Amy Goes From Hair Stylist to House Slave - 12

When I wake up Master is reading the paper. There is a knock at the door. Master just gives me the eye and I pop up to answer the door. It’s room service and the young man wheels the tray into the room. He doesn’t seem surprised at my nakedness. I’m beginning to think that I’m going to be his tip until Master hands him a $20.We eat a light dinner and get dressed. I say we, I am wearing my red heels, Master’s collar and red vinyl coat that only reaches mid thigh. The car meets us downstairs and whisks us away. When we stop, there is a large, rather old grey building. Master greets a few men, and he introduces me. I’m instructed to go with a young lady, while Master is escorted to the conference room.I am going to model one of Master’s new prototypes. It’s a full body latex doll suit. It cover my entire body. The only part of me that’s exposed are my hands, my mouth (there is a simple round circle with slutty red lipstick painted on), and an opening for my sex. Everything else is covered. It takes some work to get it on. Its very tight and I barely get my breasts into the suit. They are pressed tightly against the soft material. My rings can be seen through it, as they abraded in their confinement keeping them fully erect. I can barely see through the latex. Things only appear fuzzy. I can make out shapes of things, but not who people are, almost like a blindfold. My arms are folded back and secured with a leather strap. This forces my tightly confined breasts out further. I am given another collar over the suit and a leash is attached.I am led down the hall to the conference room by the leash. I end up on a stage of some sort. The young lady spreads my legs. A man begins to speak and he is describing the suit I am wearing. First its about the material, and specs, but then about the options the model comes in. The young lady is instructed to continue the demonstration. She begins by pointing out the various openings. She talks the limits of vision, breathing, and hearing. She caresses my the opening where my pussy and ass are displayed. I’ve been leaking since I walked in the building, but so I’m sure that everyone in the room can smell my arousal and see my excitement. She turns me around and has me bend at the waist. There is no doubt everyone can see my wet gaping pussy now. The tightness of the latex makes the area around my vulva look puffy. My lips feel like they’re sticking out. Being on display in front of a crowd I can’t see is very stimulating.The young lady is running her fingers through my channel. She then takes two fingers and inserts them into my wait hole. A moan escapes my mouth. Her fingers work in and out. I can’t hear much but I know that my sopping wet cunt is making vulgar sounds. Everyone knows what a slut I am for relishing in being displayed.She gets a nice steady rhythm and I’m pushing back to meet her strokes, but she stops, wiping my juices on my latex covered ass. Her wet hand comes down and slaps my behind. I don’t jiggle as much, or feel the sting, but the sound of the slap resonates in my core. The young woman walks off and the man returns. He turns me around and pulls the leash down. I assume a kneeling position. He strokes my slick head and lean into it. My sensory perception is a bit off but I feel his loving touch, even long for it to calm my insides.I am again facing the crowd on my knees. He offers two fingers to my mouth hole. Startled at first, I eagerly take the in. I move my head back and forth, sucking his offered fingers. He removes them and rubs my slick head again.He must of removed his cock because the next thing I feel coming through my mouth hole is his big juicy man meat. I moan as I take the shaft into my mouth and swirl my tongue around the fat head. I feel his hands on the top of my head. He pulls my to him and his long thick cock goes down my throat. There’s not much of an air hole so I have to really coordinate my breathing. Having been working on this with Master and Max’s cocks, I quickly get my rhythm and I’m able to swallow the monster shaft.While my head is bobbing up and down, he reaches down and slaps my latex encased breasts. I don’t feel much of sting, but it is very stimulating. My nipples respond by crinkling to the point of hurting. My nipple rings are held tight to my body by the suit. This does cause some marked pain, but I love it.The man removes his cock with a loud pop, and I am led to a low table. My arms are unbuckled and I am set up on all fours. The shaft returns to my mouth hole. I now have a little more freedom of movement so I double my efforts on his cock.Just when I feel him getting close, there are a pair of hands on my ass. They spread my cheeks and a cock is rubbed through my wet lips. The large head presses against them before thrusting in. I realize that its a dildo and it must be the young woman returning to the stage.They get into a good rhythm and I am quickly lost in their ministrations. I forget I’m in front of a crowd of people. My only focus is being spitroasted by the two phallus that are using me.I feel the man’s cock swell in my mouth. I push to take him down my throat. When I feel his pubic hair tickling my nose through the mouth hole. When his shaft is slipping down my tight throat, I swirl my tongue to tickle his ball sack. His loud grown can be heard even through the thick latex. I know that my Master will be proud of his slut.His cock explodes down my throat. I swallow as fast as I can but some dribbles down the front of the suit. The young woman is still pounding my leaking pussy as I reach my peak. With the thick cock still pulsing his seed over my tongue, I near the ledge of no return. I can’t ask for permission and I’m at an impasse.I can’t cum without permission but they seem determined to have me climax. It’s not the punishment for cuming I fear, but shaming my Master in front of his employees. The man firmly has my head holding mouth hole on his shrinking cock, while the young woman still has my ass cheeks spread. She dips one hand to my clitty and diddles my clit ring with her finger.I am writhing in pain and pleasure, trying to hold off. Then a strong hand touches my back and a mumbled but recognizable voice touches my ear. “Are you waiting for me my pet?”