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Matron returned after breakfast on Sunday, daughter and son in law dropped her off and stayed a while. We sat in the garden and had a bit of lunch sandwiches as usual, we eat in the evenings, it was a fine day but I near dozed off not having slept a lot! They wandered off mid afternoon, matron did dinner and I dozed in my deckchair a perfect Englishman`s Sunday! After the evening meal we slumped in front of the box watching some American crap that the colonials think we love but in reality it`s all the telly company can afford! I still couldn’t help yawning and matron suggested an early night, so throw out the cat, lock up and toddle up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire.If I thought I was going to sleep it was a forlorn hope, once in the bed she asked for chapter and verse of the weekends happenings, well I did my best, explained about the casting, then the wax playing down my involvement as best I could by not mentioning the holder of the candles, just were the wax landed... matron shuddered as I told her of the last few drops then placed my hand to her sex, knowing that she was going to be hard pushed to get joy from my errection! She was as turned on as I have seen her this last few years, so I went on and described Ada`s `request beating’ and to my surprise she came just as I described the final strokes. My wife has never shown any interest in BDSM in the whole time I have known her, oh she used to react to a little light spanking, but that was when we were young and experimental. Anyway she came like a fountain and we soon dozed off. Well next morning over breakfast I asked what had turned her on so the night before and a little flushed of face her answer gave me food for thought. She said ”she was imagining having a cast made of her sex, that started it, then imagining watching Ada being waxed so sexily and then whipped at her own request was just wonderful!” She went on “would I tell her every detail of the next meeting as she found it a great turn on!” I suggested she join us, but being her, she turned to me and said “her body being so flabby she felt it would be a turn off for both Ted and Ada, and she “didn’t want to put a damper on things.” As a dutiful hubby I said she still turned me on and with that she kissed me told me that I was tactful laughed the said she would be over when she had done her housework sent me over to Ted`s workshop out of her way. I arrived just in time for tea, it`s a knack I have, we sat sipping the british restorative when Ada being a blunt sort of lady suddenly asked if matron had asked about the weekend. I said she had wanted chapter and verse and that she said the whole thing had set her imagination going. Ada said “well why don’t she come and watch then, I don’t mind?” I explained about her flabby body, and her embarrassment of it, and Ted then surprised me by saying “it was her oversize he had always fancied perhaps it`s an attraction of opposites Ada being trim but a little solid!” I said “I would love to get her involved, but it needed to be down to you two to persuade her, you and Ada having involved me in your lives as you have, I don’t want to leave her out.” Ted said “do you really think she would play or even just watch?” and Ada chuckled “I`ve caught you eyeing her arse when she`s been over Ted, do you fancy her then?” Ted coloured a little, then before he could answer, she went on, “that`s it, you fancy her arse!” He shot me a glance, as it to see what my reaction would be, but my grin must have been a dead giveaway, “well he said I always wanted a nice big woman to spank and I`ve always fancied matron I won`t deny, but she is your wife, and I didn’t want to jeopardise our friendship.”“Look” I said, “If you can get her over next time; fine, if she wants to play, fine and if you manage to sleep with her you have my blessing mate, you leant me yours, and I`m not jealous and she deserves something stiffer than I can give her but it would be up to her, it`s her body, but she`s self conscious enough now, so don’t humiliate her, just tread carefully you`ve a month between you to get her involved and I think it`s not impossible.” Ada asked if she was coming over and I said she was, so she shooed us out and said she would call us for dinner to leave it with her to start with. Dutifully we went out to the works, the loco called. The little bell called us in at 1 o`clock and there were our sandwiches, tea and the two women nothing about Saturday was said, and we went back to work, refreshed. At afternoon coffee again the same silence about all things sexual, so matron having gone home to do tea when I finished for the day, while I was washing the claws, I asked Ada if she had made any progress, she said “things were going in the right direction” but other than that she was not forthcoming! I went home, and tea was on the table, matron as she dished up pudding innocently asked “if I had taken off the pictures yet?” now I had taken a number of shots in the ‘dungeon’ that first week, but I had not done anything with them nor had I mentioned them so Ada must have said something, I admitted I had forgotten the things and matron asked me to “take them off” as she couldn’t wait to see them, Ada had shown her, her nipples this afternoon and the two marks of the last two strokes were prominent and had turned her on. After the meal was over I sat and printed the pictures, passing each to matron as they fell from the printer, she laid them on the table, and together we looked over the dozen best prints, matron pawing especially over the ones that showed Ada`s face , her pain and joy writ large in full colour.I asked if she fancied some of that and she shook her