A Beginning for an End

"Well this is a fine mess you've gotten us into, Stanley," floated from deep in his subconscious. This was followed by a heartfelt moan as Leanne's pubic bone thrust especially hard against the base of his spine while her mass of spit-curls flowed down around both sides of his head. Now she was chewing on his earlobe and his own response was achingly stiff and poking him in the belly."Gee, Darryl," Carla murmured while gently raking her nails along his ribs, "that's the same thing she likes to do to me. It wouldn't be, by any chance, what you wanted to do to me, too, would it?" She stretched languorously, revealing the six-pack abs and sinewy lines of the rest of her body. Curling up into a sitting position like a rattler getting ready to strike, Carla shook her short, "sensible" brown hair and leaned forward onto her well-muscled arms. "Want to know what I like to do to her?" she asked with a wicked grin."Eat her pussy!" Darryl tried to growl but it came out as a pant. Leanne was using her teeth, now, on his ears, the back of his neck and across his shoulders. Any attempt to work up anger or aggrieved resentment was impossible in response to the relentless drive against his buttocks. She was taking her time, building up to a real screamer of an orgasm, he was sure, though out on the frontiers of his awareness was the thought that it seemed she was trying to fuck him doggy style, the way he loved to fuck her."Why not?" Carla's voice brought him back. "You do and I'd like to point out that she brags about how good you are. That's saying something, for a guy! However, fun as it is to run my tongue up her wet slit and suck her clit and stick my fingers in her twat to rub her G-spot, that isn't my favorite. And it doesn't really matter whether you want to know what I like to do to her or not. You're going to find out! I think you'll like it, too," she laughed, then leaned forward to kiss him ferociously on his beardless mouth and drive her tongue clear down his throat the way he longed to drive his cock down hers.The women's relationship should have been all too obvious weeks ago, but it seemed so unlikely that Leanne could have any interest in her own sex. She was compact, voluptuous and oh, so feminine. The crop top and capri's he'd pulled off her half an hour ago were pastel green and the bra and thong under them were covered in lace, though you'd hardly notice once you'd seen the soft mounds bulging out both over the top in front and around behind. He'd sort of challenged her on it during one of their regular arguments about why she wouldn't move in with him. She'd seemed mightily offended at the thought."Just because Carla loves sports and works out a lot, you think somehow this makes her a Les? And what if she was? What's that got to do with us? I don't want to move with you because the time we spend making love (she'd actually used that term!) is very special to me and I don't want it to become routine. But it if it isn't good enough for you . . .""No, no! It's wonderful. If you'd rather leave things the way they are, fine." Darryl had known he was in trouble and was back-pedaling as fast as he could. "I just thought . . . ""You thought Carla and I were an item and you were jealous!" Leanne had advanced on him with fire in her eyes and her chin stuck out. The deep breaths she was taking pushed her boobs out and up against the V-neck in her flowered blouse completely distracting Darryl from the clenched fists at her sides. She swung her right hand up against his face with a resounding smack! "You owe me, mister, you owe me big time!"Poor Darryl was undone. "I'm sorry, baby, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to make you mad. I apologize. I'll go apologize to Carla if you want, on my knees if you want, I'll do anything. You name it, I'll do it!" Panic at the thought of losing her echoed though his voice and that must have been the time Leanne had her devious inspiration. Somehow he found himself agreeing to a series of evenings as their butler at their apartment. Heaven knew the idea that he might have gotten them both in bed has crossed the extremes of his imagination more than once but any thought that it might happen three Saturdays later had a probability approaching zero at infinity. "I'm cumming, God, I'm cumming!" screamed Leanne in his ear and the juices from her pussy flowed over his ass and down the backs of his thighs. Her spasms seemed to go on forever while Carla kept sucking at his tongue and his upper lip like a vacuum cleaner gone mad. "Damn, that was hot" Carla finally let go of Darryl's face. "You are the horniest little thing, Leanne. Is that the way you two are all the time?" She reached over to the bedside table and pulled out a tube of lube. Spreading some on her hand, she reached down under him and grasped his pikestaff manhood. "Mmmm," she hummed as she stroked his length with excruciating slowness, "this is going to be even more fun that you said."Darryl wasn't sure how it had all come together. The first two Saturday evenings of his penance had been quite formal. He'd put a suit and tie over his slender frame, stopped by which ever takeout Leanne had chosen to pick up dinner for three and climbed the stairs to their apartment. As the women sipped their champagne and