“Cum.”And with that my body loses all control. The spasms rack my used body and I’m tossed over the precipice and shatter into a million pieces. My cock muffled screams of pleasure send me to that place we all want to go. The next thing I remember is waking up in Master’s arms, safe and secure. The head portion of the suit has been removed and I am leaned into the crook of his sturdy shoulders and neck. His strong hands stroking my hair, kissing my forehead softly. We are still on stage, but after I am given some water by the young lady, Master has me in his arms and we are walking down the conference room floor. We are greeting the crowd. Many of them are touching the suit, while telling me and Master how impressed they are with the suit and my performance.I swell with pride, both for the success of Master’s prototype and for bringing Master praise for my presentation. Many hands graze over my well fucked pussy, and it sends a surge to my core. Chapter TwoMaster takes me back to our suite. He sees to me with his lovely aftercare. As much as I love pleases him, it's these times I cherish too. While he can be a strict Dominant, he is also a loving provider.After a small meal of room service, I shower and lay down for a nap. When I wake Master has my clothes set out for this evening. It a metallic deep V halter dress. When I try to put it on I can’t seem to figure it out. I find Master and ask him. He smiles sweetly and tells me this a dress from one of his product lines. The halter attaches to sides of my collar. The strips that cover my breasts leave nothing to the imagination but would keep me from getting arrested.The length is very short, almost a mini dress. The simple but sexy combinations is adorned with very high heels and a silver leash chain that attaches to my O-ring on Master’s collar. It’s more for decoration than function.I kiss Master and tell him I love his choice of attire for me. He gives me his sweet smile and tells there is one more item, “the pièce de résistance.” He opens a small box and pulls out a small toy. It looks like a fat pair of tweezers or even a clip. It’s rounded with bulbous ends. (writer’s aside - it!) Master says it’s the next prototype of vibrator. He has me bend over and present my sex to him. He doesn’t need to lift my dress but spreads my folds and slips the clip on me. The small bulb is inside me and near my G-spot and the other larger bulb is outside of me and right on my clitty. He has me stand and walk around. It’s not vibrating but is clearly staying put. It doesn’t hinder my movements. He sends me to finish my makeup. While I am touching up my lipstick, a soft vibration hits my clit. Its just enough to tease but is nice. I assume there is a remote control. This is going to be an exciting evening.I come back into the main room where Master is waiting. He is looking good enough to eat in the classic formal tux. He is grinning from ear to ear, holding his phone. He makes a swipe of his finger on it and sends the vib to pulsing my now wet pussy. It has several different settings and he tries them all, driving me crazy! I tell him I take back all the nice things I said, and that he is an evil, evil man. He flicks his fingers again and I almost fall to my knees. I quickly recant and beg for mercy. He smiles and switches the vib back to a gentle pulse. The party is a celebration of the prototypes and debut to the public. Many of the attendees are Master’s employees and Italy’s local kinksters. The ambiance is elegant and sophisticated. There are some very beautiful people of all kinds and shapes.Master, of course, is the center of attention. While I am at his side for most of the festivities, we do get separated at times. I do finally get to meet my “tormentors” from earlier in the day. I found out they are a couple. The young woman is Alcina and the man is Nicoli. They are my protectors when I am separated from Master. The gentle vibrations from the vib is comforting. I feel like Master is touching me even though he is across the room and talking with others. It is gentle enough that I don’t have to worry about spilling my drink. I do have to concentrate when speaking to others.Alcina asks me to dance. I look for Master but he is busy with a group of men. We head to the dance floor. Alcina is such a beautiful woman. I feel very comfortable around her. It could be that not more than three hours ago she was fucking me soundly with a strap-on. We are both a little tipsy and are putting our best sexy dance moves on. We are attracting a lot of attention. The music is loud and I can feel the beat in my chest. I also feel Master’s vib in my core. The pulsing from the inner part of the clip is strumming my G-spot. When a slow song comes on, Alcina pulls me close. Even with my heels, she is a few inches taller than me. Our bodies sway together. As we start to do some dirty dancing, our hips meet and my vib goes to singing. My head falls back as I writhe in her arms. I look around and find Master watching from afar. He has an evil grin on his face. I smile sweetly back at him. I am grinding on Alcina, I am almost embarrassed by my actions. She asks if I am wearing the vib prototype. I nod while looking into her eyes. She reaches up and pushes the halter of my dress aside exposing my breasts. She twirls my nipple rings, they tighten even more with her play. My eyes never leave hers. She is clearly a Domme, I feel the strength in her gaze. I know that I am in trouble. I look again to