head, saying “no needle was going through her skin, though the spanking and her receiving the cane seemed to get Ada really stirred up and that needed some thought.” I printed a second set for Ada then we had another early night. Sorry folks we watched the box....Anyway by next week the loco had been tested, and some though not all the teething troubles were sorted out, on the Saturday we attended the club gala with it, it won best new loco, so Ted and I were well pleased. The Sunday too was spent hauling youngsters round the club circuit, good fun but tiring so on the Monday we all sat in my garden relaxing, over a pot of the inevitable tea, when Ada being Ada asked what we had in mind for this month`s adventure as she liked to have something to look forward to! Matron looked a little flustered at that for some reason and Ada went on that “she thought now ‘the train’ was finished we men could sort the lighting and supply at least an armchair extra for our observer.” I thought ‘oh we had an observer then she hadn’t said!’ Ted said “The lights were in hand, pointed out that we had built a locomotive not a train, then said he would pick up an armchair from a charity shop,” he turned to matron and asked “if at any time she would want to be secured! As it was easier to secure a body with open arms rather than padded.” Her not being used to chatting about sexual matters in broad daylight on Monday morning, which elicited a very red face from the lady, and her jaw dropped a little. Ted being mischievous then slipped in that he couldn’t wait to have her visit and that he hoped she would be naked and secured so he could play with her luscious body while his mate made his wife scream for him.By the time he had said that she had regained a little composure and pointed out that “she hadn`t agreed to watch yet much less take of her clothes,” and that she was “a bit shy of showing her overweight and sloppy body.” Ted said that was her attraction to him and that he wanted to make ‘her fatty bits wobble under his hands’, and to ‘spank her big soft backside’ to which she came back with “do you now!” and after a second or so she asked “and how long have you harboured that grubby wish then Teddy dear!” It was Teds turn to blush and he spluttered “Since we first met, I have had fantasies about misusing your bound body lass but you were Edds.” My wife blushed to her roots and a silence fell over us all until Ada, eager to save her friend from embarrassment, asked again if we boys had any ideas for the next adventure. Ted said he had no great ideas of what to do this time his fantasies had been needles and wax which we had done already and as the lights would be finished before next weekend and Ada was so eager why don’t we bring the date forward and always use the first weekend of the month?” That was agreed on, but what to do seemed a sticking point. Timidly my wife suggested that she would love to have seen the last two stripes on Ada`s nipples last time, the thought turned her on, to which Ada replied “if you will come and watch they can beat my breasts big time the pain being so sensuous and lasting so well. I asked if “there was anything she (Ada) really wanted to happen?” To which she said with a shrug “Loads but really just sexual pain, my body is for you both to enjoy, to use and to abuse, part of this is to see that look of pleasure on your faces when you make me scream. And of course bruises and the like add to the memories of the act.” My lady then asked her if it really mattered who administered the blows or whatever would it be the same. I think the answer astounded her. “Oh Yes” Ada said “It must be close friends, or I know it`s not sent with the love I deserve and then it becomes just punishment, in the club there were one or two who just punished and I hated that.” Just then the postman called with a parcel, the moment passed and we went our separate ways for the day, I to the lawn neglected in favour of the loco, and my friend to the lights, the ladies to the trivia of living. The week skimmed past, I collected a suitable fireside chair for matron; Ted fitted flickering dimmable lights in oil lamp fittings in our dungeon, matron cooked and let the daughter know we were away all weekend, and Ada at our request made a list of all the things she fantasised that we could do to her, if we had a mind so us perve`s could pick one or more on the day..Come Friday night even matron was getting in the mood, saying she was nervous but excited. So on the Saturday after breakfast we walked the 100 yard`s over to Teds home arm in arm I dressed as usual but she who must be obeyed I noted was in her best blue undies and a summer dress, carrying a holdall with a dressing gown in it and my camera, she seemed nervy but excited As we arrived, Ted was washing up, Ada was upstairs I made tea at Ted`s behest and we sat drinking it waiting for Ada, when his damp hand poked a single hand written sheet at me, it was her list. It read; needles, [beside which it said done,] wax [same again], breast lift, pussy-whipped, all day bondage, watersport`s, ride the horse, breast- binding, then the expected items, belt, whips, tawse, cat clamps anywhere, weights, pierced, and finally to my surprise...branded, It was all there, and the end of the list was left open for more with the comment ‘any more ideas welcome.’I sat dumfounded; some of these things were extreme, but predictable knowing Ada, but watersport`s, branding, wow heavy. Matron took the sheet and read it saying not a word though her wide eyes said to me a lot! Suddenly she asked for a pen and a piece of paper saying she was shy. Ted fetched it then she wrote on her sheet that she would love to watch a pussy whipping, a bust lift and one day but not