gossiped, he's set the table, dished up the food, poured the wine and putting a white napkin over his wrist announced dinner. He'd served both of them salad, main course, dessert, after dinner drinks and then washed up, only eating his own meal when all the work was finished. He'd then asked if there was anything else they wanted and, being dismissed, gone home to his own place, alone. Tonight, though, had been different. This time they had wanted something else . . . him!"You've been very good, dear," Leanne had smiled up at him, "and I think you deserve something in return." She had slowly reached up and loosened his tie while Carla had pressed her body against his back and then reached around to first remove his coat, and then to unbutton his shirt. "Strip me, baby!" Leanne had commanded and as Darryl rushed to obey, freeing her luscious body from the achingly sexy outfit she'd been teasing him with all evening, he felt Carla's strong hands unfasten his belt and in a single sure pull whisk off both his trousers and his boxer shorts. Once he and Leanne were naked they turned to Carla and, while she beamed at both of them, unzipped her plush coverall to reveal that underneath she wore nothing at all. They'd tumbled into bed, groping and kissing when suddenly each woman had grabbed one of Darryl's slight wrists and tethered him to the headboard. Then as Leanne climbed aboard and began to kiss, bite, rub and hump him, Carla had fastened a cuff to each ankle and stretched him out on the sheets. Then she took up her position at his right and watched contentedly while Leanne enjoyed Darryl's body, though not in the way he would have otherwise expected. Now Carla stood up, stretched again, and going to the closet, turned to Darryl and purred "This is what I like to do to her!" She reached into the closet and took out a fair-sized black satin satchel. Unclasping the top, she reached in and began pulling things out. First was a leather harness that she stepped into and buckled on. It cupped her spare breasts and criss-crossed her belly, ending in a large, shiny metal ring around her shaved sex. Next Carla removed a black silk mask and tied it, Zorro-style, over her face. A pair of thigh-length boots followed as Darryl's eyes got bigger and bigger and finally she pulled out a Nexus™ double-ended dildo and, sliding the smaller end up her sopping pussy, snapped the metal ring over the end. "You're going to love this!", she grinned."No, no, wait, I'm not like that!" Darryl squeaked. Being sodomized by a bisexual female athlete had never been in his fantasies at all."Relax, honey" whispered Leanne. "Not only won't it hurt, you'll like it. Trust me. I'm an expert." Turning his head away from the leather and chrome apparition that dominated the other side of the bed, Darryl saw that Leanne also had a silk bag. From it she withdrew three smooth, shiny vibrators and another tube of lubricant. The three vibrators were a set, increasing in diameter and taking the smallest; Leanne generously covered it with gel. Then, kissing him gently on the ear, she spread his buttocks and placed the tip against his puckered star. Turning the little machine on, she held it there until the sphincter muscles began to relax and slowly pushed it in. "Oooooh!" Darryl groaned. He'd heard that some guys actually liked their girlfriends to give them prostrate massages or even to use dildo-harnesses on them but he's always labeled such men latent queers. Now he found that the sensations were hot, hot, hot! Lifting his butt against Leanne's hand he whimpered with pleasure."Higher!" commanded Carla and she pushed a bolster under his hips. Leanne withdrew the smallest vibrator, and with a wink greased up the middle-sized one and eased it in. Again Darryl groaned in ecstasy as the buzzing device sent its effect through his prostrate and up the shaft of his erection. A few minute more of this and he's cum all over the sheets, he knew it. The women seemed to know it, too, and Leanne withdrew the vibrator. "Never mind the big one," announced Carla, "he's ready." Turning his head again, Darryl saw that she had generously applied nearly half a tube of KY to her silicone phallus and was climbing onto the bed between his legs. Leaning over him she put the head of the dildo against his anus and with a single, slippery thrust drove her hipbones against his ass."God!" screamed Darryl but instead of spewing his seed all over the bed, he found that Leanne had shoved her fingers stiffly into his perineum giving him an orgasm without ejaculation. He was still erect . . . and horny . . . and being fucked! Soon Carla let out a howl of climax and dropped onto his back, kissing his ears and neck then turning his head to kiss his mouth as fiercely as she had done earlier."It's your turn, now, baby." She murmured as she reached up to unfasten the cuffs that held his wrists while Leanne released his ankles. They pulled him off the bed and onto his feet. Then, slipping a condom onto his pulsating cock with an affectionate squeeze asked, "So who do you want first?""You!" he growled as he grabbed for Carla's shoulders. Laughing, she slipped out of his grasp and hopping up on the bed presented her ass to his lustful gaze. Leanne stepped forward with an applicator and filled Carla's puckered rectum with