Airport Surprise - Chapter Three

We cuddled for a while. Just felling each other's warmth. While staying in the room for the entire day was appealing, I knew we should get out for a while."According to the news, the streets are closed, but the 'L' is working. How about we get dressed and I show you what I've learned about Chicago. Who knows, maybe a few of the museums are open," I asked."Sure. I'm game," she jumped out of bed and started getting dressed."Don't you want to shower? You know, wash your cream off," I asked pensively.She looked between her legs. "Why? Even if it were purple, no one is going to see. Besides, I like smelling like sex. But, you should wash your face," she snickered.I went into the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and saw what she was referring to. Her cum was dried on my face. I could see her in the corner of the mirror, so I made a point of licking my face to get what I could. I then washed off the rest, muttering to myself that it was a waste.The temperature outside was in the mid-twenties, so we dressed appropriately. I finished and looked at Taylor. There was that little boy I had seen at the airport. We left the room and I stopped at the front desk.I found out most of the city was open. Mass transit was working also. Gotta love Chicago in an election year. Ever since the snow storm that cost Jane Byrne her reelection, Chicago's mayors were quick to keep the city open.We took the 'L' into the loop and walked to the Art Institute, one of the places I had missed. I opened my coat and put my hat and gloves in my pocket. Taylor did the same, letting her golden curls fall free. We walked around marveling at the works of art. Everything from van Gogh to Degas to Picasso to Wood. We finally left four hours later.From there we went to Navy Pier. Lots of little shops and restaurants. We ate lunch and then walked around. There is a spectacular view of Lake Michigan, frozen, but still spectacular. I bought her a few things, T-shirt, necklace and a warm hat that didn't make her look like a boy.The woman helping us at the jewelry store said. "You have a lovely daughter.""Thank you." Taylor said before I could correct her.I looked at her puzzled, but didn't say anything.After we left, Taylor hugged my arm. "We'll talk about it later. Daddy," she said, emphasizing 'daddy'.We walked around for another few hours and then caught the 'L' back to O'Hare and the hotel.When we got to the room, Taylor grabbed some clothes and ran to the shower."Me first," she yelled.It was around six, so I ordered room service and asked they bring it in about an hour. Taylor finished and I went next. I came out dressed in a T-shirt and cut offs. Apparently I took longer than I thought since room service was just dropping off dinner. Taylor look cute in a baggy T-shirt and shorts.We ate watching the news. Radar showed the storm was just arriving in the suburbs and would hit the city in about an hour. It was expected to last through the night and well into morning.Just as I was finishing, Taylor stood up and cleared away the tray, setting it outside the door."We need to talk," she said walking back into the room."About?" I asked."A few things, including what the lady said. It seemed to upset you," she said."Well, yeah. A little," I replied."Well, don't let it. I have a daddy and you're not him," she said gently. "Now before you say anything, let me finish. You never will be. I loved my daddy, in ways I will never love anyone else. No one will ever replace him in my heart. He was special. Having said that, you need to know that you are special to me too. No one has ever taken me to the places you have. The orgasms I had, both when I sucked you and when you sucked me. Wow!""I don't know if it's love or lust. It really doesn't matter right now. All I know is that I love what you did to me. I hope you'll do it again. I want your tongue in me. I want your cock in my mouth and in my pussy. I want to fuck and suck until the storm 'blows' over," she giggled. "But, it doesn't matter what other people say. They can think I'm your daughter or your niece. I don't care. We know the truth.""And what is the truth?" I asked."The truth is you are a gentleman and a fantastic lover," she said. "Now. Wanna get naked?"As an answer, I took her in my arms and kissed her. She responded undoing my cut offs and letting them drop to the floor. Soon we were naked and she was pushing me toward the bed. She put her arms around my neck just as my knees hit the edge of the bed. I fell back and she went with me. She propped herself on her elbows, smiled at me and then slid to the floor.Without a word, she sucked my cock into her mouth. She lavished kisses and saliva on my cock-head, shaft and balls. Licking and sucking until I was rock hard. She alternated between sucking my cock-head and sliding me into her mouth, taking a little more each time. What a feeling! Her warm lips and tongue were getting me hotter with each stroke."I need your help!" she said, slowly jerking my cock."What can I do? Eat you? Just ask and I'll do it," I said."No, not sixty-nine. I need you to push my head down on your cock. I want it all. I keep trying, but my subconscious won't let me.""It might hurt. I don't want to hurt you," I pleaded."It won't hurt, I promise. I really, really want to do this. I just need your help. Please?"She took me back into her mouth and placed my hands on the back of her head. She worked me back and forth, taking a little more each time. She also pressed on my hands each time she went down. Again she stopped when all but two inches were in her mouth.She looked up at me with pleading in her gorgeous eyes. I pushed down, just a little, and felt my cock enter her throat. She smiled at me, but didn't gag. I pushed harder until her lips were buried in my pubic hairs. I relaxed, but she stayed there. Her jaw opened a little more and her tongue snaked out. She touched my balls with it and then hummed.The vibrations around my cock were amazing. She