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The door opened and in walked Terry totally naked, “oh my god Gill I am so sorry” as he tried to cover his well endowed cock, Gill closed her eyes and tried to leave but bumped into Terry and fell over, Terry held his hand out uncovering his penis Gill gasped at the size of it, she wasn’t a virgin but not seen anything so big, pulling her up Jerry wrapped a towel around his waist and apologised again and again, Gill smiled and told him not to worry, “Jerry it sure was a nice site” smiling again, Jerry smiled back “I bet you have seen better” and laughed Gill was getting sexually aroused and could feel her nipples, going hard and her pussy getting extremely wet, “to be honest Jerry I have never seen bigger”! as she noticed a slight bulge under his towel, Gill leant across and gave him a small peck, on the cheek “what was that for Gill” Jerry said Gill blushed and looked at her feet “oh well you not making a big deal about earlier, as he leant over and kissed her back, “you know Jerry you’re a very attractive man and find you very sexy” Jerry leaned across and kissed her on the lips, running his hand up her leg Gill responded as they fell on the bed, she run her hand up under his towel and wrapped her fingers around his thick shaft, and gently rubbed it Jerry pulled the towel off.Jerry undid her blouse and her bra pulling them off he fondled her firm breasts making her groan softly, Gill broke free and pulled her leggings and panties off as, Jerry lay on the bed rubbing his cock slowly, Gill straddled Jerry and slowly fed his cock into her soaking wet pussy, it was tight but she was so wet it made it much easier , as Gill lowered herself she groaned the feeling of her pussy lips spreading, was making the situation more intense, Jerry sat up and cupped his hands onto her firm breasts, teasing her nipples Gill groaned again this time a bit louder, Gill stood up and turned around looking at Jerry’s huge hard cock and how it glistened with her juices. Gill laid on the bed and opened her legs as Jerry leant down and gently played with her silky smooth pussy, Gill arched her back and begged for Jerry to fuck her, he didn’t need asking twice he slipped his cock deep inside her and fucked her as hard as possible, Gill cum continuously as Jerry pounded her into the huge double bed, all of a sudden Jerry groaned and exploded deep into her young pussy, triggering a string of huge orgasms, until the both collapsed in a heap. The phone rang and Jerry answered it, it was Tina asking if he was going to be much longer, Jerry told Tina he had only just got in and would be about a hour, hanging up he looked at Gill and kissed her then getting up he got dressed and went downstairs, Gill said that it was amazing and followed Jerry downstairs, saying goodbye she had a shower and went to bed in the spare room.Tina and Jerry arrived home the following day, asking if there were any problems, Gill said there wasn’t but all she would complain about is how big her husband’s cock was, and how it left her pussy lips gaping, and the best fuck she had ever had, every time she looked at Jerry all she could think of was how his cock hung down between his legs. Gill had just got indoors when her mobile went, it was Jerry answering he asked if she wanted to go out and have more fun, she said she was hoping he would ask and arranged to go out that evening, hanging up she shot upstairs and got changed, laying o her bed she could still feel her pussy throbbing from Jerry’s huge cock that pounded, in and out of her young hole she still had the image of how his huge balls spanked her arse with every downward thrust, the screams of enjoyment still rang in her ears.She could feel her pussy getting moist at the thought, of jerry’s cock in her pussy she gently started to rub her pussy, closing her eyes and licking her lips groaning softly she now imagined Jerry sliding his cock in her pussy as she wrapped her legs around his waist, now rubbing faster she could feel a tingle in her pussy, as she threw her head back on the pillow and arched her back, she was getting closer and closer to another orgasm as she slipped, her fingers into her wet hole and finger fucked herself hard and fast the orgasm ripped through her lions, Gill collapsed on the bed gasping for air, her nipples rock solid that pushed through her top, her pussy juices dripping from her golden pot of woman hood. As she stepped into her shower she let the hot water, flow over her body her hands caressed her firm young breasts her nipples still rock solid, sensitive to her touch she had never felt so horny, ok she had been with a few guys and always cum and enjoyed sex but, this with Jerry was amazing as his cock slipped in her pussy it stretched her lips, his balls slapped her arse and his cum was amazing as it filled her pussy, again Gill played with herself this time pulling on her nipples before, finger fucking herself again but this time her orgasm was intense as she squirted as well making her whole body shake.It