lubricant then added some more to Darryl's engorged phallus. Then she spread Carla's cheeks to improve her (male) lover's aim."Let her have it!" she commanded. Unmindful of any possible discomfort he might cause, Darryl put his cock against Carla's anus and grabbed her hips. With a roar and a single thrust, the sent himself into her until his balls banged against her pussy. Ignoring her scream and the following whimpers, he began to pound her unmercifully. Soon he could feel the passion rise as his shoulders began to tingle and the pressure increased in his loins. Just as he released, the familiar stab of Leanne's fingers hit the base of his balls and again darkness and stars flashed around his brain but still he drove on. "O.K., you can pull out now, it's my turn." Leanne once more plastered her sweaty body against his back only this time she grabbed his hip bones and pulled back, withdrawing his still swollen cock from her roommates abused ass. Pushing him into a waiting chair, she turned and expertly impaled her well greased bottom onto his waiting manhood. "Let it go, let it go, fuck me, fuck meeeeeee . . .!" she screamed until, with a final howl of lust he emptied himself into her bowels. Leanne got off and the two women gently took their new toyboy into the shower and cleaned him and each other off. They led him to the bed, put him in the middle and pulled the sheet up over him but he was asleep before it reached his shoulders."Will he do?" asked Leanne from Carla's lap. Carla palmed Leanne's full breast and twisted one of her pink nipples into attention."Do? He's going to be great! Can you imagine the response we'll get when we bring him to the AC-DC night at the Swinger's Club? A couple more sodomy sessions like this one, longer hair and a whole body shave . . . Doll, we've got an androgyne to play with!"Carla awoke as the sun streamed through the apartment window. She stretched, rolled up on one elbow and looked down at the sleeping Darryl and beyond to their lover, Leanne. Last night had been rather surprising. Though the assault on Darryl had gone off exactly as planned, Carla's reaction to it was, in the morning light, not what she'd expected.The "problem" was that Darryl was just so little, barely 5'5" and very slight. He was so smooth that from the rear he looked like a tall 12-year-old though there was nothing immature about his front, no indeed! Not that he was hung like a horse or anything, but a normal cock on a small man looks bigger than it really is. Carla, then, had always seen him as a small, effeminate-looking guy who really needed to acknowledge his feminine side. It had come as a mighty surprise when, after the two women had ravished his ass, he'd returned the favor forcefully, very forcefully! Maybe he wasn't so meek, after all. Remembering her anal mauling, Carla's nipples began to rise to attention. Though her breasts weren't more than about an A -cup, the nipples thereupon could stick out a good half inch when she was aroused and she was getting more aroused and more erect by the minute.And speaking of erect, Darryl had rolled over onto his back and made a noise in his sleep that might have been a moan and might have been a whimper. To Carla it looked like someone else was remembering the events of the previous evening because his manhood was fully engorged and sticking straight up his stomach. The sight struck something within her and Carla, who had been the butch to Leanne since they'd met, began to wonder if there might be someone else who needed to get in touch with a feminine side. To put it bluntly, she was wet, horny and, for a change, feeling receptive. That last hadn't happened in so long, she'd almost forgotten what it felt like.Gently tossing back the sheet, Carla lowered her mouth to Darryl's crotch and delicately began to run the tip of her tongue up and down the underside of his erection. Then, as he came to delighted consciousness, she grabbed his shoulders and rolled onto her back. "Come here, stud," she purred.Darryl started a bit in confusion but there was no way he was going to lose this opportunity. He'd wanted to get into the taller woman's pants ever since his girlfriend Leanne has introduced him to her "roommate" and now that the chance had arrived, he intended to take full advantage. Lifting her legs, he placed one knee behind each muscular buttock and drove himself to the hilt into her waiting sex. Lifting himself onto his elbows, he found to his delight that his mouth was now perfectly in line with her hardened nipples. Alternately slathering them with his tongue and sucking on them, hard, he soon had Carla shuddering and moaning. "Darryl, oh God, sweetie! Keep it up, keep it uuuuuuup . . .!The third inhabitant of the king-size bed now roused and, raising an amused eyebrow, Leanne beheld the scene. Her boyfriend was industriously fucking her girlfriend! Now that was different! Usually it was one or the other fucking her. Perhaps a change of plans might have to be considered. Originally, Carla had insisted that Darryl was the perfect choice for conversion into an androgyne, a bisexual individual equally appealing to masculine gays and feminists looking for a more sensitive, "New Age" lover. Now it appeared that the worm had turned. Darryl was settling into a steady rhythm of long, driving