now a branding, she wasn`t sure about watersport`s, but she did want Ted to fulfil his fantasies without overdoing it just to try out while Ada and I watched but she must be bound as she didn’t feel she would be able to let herself go otherwise. Ted bowed low and said, “Your wish me-lady is my command, it will be an honour. Just then Ada arrived wearing her dressing gown, and we poured her a cup. “You`ve read it then?” she asked, we assured her we had, then showed her the list from matron, “a pussy-whipping!” she shrugged, then smiled when she read the rest. Ted excused himself nipping out to the works, in but a few short moments he returned with a heavy box. He placed the box on the table, telling Ada it was a present. Ada tore at the box and revealed a sculpture, shaped very much like one of those mask on a stick B.A.F.T.A present yearly, wooden based on a rod, no mask this though, it was a metal, life-size cast of a female genitalia, it was Ada`s own sex cast she was delighted. Ada turned to my lady and whispered something and together they rose and went into the living room firmly shutting the door behind them. Us men sat in silence, though I found myself in a distracted fashion u*********sly gently fingering that delightful bust to Ted`s obvious amusement and delight. The ladies returned, both dressed in their dressing gown`s, Matron blushing just a little, as Ada said to Ted, that she her friend had butterflies, so she had not completely undressed, and probably wouldn`t this time so whatever he did was to be over the clothes she now wore unless she asked him to remove any, Ted being a gentleman agreed that and to matron he said her safe word was poppy, she was to remember it and if things were too much she was to say it and whatever would instantly stop. She looked relieved at that and we adjourned to our playroom, bathed as it now was in the flickering gloom of imitation oil lamps. It was matrons first time and her eyes were like saucers as I held her hand down the stairs and showed her, her chair.Ada was the last down and suggested that “before we started Ted should help matron from her coat, and then secure her so she was forced to watch.” She and I then sat on the sofa as Ted carried out that wish, matron silently allowing him to slip the coat from her shoulders and then, probably forewarned of the problems of bra straps and bondage by Ada, she slipped the shoulder straps of her bra from her shoulders. Nodding his approval, Ted took a long look at her before she was allowed to sit, taking in her ample breasts encased in the blue bra, her belly and the roll-on in matching blue making her wide buttocks tight and smooth, he couldn’t resist sliding his hand over the seat and groaning in her ear how long;”he had wanted to feel that lovely arse and to see her out of her clothes!” On her face a look of amazement, she had had no idea, she sat down and he placed strap`s round the arms of both chair and his victim, at both at her wrists and elbows, then a lightly crossed rope round her throat over the chair back from either back leg to prevent her leaning forward that surprised her you could tell. He then tweaked her nipples, kissed her long and deep, which I noted she returned, then stood to offer his hand to his own wife to assist her to stand. It was his way of saying ‘over to you!’ I stood too and Ada turned to me, dropping the gown from her shoulders standing naked now so that I could see her body, in a token of obedience. I turned her to face our observer, saying “I am going to lift this body by its tits, then whip it for a while!” Then it`s your turn with my friend, before finally I shall lift it by its ankles, and giving it a hard whipping into its sex at Your request, she will no doubt scream and dance for you and it will depend on how good you were as to how long it continues for her. Very deliberately I had referred to Ada as ‘she’ and ‘it’ to heighten the feeling of a piece of meat, a victim, a target. Matron`s jaw fell, and we ignored it as Ada leant forward to facilitate our better handling of her breasts with Ted working at her right breast, wrapping the cord around as I did the left, it was natural as he is a left hander, I, a right. Cord in place the breasts began to turn colour, red then tinged with blue, then purple as we attached cuffs to her wrists, we never having done this before felt we needed to be a little safety conscious!Each wrist we now attached by a supporting rope loosely to the hooks, if things felt likely to tear she could then take the pressure off with her arms, we told her that would bear a penalty, and she nodded. A single rope now threaded through a central hook from breast rope to breast rope it was tight at tip- toe. We stood back and left her to it for a while, me sitting on the sofa, Ted standing behind matron sliding his hands over her bra and finding her very erect nipples. Slowly, oh so slowly Ada`s feet tired, her heels slowly lowered her till the feet were near flat and that rope was taking the weight onto her breasts. With a groan perhaps of satisfaction she slowly bent her knees and her 14 stone frame slowly swang under the rope, a look of satisfaction flickering over her face as she achieved her fantasy. Her breast`s as tight as over-filled balloons now, purple, bloated. My wife groaning now Ted pinching at her nipples through the thick lace of the blue nipples, she her eyes fixed on the face and breasts of her friend, gently swinging by her painful breasts, hardly noticing Teds grip in her nipples. Ada nodded at me so I got up and whispered for her to pull up on her arms, flipping the slack rope from the hook, so she was stood on her flat feet wrists still secure. I undid the wrap from her left breast, the blood