Chubby slapper chav

I decided to have another look round the area where I grew up as it was a beautiful sunny warm day. As I approached the area where we used to play on some rocks it was well overgrown today where before it wasn’t. As I sat on a wall a young chubby girl approached me, she said “Hi” and so did I as she was drinking from a 2 litre bottle of cider.She joined me on the wall, as I took a cig out from a full packet she said “Can I have one” I passed her one, then she started talking. She was 20, no job, left school without any qualifications and drifts about day to day. Her mum and dad split up when she was small and her mother has a different bloke on a regular basis, she drinks to blot out her shit life.As she spoke I looked at her, she had dark hair down to her shoulders, she was wearing grey trakkie bottoms, white dirty shoes, a pinkish zipped up hoodie and as she sat a little chub hung over her waistband. We sat there talking for around ten minutes, as she swigged from the bottle. Then I got my cigs out and she said “I’ll suck you off for two or you can have me for five”.I looked at her and after a minute or so I said “5 it is, where?” “Follow me” as we both jumped off the wall. I followed her up a dirt track to some rocks that were shielded from the road by some tall bushes, then she stopped by a large rock and leaned against it. I moved closer to her and in facing her I kissed her, no response!I kissed her again, again no response. I felt her tits which were a decent size through her hoodie as I was getting seriously hard, unzipping her hoodie I felt her tits through her T shirt, still no response. Lifting up her top I ran my fingers over her nipples which were getting hard. Moving my hand down I rubbed her through her bottoms, again, no response.Unzipping my jeans I pushed them down and then my boxers, holding my erect 6” in my hand I rubbed her again, then slipped her bottoms down, she had blue knickers on, rubbing her through them she made no noise, no groaning, no grunting, nothing. Then she sat on the rock and opened her thighs, as I touched her I noticed she was sticky so decided just to fuck her.Pulling her knickers to one side I slipped straight in and pushed myself right up her cunt. I fucked her slowly but again she didn’t moan, groan or grunt. As I shagged her I fondled her tits but she just half sat as I had my wicked way. After I’d been shagging her for a few minutes, even though she was unresponsive I knew I was close to coming.I pulled out and she said “Finished” I answered “Oh no not yet” I turned her around and she put her arms on the rock as I pulled her knickers down and spread her thighs then re-entered her from behind, again no response. Gliding my cock into her I reached round and grabbed her tits as I rocked her hard and rough.After another five minutes I knew again I was close so in slowing down I fucked her carefully. And then realised I couldn’t hold back I sped up and shagged her hard and fast and then I exploded, shooting my cum deep in her cunt, she made no noise at all as I pumped my spunk inside her. As I sat back she stood up and pulled her knickers on, and dressed herselfI got dressed and as she said “Five cigs” as I got them out and gave them to her I said “Don’t you enjoy sex” she said “Not really” and I replied “But you were so sticky” and she said “How do you think I got this cider”. Afterwards I thought ‘what a slapper’.