then moved up and back down. Without my help, she swallowed my entire cock. Her throat muscles started messaging my cock. I was getting close."Oh! Yeah! Oh Taylor, yes! Fuck yes! I'm gonna cum!" I screamed.She increased her speed, deep-throating me over and over. I exploded in her mouth. Stream after stream shot down her throat and in her mouth. She swallowed it all. She kept sucking me until I had finished cumming and was hard again.She stood and moved my legs together. She laid down on me and kissed me deeply. I could barely taste the cum."Thank you," she said. "I wanted to do that, but my brain wouldn't let me.""It's I who should be thanking you," I corrected. "That was wonderful!""Will you please fuck me now?" she asked."Can I go down on you first?" I countered."Not now. I just want to feel your hard cock deep in my pussy," she said.She rose up and guided my hard-on to her pussy lips, rubbing her wetness all over the head."I've waited so long and I've been such a good girl," she said as she dropped down.If she hadn't been dripping wet, I never would have gotten as deep as I did. She was so tight! She relaxed her muscles as I went in and contracted them when I pulled back. We got into a steady rhythm quickly. She leaned forward and rested on her elbows."Fuck! You feel so good inside me," she cooed.She bounced up and down for a few more minutes. Suddenly she scrambled off and laid on her back."Get up here and fuck me proper," she demanded. "Fuck me like the lady I am."I crawled up between her legs. On the way up, kissed her knee, thigh, pussy, belly and both nipples. When I kissed her neck, my cock was at the entrance of her cunt."I don't 'fuck' ladies," I said. "I 'make love' to a lady like you."I thrust into her and hit her cervix before I stopped."Yes! Fuck! Make love to me! I want you! I need you deep!" she gasped.I made love to this beautiful angel for the first time. I stroked her hair, sucked and nibbled on her tits and thrust into her at different angles. When I would hit her G-spot, she would scream."Yes! Oh fuck yes! Pound me! Make me cum!"I continued to caress her body, both inside and out. Thrusting deeper, harder."Oh! Yes! Oh God. Fuck me! I'm getting close!" she screamed.I rose up to get one hand down to her clit. I sucked her nipple and bit it lightly. Then I rubbed her clit with my thumb. The angle made it impossible to hit her G-spot, but my thumb drove her wild. It also increased my pleasure. Her pussy started convulsing, bring me even closer."Fuck! Yes! Right there! Fuck my hot cunt," she screamed. "I'm cumming!"Her pussy crushed my cock as she started to cum. That did it for me. We climaxed together. I didn't stop. I kept fucking her. Just as one orgasm finished another started."Yes! God! Fuck! My! Cunt! Don't! Stop!" she gasped.I bent up with my cock deep inside her and my hands flat on the bed. I kept thrusting into her."Pound my cunt! Make me cum again!" she screamed.Two more orgasms and she was exhausted. I rolled off her and she quickly snuggled up to me and sighed."What's wrong?" I asked."Wrong? Nothing's wrong. I should have fucked you when you first discovered I wasn't a boy," she said. "That was the most wonderful, mind numbing experience of my life!"We stayed cuddled up and silent for about half an hour."I should get a shower," she finally said."Want me to join you?" I asked.She squeezed my cock. "No. I should probably do this alone otherwise we might run out of hot water," she giggled.When she came out, I went in. I really didn't want to shower. I didn't want to remove her smell from me. But, I did it anyway. I shaved in the shower and then dried off. I slipped on a clean pair of shorts and went into the room. Taylor was sitting watching the news. The weather was just coming on. I sat on the couch next to her and she melted into me.The weather was depressing. It seems the storm was moving faster than expected. It would definitely end sometime tomorrow afternoon. That meant that the airports would open and Taylor would be leaving for home. Maybe she felt my disappointment or maybe her own."Oh well, I guess nothing lasts forever," she sighed.I kissed the top of her head and held her closer."We better get some sleep," I said to her."Can we just go to bed?" she mused.I picked her up and carried her to the bed. I laid next to her. I slowly ran my fingers through her soft curls. She leaned in to kiss me. I pulled her close and moved my hand down her back. I stopped when I reached her butt. I squeezed her and she purred. I slid my hand under her T-shirt. She had moved her hand to my shorts and was trying to take them off. I pulled her T-shirt up and she removed it. I slid down the bed and rolled her onto her back."I owe you this," I said as I kissed her pussy."You don't 'own' me anything, but I'll take it," she said.I pushed my tongue inside her cunt as far as it would go. I licked her inner lips and worked my way out. Sucking on her clit and then her outer lips. She was moaning. I concentrated on her clit with my mouth while I inserted two fingers inside her."Yes. Oh Ethan! Please! More! I love the way you tongue my cunt!" she moaned.I found her G-spot again and she screamed."Fuck! Yes! Finger-fuck my cunt!"I continued the assault on her."Right there! Yes! Fuck! Oh God! Eat my hot cunt! Yes! I'm gonna cum. Yes! I'm cumming. Fuck! Yes!" she yelled.I licked and sucked all of the juices that poured from her. When she finished, I kissed her pussy. She held my head and ground into me."Please! Don't! Stop! Keep eating my cunt! I want to cum again," she asked.How could I deny eating this very tasty treat? I dove back in, licking and sucking and fingering her G-spot. I was soon rewarded with more of her sweet nectar."Fuck yeah! My cunt! My hot cunt! Yes! Drink my fucking cunt cream!" she screamed.I sucked out every drop she produced. When I knew she was done, I laid next to her and cuddled close. I listened to her breathing. It was hard and fast, but soon slowed. She fell asleep in my arms again.