A great MMF Public Beach Sex story

So far, our closet encounter to sex with a stranger came last summer, when a naked guy stood ten feet away and masturbated himself to orgasm while he watched Judy blow me until I came all over her lovely face. We all found the experience very stimulating. We like going to the beach on weekdays, or on days when the weather isn't the best, for the simple fact that there are less people around, and more private places. When it's crowded, there are quite a few bushwhackers and lurkers. If a couple walks off the nude beach down any of the secluded trails, they are guaranteed that a guy will follow them to see what's up. Some of them are a little aggressive for our taste. For our first beach trip this summer, we went on a Wednesday – it was sunny and a little cool, but okay if you picked a sheltered spot in the one of the sandy clearings surrounded by small bushes. The clearings are joined by a trail that runs the length of a small peninsula. We usually take some drinks, and a few joints to mellow out the afternoon. We almost always end up having sex. Judy gives great head, probably because she actually loves doing it – I've received some of my most memorable blow-jobs from Judy while we were on the beach. This particular day, we walked the paths and clearings in search of a spot sheltered from the cool breeze. We passed one couple set up in a clearing, and then we walked past a blonde guy - probably in his thirties. He had a great tan, a few tattoos, and, of course, was completely nude. We discretely cheeked each other out as we passed. He had a lean build, and a large half erect cock that he sort of tried to hide. I knew Judy would find him a lot more appealing than most of the men we had encountered there. His short hair and muscular build made us think he might be from the military. We said all cheerily said Hi, and we continued a little way down the trail until we found a nice spot. After we set up, I checked around a bit and found that the couple and the blonde guy were the only other people on the beach. Judy and I cracked our bottle of wind and lit up a reefer. By this time, we were naked and reclining on our blanket in the sandy clearing. Judy looked great. She's slim, pretty, and we always shave her pussy before we head out for the beach. Even though she's forty-something, she still turns heads. She has small breasts with big nipples, a great ass, and long, toned legs. If a good looking guy walks by, she'll sit with her legs open enough to give him a great pussy shot. Sometimes I get so turned on by this that I have to roll over to hide my erection. We discussed the blonde guy – we always talk about the people we see and whether we find them attractive or not. She told me if the blonde guy happened by, she would definitely give him a bit of a show. As we lay in the sun she caressed my cock until it was rock hard. I asked her about my fantasy about her sucking a stranger's cock on the beach while I watched. We had discussed various ways of doing it, and we both knew that if we really wanted to do it, it would be easy. Last year, she could have waved the guy over who was watching her blow me, but she whispered that she didn't want to. He had come upon us as she was blowing me in a clearing. I have to admit I saw him coming, but for some reason I didn't stop Judy until he had seen her enthusiastically swallowing my cock. I tapped her on the shoulder – our signal – but he was already standing right there. He had very politely asked if he could watch. Judy and I had a whispered discussion, and after a little encouragement she agreed to continue, as long it was just my cock she was sucking. My cock literally throbbed as she blew me with the guy watching and masturbating. Judy's back was facing him, so he moved to the side so he could clearly see the action. I came with a huge blast of cum onto Judy's face. She turned her cum soaked face towards him and smiled. His hand was flying back and forth on an impressive thick cock, and he soon unloaded streams of cum into the sand just a few feet away. He thanked us for a great show and left. We talked about that experience, and I asked her what she thought about blowing the blond guy. Judy thought he looked pretty good – but that's all she wanted to say. I found that when I stood up, and the blonde guy was standing, we could see each other well. We were actually quite close – no more than about thirty feet. I stood up every so often, and he'd be there pacing around his clearing and occasionally looking our way. Eventually, I could see the couple rising and packing up their stuff. I told Judy it was just us and the guy. I told her that our friend could see us if we stood up, and about how close we were. She rose and looked around for him. He wasn't standing up and she couldn't see him at all. "Just wait, I said, "He'll pop up soon." Sure enough, he