Carin getting caught

Dawn and I were enjoying our monthly massage parlour adventures, dressing up as ordered, and putting on a show for the men that watched or got a free view of everything behind the masks we still got to wear. I loved the special feeling of a man looking at me with lust in his eyes as I'm brought to an orgasm before him. So I often found myself naked on a table before a man getting serviced, having to wait until his release for my own, teasing him to explode so I could have my orgasm. I was waiting, and being teased by my mistress, when my world almost stopped. That's right readers, my husband was the customer being walked into the room. I froze, and my mistress knew that I was trapped. She was all smooth, undressing him and talking to him while I could barely breathe, and he was bound to the frame against the wall. She basically dragged me before him, and it was then that I started paying attention to their conversation. She had him begging for his wife to save him. He didn't know it was me! She had him offering me as his freedom, each time she asked for a more extreme payment he got harder for her. He was offering his wife! he was basically selling his wife in to servitude for a sexual fantasy, and he never bothered to share it with me! So I was mad, and hot and bothered, and willing to do almost anything when she asked him for his wife to be her slave. It was obvious to me she was enjoying having us there, him not knowing it was really his wife in the room. When she bound my wrists behind his waist, I knew I would get my orgasm for his.Bend over at the waist, hands behind him but fingers free to tease his ass, his hardening cock just before me, I was stunned when she told him he had to let someone fuck me while I sucked him for his freedom. No chance I was thinking when he started babbling about how his wife should let some hard cock shove her (ME!!!) down onto his cock.She slipped between my face and his cock, sliding down a condom onto him, and then slowly pulled my hair towards him, still talking to him about how she was going to us his wife. As she pulled me onto his cock, that's when a deep voice behind me asked if my husband was serious about getting his freedom.Her evil smile was all I could concentrate on as he begged her to let this man fuck his wife, watching as I opened my mouth to suck him deeper. She had him begging this man to take me, knowing it really was his wife, and knowing I was trapped. Either I let this man take me while I sucked my own husband, or I spoke up and exposed myself even more than standing naked but for my mask and heels.She had him begging me to get fucked. Pleading me to suck him as I'm taken from behind for her perverse pleasure, and I was soaking wet for it. I gave no resistance to the first cock I had taken other than my husbands since we started dating. I moaned on my husbands cock, gagging on it as I was pushed into deep throating him. I had at least two small orgasms as I was pounded from behind, and was well on my way to a large third when everything stopped, and my wimp husband came in my mouth, filling his condom. My frustration was vocal, begging for more in a pathetic voice, and I suddenly realized I had betrayed myself! I worried for nothing, as my husband hadn't recognised my voice, but was still begging for this man to have his wife. She had him begging him to take his wife and fill her again, and I was stunned as she lead me out of the room and across the hall from him. I was more stunned when her slave stud walked in behind me, and she told me my secret was safe if I finished him off. I know, blackmailed, trapped, getting forced to be a slut. I never hesitated at that point, I was too far gone, my husband who neglected me so often had sold me for his own pleasure, and I willingly layed back and spread my legs for this stud and my mistress, knowing I could never go back to the meek wife I once was.At least half an hour later he was still driving deep into me, holding my legs up, my discarded heels on the floor between the table and the open door as he continued to pound his hardness for my pleasure, as my husband was walked by, my mistress stopping him to make him thank her stud for fucking his wife. He was gone from the room when I came to, my mistress sitting in the chair waiting for my recovery, her stud waiting for her to command us both, Dawn standing naked beside her panting as everyone waited for me to recoup. My mistress asked "Willing to finish what we started?"I nodded, but she made me beg her stud to take me, whispering to me to beg for his cock. I did, I begged for it, pleaded for it, offered myself to him as she commanded me to. He pounded so hard and fast and deep, and I was stunned when he stopped and pulled out. Dawn was there to slip his condom off, and she smiled as she stroked his magnificence until he exploded over me, splashing from my hips to my chin.Showered and calmed down, we walked into the office to change back into our clothes, and my mistress was waiting. She told us not to worry, my husband never had to know, and she wouldn't use this day as a way to make us do anything, but we were always welcome back.Now, I know I was released in a new way that allowed me to be myself. Then I was scared and ashamed of the slut I had become, and took the next few days off work and life to cry and put myself back together.Im betting if you read this you know how well I have done, and I promise more stories, because as fun as my adventures have become, writing them here for all to read gives me almost as much pleasure.XO