Derrick BBC

Big Tits

She invited Derrick over to the house for an early afternoon talk before the k**s got home from school on Friday afternoon. Wanting to see how things went I left work early. Our house has a long drive

I took some convincing…


I was traveling for work. Being alone in a hotel room gives a married guy too much temptation. I jumped on Squirt and surfed around looking for some attention. That's when Jonathan instant messaged m

Compulsive masturbators

Big Tits

I don’t know. I suppose it all depends on their mental fortitude. But I imagine after prolonged forced chastity, the male mind will grow weak to influence and suggestion if it means the reward of sexu

My Perverted Sexual Cravings 3


The following week end Mark told Cindi about letting Mel fuck him."Gee Mark,what did he say,did he like it?""Yeah,he did,he liked it a lot s*s."Did you do it to him also?""No,but I think I can,at leas

Jamie's Descent Part 5


Fiona loosened the ball gag from my mouth and I gulped in lungfuls ofair. My jaw hurt like hell and my arse felt like it was on fire and Islumped straight to the floor. Immediately, I felt tears sprin

A girl's 1st time sex


She took off her shoes and climbed over the fence into the Field. The moon was high so it wasn't to dark. She had not got far when she heard voices, it was J and his mate, she tried to run. To late th

Just keeps getting better just keeps getting worse

Old & Young

I remember I had just received my very first digital camera from my parents for Christmas a few days ago. I walked over to my friend’s house to show him the camera. Now I had known these guys for year

The sleep Over


We were suppose to camp out in his back yard. There were two tents already set up in his yard. Jeff a cool guy. We have a few classes together. He is dating this really hot girl for quite some time. I

Cat’s Curiosity


[Cat doesn't mind when people find out about her 'friend'. Not a lot do, outside of her f*mily, and though Cat didn't come out and say, she doesn't shy away when asked. The first flashback will be how

Sissy Tom, Marsha, and Me

Girl Masturbating

I gave his cock a final lick and stood up. Licking my lips with the bit of precum that had found its way onto my tongue. I kiss him and his tongue probed my lips seeking that taste of precum he knew w

Shy wife blindfolded and shared


This is a true story of how a husband can share his wife without her knowing and you'll have to decide if I've broken her trust or I'm leading her and myself to a better life.We're Dave and Michele an

Dominant Facefucker in Atlanta


I therefore searched various sites to see if I could find some horny men to suck off.On “Craiglist” I stumbled on an ad which rose my interest.Dominant Bi-Top, 54, 6.4, 280, very hairy is looking for

Michele's Mistake - 2


Chapter OneI slept fitfully for about four hours. I didn’t have another erotic dream and somehow, I’m upset about that. I did have a text when I woke up. It said that I should use the debit card he ga

Tiffany's New Boss Chapter 2


She headed to her car and sped away from the haulage yard and back to her house where she enjoyed a nice hot shower, she desperately scrubbed her face and hair hoping that it would make the memory of

A short story of the past good days.


started having full sex. This was at the age of about1three or 1four. We never thought to write down the exactdate and time. Tim was asleep in bed with me after our parents went to sleepfor the nig

NC hmong sis in law


Next story will be of J4 weekend in MN in 2015. Stay tuned for more of this hoe Pa Xiong.



The wedding was fun. It was big, but it was not what they always say a place to meet women. Most of the women were married and the few that wasn't were either too old or too young. Sure I could fuck s

My First Time Skinny Dipping


I was a volunteer, one of about 40 and only one of 10 or 11 males, and the volunteers rooms and club house had their back to a secluded side of the beach informally knows as Volunteers Beach and more

He Did it in My Mouth


... first time, on my knees, dim basement, older man. I was quite young when I learned that the word “cocksucker” was more than just a word and that some males used the word to provoke others. And, I

Part 4 Karen’s Night of Hell


Chapter 4, Karen’s Night of HellKaren woke up when the trunk was opened. She noticed that they were inside a garage and there were no windows to indicate how long it had been since she left the porn

M.M.P.R: Kimberly Becomes "Katty" Part 3


Besides being athletic, pretty and popular, Kimberly was also smart.After school she had a meeting of the student council to attend. Officially she was the vice president but she was held in such high

A tribute to Joy


So one day when I was travelling on business I decided I would try on some women’s clothes just to see how I would like wearing them. I didn’t want to go to a major department store, the embarrassment

Fools Errand


Part 1.The Matron of House K’lers needed rare and precious herbs for her rituals andPriestess Zara got the assignment to find it. She had to get it done fast, orshe would be punished severely if Matro

Girl loses her black virginity


The only people that know this story are me and the guy that was involved. I thought telling the story in writing and confessing on this site might make me feel better, and it has. I ask the people th

Sissy's first time at a busy gloryhole


I put on my little plaid skirt and pink stockings ( its sort of my favorite outfit lol. Maybe i should get some new stuff... hehe) and i put on a white long sleeved victorias secret dallas cowboys shi

Educating Ariel

Hairy Pussy

na![/u] - My actual name :)“Ariel”, I whispered as I came to sit next to you on your bed, you were taking a nap and looked up at me and smiled. I remember that smile, it was the same one you’ve given

Choices: That Old Flame


Choices: That Old Flame by patricia51©(Since some other friends have been writing stories suggested by songs and song lyrics I thought I'd try myself. The song "Old Flame" was written by Donny Lowery

Pantyhose cuckold


" You can come in now" she says and you walk through the door. I begin to say something but she stops me and tells me to shut up and sit and watch. You walk up to her and begin to undress her, peeling