My first


when I was 18 my mother had a girl from up the street come in and tutor ( really babysit) my younger brother she was 23 and oh so beautiful I used to play football and had come in from practice one da

Football Star


When Bill hit his middle teen years and puberty, he started asking questions about sex. My husband was his best friend and they talked about everything. Then one night my husband told me to go talk to

Roulette by loyalsock


"Three sevens.""Full House. Queens over threes. Pay up, Andrea."Agonizingly slow. Still, closer and closer. Both had lost (first their left, then their right) spike heeled sandals. Their deliberate ca

wife having sex with another man


One night I finally got up the nerve to ask if Tina was ready to make our fantasy a reality. She acted shocked that I would suggest such a thing, but I knew the gears were turning in her head.Later sh

What Katie did on the Balcony. By katie_tt


-----It is a week after the non-event in the parking station. It is another warm autumn day in Sydney, one of those glorious days when the sky is a deep, cloudless blue, a slight hint of an ocean br

Helping out my neighbour


After a couple of minutes i had managed to fit the bulb and replace the light-shade even though my hands were shaking as Sheila mashed and kneaded at my cock and balls. I then pulled Sheilas hand out

Big One


so like a rookie I assumed it was eight. I was off work and said hello, he asked if he was every going to get a chance to fuck my sweet ass.I'm very into playing with my ass when I jerk-off but only o


Girl Masturbating

Several months ago, on another site I was chatting with Badpappy. He mentioned what a thrill it might be for us to dock with each other. He mentioned it again last month. As luck or good fortune woul

My Chemical Romance 1. by loyalsock


"What?" She asked me, her hand traveling to my face. She traced my jaw line with her finger. I grabbed it and kissed it. Jayda had the most beautiful coffee-colored skin I'd ever seen. How in the worl

I feel I took advantage of my aunt who had to much

Big Ass

My aunt is moms younger sister. She is 20 years older than I am and her husband is 10 years older than she is. The first time we did anything was a party on the farm with a band and probably a few hun

Yet Another Company of Women


bybyronbgeo©"This isn't happening," said Kyle, almost to himself, although Erika was sitting across from him at her desk. She was very attractive with her raven hair cut short, and a revealing blouse.



on the wall justbefore reaching for the knob. She smiled to herself, knowing she wasboth excited andnervous. With a swing of the door, his smile put her at ease."Hi, I'm Brian." She returned his smile

Defloration & sex education in Olsztyn/PL stpt


Irene was anxious that he wouldn’t love her anymore. But he assured her, that nothing had changed in his love and made sweet compliments to her that she was a ‘real woman’ now.[pic Irenes nasse Muschi

Meeting a SilverDaddy


Went to Ft Myers Fla on Christmas Holiday. Weather was perfect. Feeling Horny and wanted to suck a cock. I login to Silverdaddies see if any other guys my age. Turned out couple guys my age in the a

Helped by my coach


I felt like an outcast, since my cock while soft was still more than twice the size of most other guys. Of course, what the guys saw in the shower got out and everyone soon talked about it.I got appro

Christmas & New Year's Japanese Anal Sex


About six months ago I started talking to two Japanese girls, one was 32 and the other 26, these girls are cute! Anyway, the 32 yo old lives in Osaka, Japan while the other lives in Tokyo which works

Milking my wife Angelique's huge tits like sh


My dumb ass wife Angelique always tried to please me from the very first day we met no matter what it was in everyway she could, to show me how much she “so called” really loved and wanted to stay wit

Remember Me???


“You’re scheduled to meet her at the first house in twenty minutes, sir,” answered his new short and plump secretary.“Alright then. I better get going.”“Roger that, sir. I emailed you the location and

How I became the woman I am today

Big Cock

I used to be a shy and innocent k** in highschool. No one really wanted to be my friend, no guy thought I was hot or something like that. I was feeling kind of down at some point. My parents were pret

Danni's First Threesome

High School

"Sure. What's up?" I wait for a few minutes, the way she's biting her bottom lip clueing me in that she's nervous and unsure of herself right now. "What's going on?" My concern is rising with each pas

Life of Getting Freaky


Well living in Las Vegas during the 80's and 90's might have added to my wild side and even though I had been married just a few years I still could not feel my need for crossdressing without her know

Zoe's story


Absentmindedly she leant over and picked up a magazine from the top of the pile. It wasn’t for quite a few moments until she realised what she was leafing through. On the double page in front of her e

The Taming of Amy II - Submission


As I turned down the street to my house I started to wonder if Amy would still be the willing slut she had been the night before. I had serious doubts despite the reassurance of the old pharmacists. I

Una Brava Mamma Per Ogni Occasione

High School

Io sono la Mamma, il mio compito è rendere felice e contento mio figlio assecondando ogni sua richiesta e tenendomi sempre pronta a soddisfare ogni suo desiderio.Mio figlio vuole che io sia sempre una

Motorcycle Rose


Father's Day dawned crisp and clear. At least that's what I was told. It happened about 3 hours before I crawled out of bed. By the time I got my eyes open it looked like a great day for a ride. U

Cindy First BJ

Group Sex

This event happens back in my early teen years.Cindy was a neighbor girl that lived about a mile down the road from me. Since she and her older s*s was the only k**s my age within walking distance we

with a dominat married top


On the third day, I left work early.. Bought me hair removal cream and went home to shave.. I was all smooth after an hour .. Legs, chest, ass.. All smooth.. Took a shower and cleaned my bowls. Got dr

I Always Wondered


I admit it. I always wondered. Even before my first experience I thought about it more than once. Even though I thought about it I still tried to deny my desires, especially publicly. All guys have th