stood up, and Judy glanced over a few times. Show him your ass," I said, and Judy turned, giving him a nice view of her best asset. The guy watched, and I put my hand on her ass and stroked it. I touched Judy's pussy from behind and found it dripping wet. We lay down again, had a few more glasses of wine, and starting rubbing tanning oil all over each other. I ended up feeding my oiled dick into her slick pussy from behind in the spoon position. We were positioned so we could both see if anyone was coming. I pulled my cock out and asked Judy to roll over and stick her ass in the air. "He'll see us", she protested, but she nonetheless positioned her beautiful butt in front of me, bent over at her knees and resting on her elbows. Her bald pussy looked irresistible. I knelt behind her, and looked over to see the blonde guy looking away in a hurry. "He can't see you," I told Judy, "But he might figure out what we're doing." With that, I worked my cock into Judy's hot cunt and started slowly stoking her. She had her head down on the blanket, quietly moaning. You could hear my cock squishing in and out of her soaking pussy. I would shove in it hard, and hold it there for a while as we rocked back and forth. "Is he there?" she asked. "Yeah," I said, "and he's watching." I think he could see a lot more than I had told Judy. He pulled on his hardening cock and glanced over at us once in a while. "What do you think if I stand up and you kneel and blow me?" I asked, adding "Just so you know, he'll see that for sure." "What about other people?" Judy asked. I reassured her that is was just him and us on a deserted, beautiful beach. "And if he comes over....." she breathed. "I'll leave that up to you," I told her. I slid my cock out and stood up with a full-out wet erection. The guy must have been turned on by our show – his semi-erect cock was sticking straight out in front of him. Judy was lying on her back looking up at me. "Come on Judy," I coaxed. "He's waiting to see you." "Just a minute, I need something from the pack," she said, and rummaged around until she found a hair band. She gathered her red mane and tied in back in a pony-tail the way she always did before giving me a super blow-job. I extended my hand to Judy and she took it. I helped her up and pulled her towards me. She hesitated a bit, and then started passionately kissing me. I held her around her lovely ass, and she eventually slid her hands down my back and cupped my ass cheeks. "Check him out," I whispered. Judy looked over to see the guy holding and very slowly stroking his big cock, while still managing to look discreetly ahead. With the effect of the wine and the pot, it seemed like time was standing still, and rather normal to watch the naked stud stroke his erection just next to us. Judy looked down at my pulsing hard-on and wrapped her hand around it. We kissed while she caressed my cock, and then she sank to her knees in front of me. She waggled my boner in front of her face, and sweetly asked me "Is this what you guys want?" She looked over at our friend, who was still trying to appear aloof, and slowly jacked my cock inches from her lips. Judy is pretty, and I think that a hard cock next to her face just accentuates it. There was no doubt now that she was going to give the blonde guy a special show. Judy surprised me by holding cock up and licking and sucking my balls. She slurped them into her mouth one at a time and rocked gently back and forth. Then she licked her way up the length of my dick and slowly engulfed it in her mouth. Pretty soon, she started blowing me in earnest. I held her pony-tail and gently helped her bounce up and down on my cock. Our friend had given up being discreet, and started openly stroking himself as he watched. His thick cock was as hard as mine now and stood straight up. It shone with sun tan oil as he fisted it up and down. I asked Judy to look over at him, and she turned her face to him while still sucking my cock. She moaned around my cock, and I assumed she liked what she saw and was cool with the situation. I popped my cock out of her mouth, and slowly rubbed it around her face while she looked over at him and then up at me. I realized that for this to go farther, I had to try something, so I sank down to the blanket, lying so that Judy was kneeling beside me. We were now out of sight of our friend, and he was no doubt disappointed. I asked Judy to keep going, and she bent over and eagerly swallowed my cock again. We both knew he might come down the short trail that separated our spots. Once he reached our clearing, he would again have an unobstructed view of my pretty wife with my raging hard-on in her mouth. I saw some tanned skin moving towards us on the trail, and for a moment, I was worried it was someone else. Whoever it was stopped and stood still, slightly obstructed by bushes, but I could see enough to tell it was