A Week in Stratford - Part 1

DONNA - COACH RIDE As we got to our hotel I took a fancy to the driver, I told hubby and he said “Whatever you want”. After our evening meal we had a drink in the bar, it was a beautiful warm summers evening and I was wearing a white skirt and a white top. We got talking to a group who were on their stag do, the hotel catered for the whole wedding experience.Hubby kissed me and said he was going to try and shag a granny he'd seen, but more of that later.Then the coach driver, Tony, appeared and as he got his drink I went over to him and said “I think I’ve dropped my ear rings on the bus” he replied “We better go and have a look then” his mate, Ronnie, said “I’ll help you as they’re so small” as we walked towards where the buses were parked I could feel my pussy throbbing.We climbed aboard Tony asked “Where were you sitting” “Down here near the back” as I pointed, Ronnie started to look under the seats at the front of the bus as Tony got on his knees under were we’d been sitting. As his bum was stuck in the air I couldn’t resist myself and stroked him. He stayed on the floor for a while as I patted his bum and underneath over his scrotum.I could feel my nipples harden as he stood up and turned to face me smiling, his hands went around my waist as mine were wrapped around his neck our lips locked together as we hungrily snogged. I moved my right hand down and gently rubbed the front of his pants and sure enough there was a decent size bulge growing.I was simply gagging for it. A few minutes went by as his tool grew to full length, I pulled apart and backed down onto the back seat, sitting down his crotch was on level with me, I rubbed him a little more and then unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down, his cock stuck up like a flag pole and my pussy was leaking I felt so turned on.Slipping down his undies I bent forward and licked his shaft, he moaned, his hand around my neck as I moved my lips up and down his cock. Then he moved me to one side and sat next to me, leaning over his hand was soon up my skirt as his fingers ran over my moist slit, it was my turn to groan. Ronnie appeared and sat next to me feeling my tits, it was awesome.He pulled my top up and pulled my tits out of my bra, then he licked my ever growing nipples as Tony fingered my gash, I was coming. As I moaned out my climax Tony spread my thighs and with his fingers in the waistband of my white knickers, pulled them down, talking them off one leg he left them dangling on my right ankle as he moved in, cock in hand.I spread my thighs as he nudged into my wet pussy, his 6” was soon up to the hilt as I groaned. Ronnie had unbuttoned his own pants and with his 5” stood up I wrapped my hand around him and started to tug him, as soon as Tony got in a rhythm I moved sideways and licked Ronnie, taking his full length into my mouth as I gently squeezed his balls.All this attention and I was close to coming for a second time, when Tony slammed into me fast and hard, as he groaned I knew that if he came so would I, I have this thing were spunk makes me come. A couple more minutes passed by and Tony growled and I knew what was coming as he slowed down and then sped up my climax built, and then he came as did I, his seed filling me.I screamed out as my orgasm tore me apart, Tony stood up and with his cock now limp I stood up and said “Ronnie sit here” as he moved across I straddled him, holding his cock in my hand I guided myself down on his bone, he gasped as did I as I felt him go up me. Then the three of us were aware that someone else was on the bus, there stood another driver, Chris, as I was bouncing on Ronnie’s pole.“Come here” I ordered, as he did I rubbed his cock and couldn’t believe it, he was rock hard. “I’ve been watching the last five minutes” he announced. Stripping his pants off he was soon in my mouth as I knew Ronnie was close, then suddenly without any prior warning I could feel Ronnie’s come shooting deep within me it took me by surprise but took me to the brink.As I stood up I could feel two lots of semen running down my thigh, I turned around and kneeling on the seat facing outside I said “Chris take me fast and hard”. He didn’t need asking twice and soon I felt his slip inside me, he felt about 5 or 51/2” but to be honest I didn’t care. He pounded me as he reached round and rolled my nipples as I clung onto the seat, I was close, very close.Then Tony turned me to face him, he snogged me as his fingers roamed over my clitoris, that was it I was coming real bad, shaking and moaning and then screaming as Tony’s fingers brought me off and then I could feel my juices run down my leg as Chris shot his load deep in my cunt, I was gasping and grunting as he fucked me until he went soft, then fell out.I stayed where I was for a minutes or so breathing heavily, and then I sat down. All the lads had got dressed so I stood up and dressed myself. Tony said “I’ll keep a look out for your ear-rings” and I replied “That was just a way of getting you on the bus” he smiled as did I. then we went to the bar where I was bought another drink.