when I moved my hand between her legs, there was only wet girl. Her knees buckled just a little. Just enough to let my finger slip inside."Oh god, Mr. J. Just take me. Right here," she moaned. One finger inside and Rose wasn't just submissive anymore.As I started to rise up off my chair, Rose's hands came to my shoulders."Wait!" Rose exclaimed anxiously. "Angie will freak."Personally, I didn't care. My finger made a deep, slow plunge into my daughter's best friend. Nothing but tight, wet hole. I was almost past thinking. Past caring."Mr. J., slow down," she moaned and pleaded. "I want you. God, I've wanted you for years. Just not so fast."My finger kept pumping in and out, though. She was getting wetter. Soon, she'd change her mind."You can have me. I'll be yours," Rose pleaded.Damn right you will, my fevered brain insisted."But to keep me, you have to have us both!" she growled.It was the only thing she could have said to slow me down. The two of them. Together as a pair."She's on the phone right now with Zack," Rose said quickly, a little feverishly herself. "She's gonna do him after the prom. Gonna fuck him. Your little girl."She let those thoughts sink in. My Angie, fucking some little bastard. Like hell! Like hell!"He's a d**ggie, Mr. J.," she whispered conspiratorially. "He'll only hurt her. Take her away from us. From you and me.""Why would she do that?" I pleaded with Rose, wanting to know. "Not Angie!""She's just a girl," Rose said seductively, pushing down against my finger still inside her. "She's hungry for dick. Any dick will do!"The thought of my baby, hungry and writhing for it, got me going real bad. We had to stop her. Me and Rose."I bet she's in there naked right now, talking to him on the phone," she whispered, as if she were telling a secret. "She does that all the time. Plays with her pussy. While she's on the phone. Even with me."I bet she did. I could just see her, talking on the phone and rubbing her fingers through the fine red hair that grew between her legs. A natural redhead, just like me. That’s my Angie."We have to stop her, Mr. J.," Rose insisted. "Just follow me and do what I ask."Reluctantly I slid my finger out of her tight slit. Then, I was following right behind her. At the hallway door, Rose turned suddenly, abruptly coming into my arms."Can I call you Daddy from now on?" she asked me quickly. Submissively.Rose had always wanted a daddy. Her Mom had been divorced a long time. That's why Rose hung around our house all the time. Why my wife had taken her in. Almost like a daughter."Can I call you Daddy when you fuck me?" she pleaded eagerly.My head was spinning and without even getting a chance to answer, Rose turned and led me back into Angie's domain, the wing of our house I rarely, if ever went into nowadays.It was like being led into some sacred temple. A place of secrets and teenage rituals and I was being led in by one of its denizens.We could hear the music from beyond the cracked door. How could she talk on the phone with such a racket? The driving base rhythm stirred my pulse and I could feel it deep in the throbbing of my hard cock.Rose looked in through the crack in the door. Then she looked back at me quickly and gleefully. She let me squeeze besides her, brushing her young body against me until I could strain forward and peer through the crack in the door.Angie was on her bed, her skin white against the dark bed cover. Her slim hand was between her thighs as she spoke on the phone, brushing slowly back and forth.There was no telling how long I looked, mesmerized by the sight of that hand. Rose had to drag me away."She's talking to him now," she whispered to me in the hall as she began to shuck off her prom dress. "We have to stop her Daddy. Be ready to come in when I say. Hurry up now. Get out of those clothes!"As fast as she could say it, Rose was gloriously naked before me. The red dress was a puddle at her feet and she kicked it backward down the hall. Then, quick as a flash, she bent at the waist and unplugged the phone jack connection, playfully holding up the wire that ran under Angie's door."Whoops!" Rose whispered to me. "Imagine that!""Hey!" came a familiar voice from beyond the door.Rose walked forward and pushed the door open, posing naked in the doorway, her hip cocked impishly."Sorry, babe," she said sarcastically, holding the phone jack connection up just as she had done with me. "Clumsy me, I must have tripped."Then she scampered into the bedroom and I could just imagine her flying headlong onto the bed within.Did I dare to follow? Did I dare to make such a flying leap myself?The music suddenly ceased and all I could hear were muffled voices. Then, unsure, I peeked around the doorway and saw the answer to my prayers. Rose had straddled Angie's head and was grinding her crotch down on my prone daughter's face. Then Rose looked over her shoulder and her seductive gaze was urging me into the room.As I began to strip my clothes off in the doorway, I heard Rose talk to the naked girl beneath her."I've invited your Dad to join us, babe," she said mischievously, raising her little snatch up off my daughter's face. "Hope you don't mind.""Sure you did, you big slut," I heard Angie say friskily. "God, you say that every time!"Lowering herself again, Rose started to chant out loud, "Think I'll let him fuck you. Want that, my sweet whore? Your handsome Daddy pumping in and out your pussy!"So they teased themselves with me. Even now, I saw Angie's hands returning between her legs. She began aggressively teasing herself to the rhythm of Rose's sexy words. I drew closer, leaving a trail of discarded garments behind me."Spread your legs wide sweetie and show Daddy a little pink," she said, then moaned as Angie began to lick her pussy again.But my daughter obeyed her lover. She spread those slender legs even wider, showing pink!My cock was bouncing with a life of its own at the end of the bed. All I'd have to do was crawl up and stick it in the glistening pink space. Rose looked around sharply, as though to urge me to hurry up. With one step forward, the die was cast and all our possible futures branched off unpredictably before us.Quickly, I was between her thighs. Her body tensed, as soon as my weight hit the bed. I heard a muffled, questioning word, then Rose's urgent command, "Do it!”So I did!Angie was wet and a little tight, but she didn't feel like a virgin should. At first she put up some resistance, but after the third or fourth deep jab her legs