Cuckold Son

Hello Group,My mother found this group and thought it would be a good idea for meto contribute my experiences here. Let me introduce myself first. I amPaul, 23, working in the kitchen of a fast food joint. My father leftus when I was 14. I never realized what he meant when he said, "Youare a slut Cathy and a slut you will remain", as he banged the doorbehind him. That is, I never realized it then. However, it wasn't longbefore I realized what he meant.Soon my mother had many friends. There was always some male friend ofhers sleeping over. I was 16 when we moved out from town. Mom had gota job elsewhere and we shifted to a new city. Her boss was a guycalled Ross. I liked the new job. We now had more money and lived in areally beautiful apartment. I went to school and even had toys."Hi Paul! Is your mother home?" It was Ross on the phone."Yes she is. But she's taking a bath", I informed him."Ah! Yes! We have a party to attend tonight. Anyways, can you pass ona message to her?" he asked me."Sure""Tell her that I want her to wear a skirt, a really short skirt, witha tank top for the party.""Ok", I replied, surprised at what he was saying."Oh! And also tell her she won't be needing underclothes where we are going.""Huh!""Can you tell her that?""I…I don't know", I replied."Just tell her that I told you to tell her this. Clear?""Yeah"My dick was hard as a log of wood. Imagine the guys guts, telling mymom how she should dress. I wondered how I would tell her about theconversation."Who was that Paul?" she asked as she stepped out of the bathroom.For the first time I noticed my mother like a woman. She had just atowel around her. It started at her breasts and stopped just below herass. My penis began to twitch violently."What is wrong with you?" mom asked."N…nothing", I stammered."Then who was on the phone?""R…ross""What did he say?""Ah…he…""What's wrong with you?""N…nothing""Then stop stammering and tell me what he said.""He wants you to wear a skirt, a short one, and a tank top. He alsosaid that you wont need underclothes where you are going tonight.""Ok, thanks."With that, she disappeared into her bedroom.I quickly made my way into the toilet and jerked off harder than I hadever done before.I hung around the living room, waiting for Ross to come pick up mom.He walked in, he had his own key to the apartment, by about 7."Hey champ", he called out to me."Hey" I responded."So, did you pass my message?""Yeah""Great. Thanks."At that point, mom made her entrance. She had on a bright red tanktop, and a sinfully tiny skirt. Ross got up and held out his handssaying, "Darling you look good enough to eat."I had to agree with him and watched jealously as she ran into his arm.They hugged and their lips locked. I watched them French kiss andRoss' hands went down her back and lifted her skirt. I watchedmesmerized as mom's naked ass came in to view.She broke the kiss and her lips moved to his ears, but I could hear her whisper."He'll be able to see", she told him.Ross's eyes were on me, as mine were on my mom's ass."Let him", he replied.He reached lower and I watching his fingers disappear into her cunt.She moaned at the intrusion, but didn't fight him. Then he let go of her."Shall we leave?" he asked her."Sure", she said and leaving him came to me.She fished in her bag and taking out a 50 dollar note, gave it to me."You eat something before going to bed, ok? And don't wait up for me,I might me late." She said the last words with a "look" in her eyes.The evening was one of the most uncomfortable I spent. By 10, I wentto bed. But sleep wouldn't come. I toyed with my penis as I lay there.Masturbating was out of the question, I had already jerked off thricethat evening.Mom returned after 1 in the morning. I listened to see if Ross waswith her. I heard him say his goodbyes at the door. After he had left,I stepped out of my room. I met her as she passed my door."Haven't you slept?" she asked me surprised.My eyes roamed her body. The straps of her top were hanging at theside, her top was pulled down so low that her nipples almost showed.Her lipstick was smeared, and her hair awry. It didn't require arocket scientist to figure out what she had been up to."I…I just wanted to say that you were looking very beautiful todayevening", I said."Why! Thank you Paul. I am glad you think so.""You look tired", I told her."Oh! It was a hectic evening.""Did he fuck you a lot?" I asked her.The shock on her face was apparent, but it went away soon. It wasreplaced by a kind of resignation."I'm sorry you had to see all this Paul", she said softly."I'm not", I told her.Her eyes searched mine."Can I watch you undress?""Paul, I am your mother", she started."Can I?""Ok, come along", she said in resignation and made her way to her bedroom.I stood leaning on the wall, she stood next to the bed. For a while,we just stood, and then she pulled the top over her head. I drank inthe sight of her bruised breasts. She had bruises all over, on herneck, breasts, stomach, everywhere.She stepped out of her skirt and I saw the bruises on her thighs."Did he do this to you?" I asked, an anger welling up inside me."It wasn't only him, there were 5 of them. And don't get angry, I enjoyed it.""You like people abusing you?" I asked, shocked."That is what I have to give them darling. They have wives for sex.And the only reason they would come to me is to live out theirfantasies. But to answer your questions, yes, I enjoy people abusingme and treating me like dirt."I sat her on the bed, spread her legs and looked up at her."You still have their cum", I told her.She nodded."Let me clean you up", I said and spread her legs wider apart.First I lapped up the cum that had rolled down her thighs and crusted.Then slowly moved towards her cunt. As I got closer, her moans gotlouder. I lapped all the cum off her, cleaning her up.I then guided her to the bathroom and put her under the shower.Gently, I washed her. Isoaped her all over, giving special attentionto her holes, all three of which had been used, and cleaned her up.I dried her with a towel, gently."You are drenched", she noted when we came out.I undid my pajamas casually and let them fall on the floor. I guidedher towards her bed. Her eyes didn't leave my crotch. When she wasseated on the bed, she reached out for my penis. She used her palmlike a platform, lifting the organ so it was pointing at her face. Iwas tight as a guitar string. It twitched, once this way and oncethat, and then it began to spurt. It spurt forth in jets. The firstload hit her on the face, and tricked down her cheeks. The next onelanded on her chin. The last two fell on her wrist. Even after it wasoff-loaded, it kept twitching. I wished she would hold it. But she wasmesmerized by it and just kept watching. Absent-mindedly her tongueflicked out and lapped the cum on her chin.She moved forward and took me into her mouth. She let the head slipin, and then gripping shaft, she began to masturbate it. I groaned, asthe sight of my organ in my mother's mouth was too much to bear. Hermovements were quick. She kept sucking on my head while jerking meoff. I felt the pressure build in my balls."Mom", I whispered.She just kept going until I began to shoot into her mouth. She justkept sucking and swallowing me.Then it was over."Good night mom", I said as I walked away."Good night son", she replied.From that night on, she would always have her boyfriends pick her upat home. They would kiss and fondle in front of me before leaving. Iwould wait up every night for her. When she came back I would cleanher and then we would make love. I was the only person who made gentlelove to her.