brother's Hmong gf

At this moment, I didn't know how to feel about it. I felt guilty yet so satisfied with her pussy and head skills. I put on my clothes and wiped my sweat then walked outside for a smoke. She came out shortly and smiled then asked if I wanted a beer. I shook my head as my brother drove up the driveway and parked. He laughed and said, "Well shit. That Menards is fucking packed. You must be drunk by now! Haha" Little does he know I'm sober as fuck cause we were sweating and fucking all over his sheets. I walked over and asked if he needed a hand to grab the things he bought and he asked me what happened to my arm. I looked down and realized it was from when I made his wife squirt and she scratched me. I told him it was just his fucking dog. We laughed and continued with th day. The whole time I was there, Selena kept staring at me and rubbing her tits on me every chance she got. I was still horny as fuck but tried to keep it on the down low because my brother kept trying to talk to me. Next week I upload what happens as he goes to work. ;)