him. I let him get an eyeful of Judy sucking me for a moment, and then I tapped her shoulder. She asked me if it was him, and then turned her head up to check out him out. I still wasn't sure what Judy was going to do – if it was going to be a replay of our last encounter, or if she was actually going to have sex with a stranger. He stepped out of the bush with his cock in his hand, and smiled at us. Judy smiled back, never letting go of my cock. I pushed her head towards my dick, and she willingly took it into her mouth again, at the same time watching our friend. He padded silently in the sand towards us, slowly stroking his penis and watching Judy suck my cock. I don't think either of us had realized what a nice cock he had until he got close. He stopped a few feet from us. Judy released my cock, sat up on her knees, and crooked her finger to motion him closer. He approached until his dick was literally hanging over her. She wrapped her hand around it and stroked it from the root to the tip while looking up and smiling at her blonde stud. Finally, Judy opened her sweet lips and started lapping at the tip. Pre-cum oozed onto her tongue as she licked the underside of his cock. She swirled his dick around her lips until they glistened, and then forced her open mouth over the fat head. Her petite mouth was stretched by his girth, but she pushed in all the cock she could, and really started blowing him. Judy looked fantastic, kneeling naked on the beach, with one hand on the stranger's ass, the other wrapped around the base of his thick cock, and the head and shaft sliding in and out of her mouth. I gently stroked myself as I watched him hold her pony-tail like I had and push her down on his cock. Blondie staggered in the sand when Judy popped his cock out of her mouth and started licking his clean shaven balls. His cock hung drooling over her face, extending from her chin to her forehead as she tongued his glistening balls. She then returned to his cock and rubbed it over her delicate features. Pre-cum leaked from the head as she rubbed it across her forehead, along the bridge of her nose, and finally back to her lips. Her tongue danced around the head, and then she rammed down on it until her lips were stretched around the shaft in a perfect "O" Judy was behaving like a total slut with this stranger's cock. I couldn't just watch anymore, and stood up and joined them. I stood next to the blonde guy. Judy was on her knees in the sand, with two hard cocks bouncing in her face. She grasped a cock in each hand, and sucked us in turn, alternating from slow and sensuous to fast and hard. Whenever she felt like one of us was going to come, she switched to sucking the other guy. She was working Blondie deeper and deeper into her mouth when he announced he was going to come. She pulled her mouth off his dick and kept stroking it. She let go of me and wrapped both hands around the stranger's dick, keeping it pointed right at her face. I couldn't believe she was going to let his guy come in her face. She only did it for me on special occasions – I guess this was one of them. Blondie groaned, and shot a wad of thick cum onto her upturned face. It splashed onto her forehead, down the bridge of her nose, and into her open mouth. Two more powerful blasts followed, covering her cheeks and lips. Cum continued spurting from his twitching dick in smaller bursts until it was running out her mouth and dripping from her chin. When she pulled back, a wad of come stretched from the tip of her nose to his shining cock-head. With his cum dripping from her face, she smiled up at me and took my cock into her mouth. He hadn't moved – he stood there still stroking his cock and watching. His cum frothed out the corners of her mouth as she blew me. I looked at her cum soaked face, and it was too much for me. I pulled out of Judy's mouth, hoping she was ready for another big load. She looked fantastic as she waited for me to come. She had grasped Blondie's cock again, and was darting her tongue at it as I stroked my cock just inches away. She actually started blowing him again, and I felt the rush, and started coming hard. I sprayed spurt after spurt onto her beautiful face as she kept blowing the stranger. I finished by wiping my dick around her slippery face, and she released his cock laughingly chased mine with her tongue. I pulled Judy to her feet and kissed her deeply. She responded by pushing wads of cum into my mouth, and I swallowed it without hesitation. She laughed and kissed our friend goodbye, and he headed off down the trail. That episode has kept my cock hard many nights, and when we talk abut it, Judy's pussy gets wetter than ever. We've even talked about our next adventure at the beach – I've told Judy that I want to see her lying in the sand with her legs spread wide, and the blonde guy fucking her with his big dick. I think she likes the idea.