Master. He gives me a simple nod.She grabs the decorative leash thats attached to Master’s collar, turns and leads me off the dance floor. I follow obediently, like a puppy. My exposed breasts swaying as she escorts me away from the crowd.We go down the hall to an alcove. Its a wall of windows to an outside garden. I would imagine that people, during the day, sit here and take their breaks. Once we were out of sight, she pulled me to her and captured my mouth with hers. She cupped my face in her hands. Both of our breathing was ragged.I’m kissing her neck, nibbling her ear, when she pushes me down. I drop to my knees. I lift her dress and find that she is wearing a beautiful garter set but no panties. I kiss up the inside of her thigh. I want to make her feel good, to be romantic. She has other ideas. She forces me head to her sex. I lick the leaking juices from her folds. She is a sweet as I thought she would be. It is intoxicating. She tells me that she’s been thinking about this moment since we met. That she has been denying herself satisfaction since she was fucking me with the strap-on. She told me that she begged Master for this time with me.I am flattered and double my efforts to bring her off. Again, I attempt to take it slow but she is grinding against me face, taking what she wants from me. I pierced her folds with my tongue. I hold it rigid as she guides my head back and forth, driving my tongue in and out of her wet pussy. I feel her need. I rub my nose against her erect clit as she is fucking her pussy with my tongue. I reach up and cup one of her breasts while the other hand holds her ass cheek. I pull her to me helping her drive my tongue deeper. I hear her moans, encouraging me. Her legs are shaking, I know she is near her release. I curl my tongue up and flick it against her spongy G-spot. She shrieks as it hit her special spot. I pull her nipple, twisting it, as she goes off on my face. Her spasms send a flood of her juices. I squeeze her ass, not wanting to stop lapping her quim. She shudders, going over the edge again. My face is rewarded with another soaking of her juices. The steady buzz of the prototype is still driving me crazy, not strong enough to give me release. She falls to her knees beside me, holding her. I feel her heartbeat against my chest. Our ragged breaths begin to calm as our hearts start to sync. We are huddled together, caring for one another, as Master comes up behind us. Chapter ThreeWe both turn and find him standing there. We both kneel up and present ourselves together. He approaches and I unzip his fly, reach in and pull his hardening cock out. I stroke it with both hands. He is leaking pre-cum and I lean in to swirl my tongue around the bulbous head, licking the treasure from his thick cock. Alcina move beside me and we share Master’s beautiful shaft. I lick his balls, sucking first one then the other into my warm mouth. Alcina takes his cock between her lips and we service him in the alcove. His hands are on both of our heads, gently guiding us as we switch back and forth between his scrotum and his steely shaft. Master becomes more aggressive and lifts me up. Alcina still has his cock in her wet mouth,bobbing up and down. Master spins me around and presses me against the cool glass of the window. His hand is on my neck, holding me there, my breast are squished against the glass. Alcina moves between my legs and begins licking my pussy. He kicks my legs apart pulling my ass out. I arch my back to present my holes for him. Master takes his wet throbbing cock and nudges my puckered hole. Using our mixed saliva, he pushes through the tight ring. I bare down, pushing back, as he slips into my back slut hole.He pauses, letting me adjust to his pulsing girth. Alcina is laving my engorged clit. My arms are above my head, bracing myself. My rock hard nipples are abrading against the cool glass. Master begins to take his slave’s hole. His strong hand still on my neck, the other grasping my hip. He starts to drive himself deep into my channel. Alcina has taken my clit between her lips and is swirling her tongue around the sensitive bud. I lost between the sensations.My hot breath is fogging the glass as my two lovers take their pleasure with me. Master’s cock is seated deep inside me, causing me the sweet mix of pain and pleasure I have grown to love from him. As his slave, he owns my body, and knows it like no other. He senses my need and gives me his permission to cum.As my orgasm takes over, he doubles his efforts, pounding me against the glass. I arch my back, letting him have the very depths of me, as Alcina receives the flood of my nector. We now both wear the juices of each other’s pussy. My clenching ass sends Master to his final release as his seed is deposited in my tight rectum. As we all come down from our sexual high, I turn and drop to my knees again. Alcina and I both share in cleaning Master’s beautiful cock. I look up to his hazel eyes. I see the pride in his soul. It makes me feel safe and secure as we lave his cock clean from our sex.The next morning, we have brunch with Nicoli and Alcina, and Master promises to have them meet us for our winter vacation in Fiji in a few months. We go back to our suite and have a wonderful afternoon of sex. Alcina is Nic’s Mistress and they were a sight to see in action. Our flight back was not near as adventurous as it was coming here, but Master knew that I was exhausted and let me sleep the whole way home. When we got back home, Max and Chloe were there to greet us. Master and Max talked about the new prototypes and Chloe and I had some girl time as I told her about our adventures in Italy. We had a wonderful dinner. It was a great trip, one that I will never forget, but it was nice to be home. Max spent the night with me and got to love on his big beautiful cock all night. To be continued…...but at a later date….<wink>