birthday treat

“they’re gorgeous!” she says hugging her boyfriend Tom. She had truly been spoilt for her birthday. New makeup, new jewellery, perfume and now these.“They’re naughty knickers” Tom says winking “wear them tonight and you’ll see” 7pm rolls around and Lisa goes into her room to get changed. On her bed lies a final present and a note that reads ‘don’t forget the new knickers’ she opens it to find a stunning little black dress and black shoes with silver diamante and cute heels. She gets ready and meets her smartly dressed boyfriend by the front door before setting off for her birthday night out. She had no idea what was planned but as Tom set off she got massive butterflies.They pulled up at this posh restaurant. “Here we go babe” he says getting out and opening her car door. She squeals excitedly. “Oh babe how did you get us in here? It’s booked like 6 months in advance no exceptions”“Well don’t you worry about that babe, it’s your birthday and I sorted it for you” he says putting one arm around her. He sits her at the table before sitting down himself, they order and start eating and suddenly this buzz rises from Lisa’s knickers into her clit.“oh my god!” she thought to herself “vibrating knickers!” and she was very much going to orgasm if things didn’t calm down soon enough but how were they working? Why now? She looked over the table at her gorgeous boyfriend who was coolly drinking his champagne with a slight smirk.“you?” she whispered“Yes baby” he said with one hand in his pocket on the button. Lisa’s back arched and she had to lean forwards, head on the table to hide her moans. Just then the waiter came over offering more drinks. Tom ordered for the both of them as Lisa was working up a bit of a sweat. Tom released the button until the waiter returned. Lisa’s eyes widen, her heart thudding, pulse racing on the brink of orgasm. “Everything OK madam?” the concerned waiter asks“Yes Darling, whatever’s the matter?” Tom says with a wicked grin. “Just… a back spasm” she says desperately. The waiter seems satisfied and walks away to serve other tables. Shortly after he goes Lisa has a massive orgasm, legs trembling under the table, stifling her moans so they’re virtually non existent, a damp patch grows in her naughty panties and she loves every minute of it. Once the meal is finished they head to a club for a bit of a dance and several more orgasms at the control and amusement of Tom. He really drags it out and leaves her edging for over 2 hours. By the time they get home she’s a wet quivering mess and is dying for the touch of her boyfriend. He slowly strips her off on the bed, taking extra care and time to peel the knickers off of her wet body. He pushes her legs open and sucks on her clit making her moan, tasting the juices that have built up over the night. Nothing has ever tasted so sweet knowing how wet she got without him even touching her. He kisses her lips, working his way down her body, nipping her breasts with his teeth as he carries on downwards back to her pussy. He slowly enters her and makes slow and passionate love to her, making her beg at every moment. After a wonderful half an hour they finally cum together and fall asleep with their hearts beating in synch. Lisa falls asleep the happiest she’s ever been and this was truly the best birthday she’s ever had.