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I decided to go and see why he was being so off with me, particularly as we had so much fun when I helped him previously.I knocked on his door, and watched him approach through the glass. He was wearing a t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms, and when he opened the door, saw from his still wet hair that he must have just got out of the shower.'Hi John. Come on in'. I followed him into the living room, and he gestured for me to sit on the sofa.'Dave, I just popped over to ask if there was any reason why we haven't spoken for a long while? Are you trying to avoid me or something?''Not at all John, I have just been really busy doing the house up that's all'As I looked around I could see that indeed, the paper and paint was fresh, and the carpet was new too.'You could have given me a shout mate, I would have been pleased to have helped you Dave' I said.'What, like the last time you 'Helped' me John?''Did you not enjoy me helping you Dave? I had a good time, I thought you did too'.'You can help me now if you like John.''Box in the loft again is it Dave?''Sure...................or my cock in your mouth again!'With that, Dave pulled the front of his tracksuit down to reveal his long, wide, and rapidly hardening shaft to me. I instantly remembered how good it felt in my mouth the last time I was here.He continued to drop his tracksuit, and kicked them off his feet, then sat in the large comfy armchair, opening his legs as an invitation, but without saying a word.I accepted the invitation, and moved, so I was kneeling between his legs.I licked his shaft, from his heavy full balls to the large shiny head, then pursing my lips, sucked down its length until I could feel it touch the back of my throat.Dave gasped at the surprise attack on his hard cock, adding that he hadn't fucked in months. Plenty of hot cum for me then I thought.I got the impression that he wouldn't last long as my tongue squeezed his shaft, my mouth moving faster and faster as saliva dribbled down to his balls the onto the leather of the chair. I need to taste and feel his cum again.'I'm cumming' Dave yelped, and with this signal I pulled the skin on his shaft down tightly toward his balls, and pushed my mouth and throat down onto his rod as hard as I could, locking the large head of his cock in my throat, just as Dave started to pump his seed into it. He just kept squirting his sweet juice into me, and still I pushed harder, trying not to choke on his expanding shaft and head as I swallowed his meat.I pulled his cock out of my mouth slowly, licking the last of his cum from the shaft as I did.Dave looked at me and sighed.'Yep....should of got you over to help me well before now John'.I looked up at him and said....'you can help me now then Dave'.That's the next instalment though.