strokes Leanne knew only too well. He did this to her on a regular basis, usually for an hour or more. By the time he finally did decide to climax, Leanne could very well have breakfast made though whether Carla would be in any condition to enjoy it was another question. Already the athlete was starting to throw her head back and forth as orgasm after orgasm wracked her. Watching the unexpected events, Leanne slid out from under the covers and walked around to the foot of the bed to watch Darryl's slick, glistening member piston in and out of Carla's welcoming snatch. To Leanne's amazement, he was ramming her bareback. For as long as she'd known Carla, the dominant woman had had an almost obsessive insistence on condoms on any of those rare occasions when she'd decided that what she needed that night was male. Now, worked up to a rolling orgasm that went on and on, Carla was laid open for possible motherhood. Rather than being alarmed, Leanne was intrigued with the possibilities. If Darryl knocked Carla up, he would be a gentleman and insist on marrying her and unknown to Carla, when Darryl got insistent the response of "No", wasn't an option. More than once her usually mild lover had gotten his back up, set an emphatic jaw and run right over her protests. It was one of those things that she found so endearing. Darryl might look like a mouse but that didn't mean he couldn't roar!Folding her arms under the pale globes on her chest, Leanne began to consider the potential. If Carla got pregnant and found herself married to Darryl, then she, Leanne, could be the resident mistress to them both in the ultimate manage a trois. With Darryl's considerable financial acumen and connections in the investment banking circles, he could easily support a large family and with his considerable talents in the bedroom he could easily make sure he had a large family to support. She and Carla could take turns having babies and each of the three could take turns baby-sitting while the other two played grownup games under the covers . . . or on top of them, for that matter.As the scenario played itself out in Leanne's imagination, Darryl was picking up the pace a bit and Carla was, to put it bluntly, being driven mad. There was a good possibility that she would just black out before Darryl came and then he would either become alarmed, jump off and call for help or withdraw and turn his virile attentions to Leanne. That could spoil everything, however fun it might be. If Leanne got pregnant she knew full well that Carla wouldn't take up the role of alternate mommy. Preemptive action was required.It was then that her eye wandered to the strap-on harness and dildo that Carla had used on Darryl the previous evening. Leanne had been "sandwiched" a couple of times in the past, before she met either Carla or Darryl. It had been exciting but the idea bothered her from the standpoint of gender politics. In other words, why was it that in MMF threesomes the woman got penetrated twice but in MFF threesomes the man penetrated both? This gross unfairness stopped Leanne from letting more than one person inside her at a time, no matter who they were. Silly, perhaps, but that's the way she felt about it and she stuck to her convictions. Now the option of somewhat turning the tables lay before her. Of course, if having her dildo nail Darryl in the prostate made him climax and Carla did get pregnant that would make Leanne sort of an accessory, even sort of an assistant parent. She liked that idea!Pulling the black leather up around her fleshy thighs and sliding the "top's" end of the dildo into her now dripping and engorged pussy, Leanne crawled up between the pairs of legs before her. Liberally covering the plastic end with KY, she waited until Darryl was all the way into Carla and then placed its head right against the man's puckered star. He had no choice but to either stop fucking Carla or to impale himself on Leanne's dildo. Without missing a stroke he backed up and Leanne was treated to the sight of her marbled purple, silicone dildo disappearing into Darryl's ass. His previous night's violation stood him in good stead as his sphincter muscles opened easily and Leanne's pelvis bottomed out on his buttocks. Now he really shifted gears. Growling and panting, Darryl drove faster and faster into Carla's swollen pussy and Leanne kept pace behind him until all three of them screamed, howled and shrieked into climax,then collapsed. Some time later, they all disentangled themselves and silently showered and dressed. Without a word the three lovers made their way to the nearest coffee shop and over strong coffee and piles of pancakes considered each other."You're probably pregnant, you know," teased Leanne. "It's really not the right time of the month" replied Carla, "but anyway that wasn't fair, you two ganging up on me like that.""Excuse me? Two against one is unfair?" Darryl's face was unreadable. "I think it was just a case of sauce for the gander being sauce for the goose! Besides, you started it." A grin broke out. "Not that the idea of your being pregnant isn't fraught with possibilities." Turning to Leanne his grin became a leer. "But so is the idea of another two against one!""Yeah," retorted Carla focusing on Leanne's ample cleavage and licking her lips "isn't it!"