High School

I answered: “I was thinking what a very beautiful and perfect woman you are”. “You say that just because you are horny” she said. “Yes, I´m always horny and I want to fuck you” I said. “Every cell in

Trish loves being a slut


and it was Jack. What are you doing today he asked and I had no plans as Nolan wasnot coming home to see me, again. Who knows, maybe Kathy wasspreading her legs over his head again as they “hiked.” Ja

1st time double penetration


This appointment was going to be different; I was making my husband go as punishment for what he did a few days ago. I had gone with him for his appointment and he embarrassed the heck out of me! My h

Old/Young Sex Fantasy.


I have not changed any names. If you know who you are, then you know me inside out.I hope others will enjoy my delve into the(almost)perfect scenario.Having just retired I decided it was time to visit

Margie's Panties


On the last day, when they were due back later in the night, I went over to check on things and let Sandy out. I arrived at their house, through the kitchen and let Sandy out the back door. Then it da

Life Change for sister and I pt.2


"I'll help cause I'm not staying in here without you, with all that thundering going on." then a flash of lightning lit the sky up.I pulled my, now hard dick, out of Clare's pussy to hear, Clare moan,

Cockatoo part 10


Nikkie SilkMy heart skipped a beat as I heard Shane’s voice from behind me and felt his hand on my shoulder. It couldn't be, I thought, I must be so tired I was hallucinating. Alex said, ‘Hi Shane, gl

Mother in Law 2


My wife entered first exchanged the usual pleasantries, kissing her mum and dad and proceeding in,I entered after her dad having being second for my wife I shook his hand and he turned away, I went fo

New Lover Hotel (Part 5) Fun With Food


I sit on the edge of the bed, the finger shaped jam and cream doughnuts opened on the bedside cabinet. You kneel between my open legs. You scoop out some filling with your finger, cradle my erection i

Panty thief part 4


The car packed we set off for our hotel in the old town in Benidorm. An hour later we were checking into the hotel and first impressions were good. In was air conditioned everywhere, and the place loo

Caught Mom with Best Friend (Trilogy)


The following is based on a true story… My friend Ryan and I have been friends since high school. We would hang out at each other’s houses. We eventually graduated from high school and went to college



She had been home from her travels for a couple of weeks and I was lying on her bed. Absent-mindedly turning the pages of my magazine, she walked in, reached in one of her draws and retrieved a tube o

Frannie's Femboy


When I was finishing high school, I did a lot of different jobs to raise money. I mowed grass, worked part-time on a construction crew, and pumped gas, all to raise funds for college. I had been accep

Denise's Erotic Porn Star Life


I followed Tim into his place and we made small talk about the character I would be playing until we entered his front door. “Would you like something to drink?” he asked and I agreed to a diet soda,

Double Barrel


Mark and I have been friends since we were five. We met in kindergarten and pretty much were inseparable all the way through high school, college and to this day. Pee Wee football, junior varsity, var

Mommy Sits on my Lap part 2


Mom wore a white two piece skirt and jacket. The skirt came to mid-thigh and the jacket nearly covered the skirt. The band was appropriately playing the song by 'Cake': "I Want a Girl In a Short Skirt

Young Wife Tied


When we were married we had a big brass bed and somehow developed a fondness for tying her to the bed with my neckties and blindfolding her with one of her scarves. Typically, she would wear stocking


Big Tits

I have made eye contact with the guy a couple of times. He is really good looking, about my age, clean shaven, grey hair, glasses & neatly dressed. I pointedly made eye contact and then looked over to

Fucking her was like a d**g is never experience be


She crawled in bed beside me while we continued to watch movies. I completely had the tv tuned out at this point. All I could think about is my cock being pressed against her nice tight ass. The tip o

Mature's are best


“Funny that, as your mum told me half an hour ago you hadn’t been there tonight”.“Oh………………shit!”Calmly and clinically, she went on to tell me how she wasn’t coming home after a week as planned, would

A good beating and more Part 3


The next day, Sunday, I went to the toilet shaking with fear and stripped naked as ordered. The marks from the previous days whipping had turned black, the welts, covering my whole body back and front

Becky's Lover


provocatively, rarely wearing a bra, and giving all the men who see her a big thrill. Her breasts are just right, not so big they sag but more than enough to play with. Her braless thick nipples are a

Doing Jessica and Getting a Big Surprise


She was really good looking, her bikini barely covering her big amazing tits and drop-dead ass and legs. She was sunning by the pool, her skin slick with oil and sweat. I had been watching her, trying

Introducing my slave, Jason!!!


One of the things in life we really are deprived of as human beings while incarcerated is sex. A prisoner's sex life can plummet or skyrocket depending on his attitude and outlook on the situation. I

Summer fun 4


Another thing that kept us indoors more often was that I got a new video gaming system for my birtday in June, when I turned foertein. One day David told me he had found something new to add to our ga

Birthday birching between birches #2


Jenny seduces five fine friends to fetch fruits from my great garden, awesome apples, pretty peachesJenny seduces five fine friends to land across my lap and find themselves back bound between birches

Case #8: It's Barbie's Fault


This was the first "Reverse Seduction" case we had discussed in our Group Therapy Sessions. Due to the nature and sensitivity of the topic, all names and locations have been changed. "Please,Daddy?""U