was now 8pm and Jerry had arrived and waited for Gill to come out, she was dressed to kill no man could resist, her tonight a tight little black dress that showed what she had on or to be precise what she wasn’t wearing (a bra) but a little thong that only covered the slit of her pussy, her nipples made it quite clear how excited she was, getting in the car Jerry licked his lips at tonight’s meal “fancy spending a night in a hotel Gill” Jerry asked as they drove off “sure does Tina mind”? He smiled “why would she mind me spending a night away on business” Gill smiled “oh that’s cool then” as they drove out of town and onto the motorway. They had been driving for about a hour chatting and laughing before they arrived at the hotel Jerry had booked “here we are fancy a drink and a bite to eat” Gill looked “well don’t want to get to full I will fancy a large snack in bed later” Jerry got out the car and they booked in “believe me you will want to sleep in the morning” as Gill laughed.As they got to their room Jerry let them in, Gill said she was going to freshen up, and said she wouldn’t be long as Gill went in the bathroom Jerry sat on the bed waiting, after a few moments Gill re appeared and sat on the bed, she leant over kissing Jerry and run her hand over his lap triggering his cock to awake, she slowly undid the zip and reached in, wrapping her fingers around the awakening monster pulling it out she gently rubbed it back and forth, Gill looked and realised it was bigger than what she had seen the night before, getting harder with every stroke Jerry laid back and let his young lover enjoy her moment, Gill leant forward and opened her mouth sucking the head of Jerry’s cock, Jerry groaned as her mouth slid down the shaft Tina never did this as she said his cock would choke her, rubbing his cock and feeling his balls Jerry could feel his cum rising Gill took her mouth off and wanked him hard as she noticed pre cum seep from his cock slit, licking the head he groaned again and told her he was going to cum, Gill wanked him harder as he groaned and a white thick stream of cum shot from his cock, Gill watched in amazement at the flow of that spewed out.Gill leant over and sucked him clean and then they went for something to eat, through the night Gill had a few drinks and loosened up Gill noticed Jerry was talking to a real good looking man, he was smartly dressed and was drinking a pint, Gill joined them and stood waiting to be introduced “ah Gill this is Mark he is a manager of one of the company’s I deal with” Mark held his hand out as Gill shock it, “hi Gill, Jerry never told me you was so pretty” Gill blushed and nervously giggled as they sat chatting, Gill just couldn’t take her eyes off him he was so sexy, Gill started to imagine him and her fucking as she felt her pussy getting wet, whispering to Jerry she felt horny, Jerry suggested they all go back to the room and have a few more drinks.They got back to the hotel room and Gill started to flirt with Mark, sitting on the bed Gill leant over and kissed Mark gently “you know Mark you’re very attractive, you’re making me so horny”, Jerry smiled as Mark looked at him as they kissed again Mark slipped his hand up the inside of Gills leg and pulled her panties to one side, slipping 2 fingers inside her pussy he finger fucked her hard and fast, taking Gill by surprise and made her cum, she stood up and got naked, kneeling down she got Mark’s cock out and started to suck his hard cock, she hadn’t realised but Mark’s cock was as big as Jerry’s as she wanked Mark Jerry knelt behind Gill and played with her arse and pussy, Jerry was naked and ready to guide his cock into Gill as she knelt up Jerry took the opportunity and slipped his cock deep into Gill’s gash, he grabbed her hips and started to fuck her slowly, Gill had never had a 3 way and 2 huge cocks was even better, Gill carried on sucking Marks cock like a hungry whore massaging his balls and rubbing the shaft.Jerry was busy shafting her pussy making Gill cum repeatedly, Mark groaned loudly as he cum in Gills mouth, she had trouble swallowing but she managed, Gill begged for Jerry to fuck her and cum in her pussy, as he grabbed her hips and thrust hard and fast with a final thrust, Jerry cum deep in Gill making her cream his cock, resting for a while all three got into bed Gill made both cocks rock hard again and sat on Mark’s cock and sucked Jerry then she changed over, before both guys cum in her pussy. The following morning Jerry was woken to the moans of Gill being eaten out by Mark, this made Jerry hard instantly and knelt shoving his cock into Gills mouth making her suck him until he blew his load and Mark jacked off over Gills body, Mark thanked them both for a great night and then said his goodbyes, Jerry and Gill left the hotel and he took her home arranging for her to meet him again in a few days.Gill got a phone call from Tina asking her to take the boys out for a few hours, this was a regular thing when Tina was having a guy around for sex, Gill said she would be there