went limp. By the sixth or seventh dripping, soaking stroke, her legs had come up and begun to wrap around me. A few more and she began to buck. A couple more and she began to scream. As the scream ended, it became a full-bore, headlong fuck to oblivion!My little girl took everything I could give her. As fast as I could feed her hungry pussy cock, she ate it. Her slim, active hips flailed up against me wildly. Her enthusiasm set my fevered brain ablaze. We'd be lucky if the bed didn't catch on fire!"Twist her nipples!" Rose called out from over her shoulders. "She likes that right before she cums."Angie whimpered as I my hands went to her breasts. I heard her friend call out again, "And don't be gentle. Baby likes it rough! Don't you, girl?"I was close already myself, so close I could feel the pressure building up like a helium balloon. The pink caps of Angie's breasts felt hot and hard between my fingers and my thumbs. As that familiar burning started to rise in my urethra, I twisted inward with both hands, as though Angie's nipples were radio knobs. As my daughter started to scream with passion, the first hot shot of semen burned through my body and began flooding her warm, accepting womb.Angie's hips bucked once, jamming my cock as deep as it would go, and then her body tensed impossibly stiff. Her jagged breathing seemed to rise and fall to the rhythm of my spurts. Every hot stream of cum I shot in her, she gasped as if being burned. Her near-violent reaction caused me to cum even more, draining my long-sequestered load into her expectant form.With a deep, relaxing sigh, Angie’s hips and legs fell limply with sudden fatigue. I followed, d**g down by a brief, temporary exhaustion."You did good, babe," Rose cooed further up the bed. "Just rest your eyes baby, while I get Pops back into shape."I felt soft hands pulling me up and off. They steered me until I lay flat on my back alongside my ravished daughter. The soft hands began to stroke my softened cock, then satiny lips and a warm mouth engulfed my manhood.Angie rolled towards me, easing an arm familiarly over my chest. Her eyelids opened to reveal deep, blue pools. So serious. So warm."Why Daddy?" she asked me, without accusation or recrimination. "Why today?""I couldn't let you do it, baby," I murmured, trying to explain to her perplexed eyes. "I couldn't let you give yourself like that to Zack."The talented mouth that urged me on was achieving results. Rose's deep moans and her fingers ticking my anus and scrotum helped the cause as well.At first, Angie looked completely mystified. Then she smiled. Then she lightly laughed."Zack's gay, Dad," she explained uncertainly. "He's just a prom date. It's not like I was gonna sleep with him."Rose scrambled up quickly and impaled herself smoothly on my hard cock. She quickly rose up and dropped down completely a couple of times, taking my breath away with the sensations.Then she suddenly stopped and turned her face to Angie and said seriously, "I kinda had to lie to Dad to get him here. I said, like, that Zack was gonna **** you after the prom and stuff."Then Rose began to slide up and down vigorously again. My brain, centered in the head of my stiff cock, knew only wet, warm comfort."You were supposed to wait, you big cow," Angie swatted her friend firmly but playfully on the arm. Rose flinched, then reached out to toy with Angie's nipple."We were going to surprise you on the night we both graduated," Angie told me in a pout, as though it explained everything."It's only a month, babe," Rose moaned as she thrust back against my shaft.Then she froze, and said excitedly, "He actually came on to me after you left. God, it was so cool! He like, grabbed my ass and tits all aggressive, you know. I was so turned on. When he stuck his hands between my legs, I knew I couldn't wait babe, no matter what we said. I almost jumped him right there on the floor!""You're such a slut!" my daughter laughed happily with her friend. Then, turning those blue spotlights back to me, she said seriously, "Daddy, were you hitting on my friend?"The only answer I could give was to reach forward and grab Rose's hips and began to thrust in her again. The young brunette groaned and murmured something about her love of cock.But Angie wouldn't let it go just like that and when my eyes turned back to hers, she dropped the other foot."You know we're both fertile, don't you Dad?" she said softly as she sensually caressed my chest."Oops, forgot to tell you that," Rose said mischievously, bouncing joyfully up and down. Then she stretched out sensually, enjoying the feeling of my stiff shaft inside her. "We both decided you're gonna knock us up!""But don't worry, Daddy," Angie whispered into my stunned face as she toyed with my chest hair. "Other than that, we'll both be your submissive little girls. We'll do anything we can to please our Daddy. Right, Rosie?""Anything for my handsome Daddy," Rose promised seriously. "Any time you want me. Any way you want me. As long as you love me. And spank me when I'm bad!""Oh, yeah. She loves to be spanked," Angie said, emphasizing her words with a resounding swat on Rose's ass."Damn, that feels good with a cock in me," Rose groaned. "You're my first cock Daddy. Angie's too."Then, she whispered to my daughter, "Go get the strap-on, baby. Do me like we always said."While Angie was strapping on the dildo and greasing up the shaft, Rose was riding me hard, whispering obscenities in my ears."She's gonna double-fuck me, Daddy. I've wanted this for years. With your hard cock in one of my holes and Angie in the other. Take your pick, Daddy. Which of my holes do you want to fill?"Tired of lying back passively and feeling incredibly horny, I reached up my rough hands and spread Rose's ass cheeks as I waited on my daughter to finish her preparations."How many time should I spank you for lying to me?" I asked the brown haired girl astride my cock."Hundreds, Daddy," Rose said, joyously submissive.I gave both her cheeks a reverberating smack, causing Rose to groan and arch herself, filling her cunt with my hard meat."Should I spank you every time you tell a lie?" I questioned sternly as Angie crawled up on the bed and began to aim the tool."Yes, Daddy," Rose panted between her teeth, preparing for my daughter's penetration."Here's another," I heard her say as she took a deep breath to relax. "I've never loved you and I never will!"Then Angie purposefully thrust into her friend and our new life together really began.