Briefs love

I really hadn’t though it could ever happen, but it did.I was in my late teens and my best friend used to spend all summer with his parents at the house they had on the beach. Every year they invited me to go there and stay with them for a few days on holidays, and so I did for the last 6 or 7 years. I became part of the family and they treated me just like their son. Everything ran as usual, but that summer something changed.It was a suffocating afternoon in august, me and my friend were in the living watching tv and having a cold beer, it was too hot to stay outside. Then, suddenly, his father appeared in the living wearing only his undies, a pair of classic white Jockeys. There he was, that big old man, hairy chest, a bit of a belly showing off his bulge like nothing happened. I was quite shocked because it had never happened before and I felt really excited but also somehow embarrassed. It seemed he didn’t, he was telling us smthg about that evening’s dinner but I couldn’t really listen because the only thing I could do was to stare at that wonderful bulge. In that precise moment the idea came to my mind: I HAVE TO wear those briefs. In those days I used to wear loosy boxers as everyone else at college because briefs were not cool. So seeing that man not worried about being there just in his whities, bulging in front of us, proud of his body and so confident made me want to feel like that. I had to wear them. It was quite strange as I never had been turned on by this man before but in that moment I knew I had to try.Nowadays I think he had to notice my reaction, as all I did was look directly into his bulge and nod, without saying a word, way too obvious. He left the living and life went on, but in my mind there was only this idea, had to get them. And then the chance came. The parents went back to the city were we all lived for a couple of days to solve some work issues. So the only obstacle to get the treasure was my friend, I needed him to be away enough time so I could search and find those briefs. And the first move was obviously to look for them into the laundry while he was in the shower next morning. It failed, there was nothing there as they had already washed and stored them. I felt really disappointed but it was not enough to put me off.I had to get into their room and find where he stored all his undies, but I would need much more time to search than just the shower time. How could I get rid of my friend? Easy, getting him totally drunk. So I insisted in going out that night and we did, we drank all kind of drinks, until we both were quite drunk, then he didn’t noticed I almost stopped while I encouraged him to go on. Finally he was utterly drank, had to leave him home and as soon as we got there he fall onto the bed. He seemed like fainted but was just sleeping really deep. I moved him, called him and he didn’t even react so it was THE time. I went directly to their parents room where I had been sometime before, it had the bed in the middle and two big bedside tables with drawers. It seemed logical to me that those drawers were the best place to store undies and socks so I went directly to open them. In the first one there were pills, some glasses, perfume, and many other little things so went for the second one. It was full of little nylon panties, his mom’s, for sure. She was a really good looking woman younger than his dad with nice boobs and pretty sexy, so seeing his panties down there got me really excited. But my objective wasn’t there, I closed the drawer and continue checking the ones at the other bedside table. That panties’ drawer gave me some great moments later in my life, but that’s another story.Failed . Nothing interesting was there, at least not his undies, so turned back and headed to the wardrobe. Meanwhile all this happened I heard my friend snoring deeply, so I was pretty safe. I opened the wardrobe doors, her clothes on the right side, his on the left and the drawers below them. I started opening the left ones and when I opened the second one ,YES, there they were, about 20 pairs of undies, mostly white but some coloured. There were classic Jockeys, ck’s, hanes , BVDs, FOTL, and many other brands, all briefs no boxers. God, that was awesome I had finally found what I wanted, and it made me feel both excited and scared. But had to go on, I really wanted to find out how it felt wearing a real man briefs. So I took 5 or 6 pairs and went to the room’s bathroom where there was a big mirror, full body size, and left the door opened so I could hear my friend snoring, I was still safe. I was in front of the mirror, pulled my trousers and boxers off and took the Jockeys. Having them in my hands, naked in front of the mirror got me hard even before putting them on, was utterly excited as I never had before. And then I slipped them up my legs, F***, there I was, standing in front of the mirror in the middle of that private adults’ bathroom, wearing the briefs of a real grown man, hard in them, and it made feel awesome, powerful, feeling like and adult , as confident as this man felt standing in the living in front of us showing off his body and bulge. They were way too big for me because he was a big man, the waist didn’t fit much and my hard on couldn’t even fill the pouch, but the feeling of sharing the most private garment of that man made felt gorgeous. So I went on modeling all the pairs I had taken, Hanes, cks, FOTL, still hard, and the feeling was still there, but I was a bit disappointed because all of them were too big and made me feel a bit c***dish. But there was one last pair left, some sort of white sports bikini, no brand, no fly, really worn out, that seemed to be quite old and a bit smaller. And when when I put it on YES, that was it , that fitted much better, almost tight, my hard on seemed much bigger pressing the cotton fabric and even my butt looked firm and round in those. It felt like heaven, and thinking about how he would look wearing those little bikinis I was wearing got me to the edge of cumming, took my hard on out and in that very moment shot a big load that fall all over the floor and reached the mirror. I don’t really remember if I shouted or moaned but I’m pretty sure I had, it was the most incredible orgasm I had ever had to that point.Then I got really scared, there naked wearing my best friend’s dad’s briefs, my cum all over the floor, what the hell would anyone think if I got caught? So I put the briefs off, cleaned up everything and put them all carefully blinded back in the wardrobe. But even as scared as I felt there was another feeling that was much more powerful, the excitement of getting to the most private area of an adult. I really wanted to make it last and the only way of doing it was taking one of those briefs with me, for me, to wear it everytime I wanted to, and the choice was clear, I left all the others back and took that little white bikini with me.I went to my room, floating, hot, excited, scared and ashamed and hid my treasure in the most deep place of my bag. Then I went to bed but couldn’t almost sleep, Would he notice it missing? Probably not but even if he did he wouldn’t ever think I had taken it, it was too devious. He probably would think that he lost it or that it was in the other house, in the city.So the next morning when they got back I decided that the best way to hide them was to have them on, and so I did, after the shower I put on again that wonderful brief under my trousers. Nowadays I think it was a bit stupid because although it was the best way of hiding it being all day wearing that man’s briefs close to him got me so excited that made me act oddly to the point that he asked me if everything was ok. I said it was just the hangover and he laughed. If only he had know that I was wearing his pants, my goodies down there where his had been so many times……I was quite paranoid about any of them discovering my secret, and I was quite sure that he had noticed my shock when he got in the living in his briefs, It was obvious that I was totally impressed and couldn’t lift my eyes of his bulge, so I thought that there was a chance of him connecting that moment with the lost brief. Did he thought about it? I still don’t know if he did, but after that moment he started to usually hang around at home only in briefs, it seemed he enjoyed getting my attention which of course he had and it became some sort of challenge or game, he bulging more and more often, sometimes even when I was alone in my room he appeared to ask any unimportant stupid thing so the more and more obviously I let him notice my astonishment, without saying or doing anything dangerous and being really respectful. I just think that it was funny for him to have a stupid immature teen so impressed showing off, like trying to say , “son this is how a real man looks like, bulging in briefs, proud, confident , don’t worry you will get there sometime”A few days after I came back home, with my most important treasure which I still have. It was the first of many others I took from him through the years. Did he ever knew? I don’t really know, never said a word about it but it’s true that from that moment on I started wearing only briefs.