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They used to take me to theaters and make me sit between them...As soon as the lights went dim, they used to play with my boobs and pussy and made sure, others watched...It would give me a strong kick

Me And Bhabhi Four Times Lovely Sex


After seeing her in this situation I had masturbate in my room. In lunch period she called me to have lunch and she had told me my brother has gone for some office tour for 10 days. As I heard this so



Jericho saw the car rocking as he stepped out of the brush, and he knew what was going on. "God DAMMIT, Kacey!" he roared. I could hear him, even with Bunyan's knees up against the sides of my head. T

Feeling Slutty


ok, so I was there in the wet sauna room and to show off and let the other guys know I was ready to have fun, I sucked that guy's cock it was fine as before hard with a big rounded head, I sucked his

Sex, Lies and Conquest


The two guards on night patrol were truly an unlucky couple. One had welcomed his first c***d into the world, and the other was there because of an unlucky roll of the dice. The night was hot, and soo

Daddy Fantasy – Bree


Bree had her wrists secured to her thighs. She was leaning forward at the edge of the bed with her pretty feet hanging in the air. Her face was pressed into the sheets. She looked like a triangle f

Samantha's Breezy Shorts - The Wrestler


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"- and weighing in at 128lbs, she is the World Women's Wrestl



As ive said before we lived in a street where people would always stop and say hello whoever you are and this particular day was no exception, I had gone off to college and my sister had gone to work

Invitation to the Party


Thomas fretted. He shouldn't fret, he told himself, but he did. The course of his fretting was his wife Suzanne. In the five years of the marriage he had no need to fret, or to worry. It was more t

Late Night, very kinky, sexy time


I started by standing behind her and kissing her neck, caressing her and scratching her back. She took her yoga pants off, then her shirt, and finally her panties. Once they had fallen to the I saw ho

Watching the Boys Part 13


I quickly glanced over and made out the silhouettes of Mister Grossa and Bryan standing just inside the bedroom. Both of them, their cocks erect, staring directly at me. Bryan had a lust filled look o

Journey into Servitude

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It was understandable that the young 18 year old was nervous. He was about to be assfucked for the very first time. This is a big moment in the life of anyyoung man, especially a young man who up unti

Secret Watcher: Part 2 His Story


Several years ago I had been on a business trip to Anaheim for the local trade convention. I was staying next door at the Hilton. They had just remodeled and the rooms were beautiful. One nice additi

Rachael: Cuckold Wedding Ch. 01


James let his eyes wander around, looking at the gathered crowd. His wedding reception was quite large, thanks to his rich parents. James only knew about half of the people who were standing around, d

Camping by our favourite lake


"It is the one with the basecamp by the small lake between the three mountains", she had explained to me. We were to set up a basecamp there and do a few over-the-day drips in the area.It was a hot su

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Zakir took another step forward finally in the path of the first of the showerheads. The water cascaded down over his chest running down his body in little rivulets. Amina had to fight to keep still.

My very own sex slave


I have to be honest with myself and admit this. I am a good person with a good heart I truly am!. I know this will sound messed up but If I had a home in the suburbs or country with a basement or extr

fucking my friend at work


There was this girl named Jenny, she worked in the bakery. She was about 5’ 5” tall, her breast was small maybe A cup. We became friends. She worked 3rd shift, and I worked 2nd so I got to see her be

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After all the chit-chat that usually fucking bores me, we finally arrived at her place, where I had her standing, fully clothed and with her face against the wall, that`s how fucking ugly she is, my c

Enough Is Enough


"Enough is enough!" Bob had heard people say those words hundreds, maybe thousands of times. He had never said them, never thought them. Until the weekend three weekends before his tenth anniversary.O

The holiday beach cabin with mum

Old & Young

I had placed the chair behind mum as she laid on her back holding her book up reading it, I couldn't help but find myself peeking through my sun glasses and her body in just her bikini. My mum is 54 a

A Big Misunderstanding

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"Can I lie on your lap?"Tim's eyes widened a bit, not sure what to say. He was downstairs watching a movie with his stepdaughter and she was already molded up against him. Every breath brought her one

Sunny Daze Threesome (MFF) - Part 1

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Sunny: Thanks, so much for inviting me over for a swim! Been looking forward to this!Racquel: No problem, especially after you told me how hot and gross you felt as you were sitting at home last weeke

First Anal


My favourite way to masturbate has always been to rub my clit with a finger or old lipstick tube in my arse. This always gets me off! I’ve fantasised about having a cock up my arse, but always been to

Wifes Surprise Gift. Part 1 (FANTASY THAT WILL BEC


She knows how much I want her to be a real slutty wife with absolutely no inhibitions, so she agreed to let me train her up.She said she wants to take things slow until she builds up the confidence in

Jo takes control


I had a dream last night. A hot sexy dream of me and you. When I woke up early, before the sun came up, I had a hard on that I had to stroke reliving what I had dreamt. . .. . . You were sitting on th

A Black Cuckold Anthology


I met Mohammed Anwar and his wife Aisha online. I joined this website called Bisexual Club International for fun and games, and it was supposed to be like Facebook for bisexual guys and their admirers

How i Learnt The Pleasure of Anal


This narrative is the journey that lead up to my first experience with anal sex. The details I have here are as accurate as I can recall and any dialog is essentially the best of what I can remember n