running back causing her as much if not more pain than the suspension. A sharp ingress of breath, tears, shaking of her head, fingers gripping the rope. Matron`s eyes boring into her friends face, as if to transfer the pain, both women knowing that the second breast was still bound. My wife called to Ted to take off her bra if he wanted, he took no bidding, her naked breasts quickly wallowing in his hands, nipples sticking out between thumb and palm. She hissed “hurt me please, pinch me, squeeze them please Ted.”Ted began slowly gently squeezing, gripping pinching at her breasts and her nipples as I undid the other of Ada`s breast she, Ada, began to moan loudly, nearer to a scream, both women began to climax together, the sound from each woman goading on the other to greater heights. Erotic, yes, cathartic, a turning point, you`d better belive it, even I came as both women shook and grunted their way through separate but combined momentous cums brought on by their separate pain. We all rested, matron bare breasted still secure in her seat, Ada still cuffed but sitting now on the sofa between Ted and I, Her breast slowly returning to the more correct colour. She held out her wrists and we removed the two soft leather straps. She knelt before her friend, my wife of many years and slowly fitted the cuffs to her wrists, quietly talking to the now silent woman, saying did she understand a little more now and that it was her turn if she was still ready. The throat rope was released then the straps from her arms. Without a word she stood then took Teds hand, he rose, and she stood for him to attach her to the rope lifts. The ropes tightened till her arms were above her, not tight but enough. She looked magnificent, stood her arms up her breasts pink from his grip, her belly slack and overhanging the roll-on, tight and blue its crutch damp, rolls of fat on the leg tops 5 feet and two inches, 17 stone, of flabby magnificence, her face defiant, she looked at us sat watching, then turned to Ted and quietly said “do whatever you have fantasised of all these years, bring me to a climax such as I`ve not had before, just hurt me please.” “Wow.” I could think of no more erotic a thing to say in this world.He asked if she wanted a gag but it was refused, so he fetched a whip from his box, then showed her the long leather thongs, “just a dozen as it`s your first time” she nodded her acceptance and whispered “all over please” then added “hard.” Even my dick began to dribble, Ada took hold of my soft dick and I slid my hand into her crutch the fingers finding the clit and her wet slot but our eyes never leaving matrons face. We heard the whistle of those thong`s, the slap of the leather, saw the long leather strips wind across the wide back and wrap over the shoulder, we both saw her twitch and heard her groan, the second quickly wrapped around her torso finishing at her front, red lines appeared across the flabby belly, another groan, this time near a scream then the single request to slow down escaped her lips. A second passed then the third stroke swished through the air this struck her ample arse, the roll-on taking the brunt though she still moaned loudly and shook her body as the stroke bit., the fifth and sixth landed in the same area with much the same effect. Ada whispered “she`s loving this” my dick now stiff as it had been for months, and my fingers sloppy now with her wetness.Ted had stopped taking a break, letting her take breath, woosh the leather was back in action it hit above her sex, wrapping itself across her lower belly.The body writhed and the gasp was long and loud, the second landed on her backside once more, and her groan was louder, ted poised himself once more to wrap the leathers over her back, when he saw her lips moving. He expected her to say her safe word, so he placed his ear near her and she whispered “take it off and don’t forget my tits please!”His face looked shocked, he glanced white of face at us, then shrugged slid his hands down her hips forced the roll-on down and to drop down her legs, he looked deep into her face and said, three more, she nodded. From the front, his eyes on hers he swung the whip down hard with a swish, whack, the thongs wrapped themselves across her soft rump, no roll-on now to protect her, she screamed as the leather bit into her soft meaty cheeks, they waited, she nodded and raised her head, a clear indication of his target.Over his shoulder came that whip, the thongs swishing viciously as they passed his ears, they struck my wife`s breasts, with a sound that said they were not playing, livid red lines appeared down the cleavage the inner sides of the breasts I loved so much, tearing skin painfully. Her body tense to begin with, twisting and jumping back in obvious severe pain. This was a moment when I nearly jumped forward, but my companion held me tight in my seat by my tool whispering “she wouldn’t thank you, eddy, just one more” It took all my willpower to remain seated, Matron fixed Ted with a meaningful stare, then slowly and with a deliberate motion she opened her legs., then whispered “from behind please” Ted moved behind her, that last stroke was a sizzler the thongs swished and as if in slow motion wrapped themselves up between her open legs to slap against her open slot, her scream was pitiful and she slumped in the support of the wrists. Ada screamed her climax, my seed and teds mingling on the floor in a pool, In seconds she was on that couch, she came too and she smiled weakly, then she asked “will that save my friend from too much pain?”I kissed her, I couldn’t think of anything more to say.We had had our pussy-whipping, perhaps to the wrong target, but there was little left to better the climax on that afternoon.