A 21yrs old white Canadian girl i met in Vienna, A

It was a very cold winter time in Vienna, i was out because i had a date with a girl i met a day before so i was waiting for this girl to come and meet me in a particular place, but unfortunately/fortunately she wrote me that she would be coming late. So i decided to take a little walk before she comes, as i was walking i saw this beautiful chubby girl walking alone, i dared to approach her which she was impressed and happy about it.Me: Hey gorgeous, how are you?She: I'm fine and you?Me: Of course i should probably be fine by standing with a beautiful girl like youShe: Smile......Thank youMe: you are welcomeMe: what's your name?She:...............and you?Me:...........nice to meet youShe: nice to meet you tooMe: where are you from?She: CanadaMe: wow that's cool, i have never met anyone from CanadaShe: really?Me: yes reallyMe: so what are you doing here?She: just came to see ViennaMe: and how long have you been here?She: just an hour agoMe: oh really? Then you are welcome to Vienna and to me tooShe: smile....Thank youMe: so how long you gonna stay?She: just 3 days Me: oh not so longShe: yesMe: then what will happen to me after you are gone? because i'm already missing youShe: missing me how? i don't think soMe: yes of course i'm missing you, can't you see that i can't take my eyes off you? So probably i'm missing something more from you!She: laugh.....you are funnyMe: I'm only being naturalMe: so do you have a tourist guide or something?She; No, but i wouldn't mind if i get oneMe: then i would gladly like to be your tourist guideShe: oh thank youSo i took her to most amazing places in vienna, while we were walking the chemistry is already getting strong and we both started to like each other just that moment. We were standing in front of a statue which i can't even remember the name anymore, and that's where we had our first kiss. We kissed till we almost fuck there, but unfortunately the cold was too much. So we hastily went to her hotel room because we were so horny and she was more horny because i could feel that her panties were already soaked while we were kissing outside. When we got into the hotel room we couldn't even wait to take off our clothes, we started kissing for some seconds and then she turned for me, i fucked her "Doggy" until she cum more than once before she could even think that she has a bed in the room. We then went to the bed and that's where we started the real game, she cums 3 times in every 5 minute, I fucked her till her pussy got sore. The funniest thing was that, before she came to Vienna, she visited Berlin where she met a black guy that also fucked her and planning that he would come and meet her again in Vienna. So on the next day after our sex, she immediately asked the guy not to come again, but she didn't tell the guy the actual reason.She planned to stay for 3 days, but she actually added more 4 days to make it a week. I actually didn't know anything about her and the guy until she left and told me, so i asked her of why she told the guy not to come after they already planned it. She said it is simply because she has never in her life met anyone who never get tired of sex, who is always up for sex anytime, any day,anywhere and who cums with his brain and not his dick, and the memory of seeing my dick always hard will never fade from her mind.......To conclude she said and admitted that she was a Nympho and i was her dream man.