in ½ hour, arriving at the door Tina asked her in, Tina was dressed to kill only a guy without a pulse would refuse “wow Tina you look amazing who is the lucky guy”? Gill giggled Tina smiled “his name is Graham and I’m as horny as hell, not had cock in a few days” Gill burst out laughing “well make sure you make up for it today” Tina smiled and nodded her head. Gill went off and left Tina to it, she had been out for about 2 hours when she came across Tina’s mum Alison, she said she would take the k**s and Gill could go back and tell Tina, as Gill arrived back all she could hear is shouting and groaning, letting herself in she saw Tina being fucked by some black guy (that must of been Graham) Tina spotted Gill “were are the boys”? Gill started to tell her that her mum had taken them when she noticed Graham’s huge cock, bigger than Terry’s and Mark, “why don’t you come join in Gill” as Gill took her clothes off and watched Graham destroy Tina’s pussy, Gill just watched as this huge black cock spread Tina’s pussy, moaning and groaning Graham took his cock out of Tina and wanked it hard pointing it at her mouth, all of a sudden there was a huge stream of thick white cum shooting straight into Tina’s mouth, Tina took it all and then sucked it dry, Graham’s cock just hung down Gill had never seen anything so big his cock made Terry and Marks small “you ever fucked a black guy Gill”? Tina asked Gill shook her head “but you have fucked Jerry” Gill nodded her head in shook Tina smiled “it ok I guessed he likes 18 yr old girls” Tina sat next to her naked and chatted “go on touch his cock” Gill reached out and gently held Grahams dick, her fingers didn’t go around the shaft completely Tina cupped Gill’s tits making her gasp “mmmmm you got great boobs Gill” Tina said tweaking her nipples Gill moaned softly “oh god that feels so good” as Gill rubbed Grahams log Tina told Gill to lay back and open her legs, Gill did as she was asked as Tina gently rubbed Gills smooth pussy, Gill moaned again.Gill looked up and saw Graham rubbing his cock and then looked at Tina making her as horny as hell, Tina dipped 2 fingers deep into Gill’s pussy taking Gill by surprise then watched as Tina sucked her fingers clean “mmmmm you have a sweet pussy Gill” as she leant over and kissed her fully on the lips, Graham was now rock hard, and pulled Gill up, bending her over she felt his cock gently slip into her hole, making her groan Tina laid back and opened her legs, “come on lick my pussy Gill” Gill had never done that and had reservations on being Bi, Graham held Gill’s hips and gently pushed his cock in and then gently pulling out, Gill could feel her pussy lips stretching, Gill lowered her head and started to lick Tina’s slit Tina moaned as Gill slid her tongue up and down Tina’s pussy, Gill had now tasted Tina’s pussy and loved the taste, making Tina moan louder and louder Graham started to fuck Gill harder making her moan as well, Tina said she was Cumming as Gill flicked Tina’s very swollen clit, all of a sudden Tina screamed and arched her back as she squirted like a fountain, soaking Gill’s face and tits, all of a sudden Graham groaned and gripped tight and blew his load into Gill triggering her to squirt as well. As the feeling subsided she felt Graham slipped out and Gill stood up and looked at Graham’s cock, it just hung down still shinning with her juices that she had coated, Graham left after Tina had paid him and came and sat next to Gill, leaning over and giving her a kiss, Gill run her hands over Tina’s tits making her moan, Gill pushed her back against the sofa and opened Tina’s legs before she started to lick Tina’s pussy even more Tina spoke softly “let’s go upstairs and have some fun” as both women went upstairs and into the bedroom laying on the bed they explored each other’s bodies before Tina reached into her locker draw and pulled out the biggest black dildo Gill has ever seen, this was bigger than Jerry’s cock as Tina knelt and parted Gill’s legs slipping the dildo into her young hole, Tina watched as Gill’s pussy lips parted as the dildo slipped slowly in, Gill moaned as Tina moved it in and out each time pushing it deeper finally it slipped in fully, this felt amazing Jerry’s cock was big but compared to this dildo it was deeper than any cock Gill had, had in her. Her pussy was sensitive and wasn’t long before she was Cumming like mad, Tina pulled the black monster out and looked at Gill who was now totally incapable of resisting any one ore any thing that wanted to go in her.Gill lay on the bed and opened her legs slipping the dildo deep inside herself, moving it slowly at first she increased her movement before arching her back and pulling the dildo clear of her pussy as Tina squirted like a fountain, Gill looked in amazement as she had never seen anything like it before, not even in any of the porn movies, she had watched with the guys whilst being fucked. Gill left later that evening before arranging with Gill and Jerry to have a three way that weekend......................Part 2 soon