Nuns Initiation by loyalsock


She went and instructed the 3 new nuns to head over to the rectory as told. There were sisters Natalie, Maria, and Theresa. All were about 25. All were new to the parish. All of them were going to get

The Health Teacher


Months had passed since the incident with Ms. Brisk and we had a sex buddy kind of relationship. We'd meet up whenever she felt the urge for a good fuck and I was never one to turn down a woman's requ

My Stepdaughter's Renters


(True Story) My stepdaughter was 23 at the time. She still lived with us, on our property, in a mobile home we bought for her about 500 feet from our house. She decided she wanted to start taking

Friends wife Andrea Chapter 2


I heard Andrea shout down good morning to me as I walked through to the kitchen while Gareth put the kettle on and told me to chill out for 20 minutes while he drove the k**s to school as Andrea did n

True Story - I Fucked a BBW & I loved it


Only the names have changed to protect her.I thought I would write this story after the person no longer works for me.They have moved to another state.I own a small company that installs and maintains

Dolly's Affair


Dolly and I had been married for 15 years. During that time she had given birth to two k**s and put 60 pounds on her once petite 5'3" frame. At 165 pounds Dolly was certainly chunky but to me she was

The Forbidden Pleasures of Single Parenting.


I am 32 now, and I often think back to that day 17 years back. I can remember it because it was on my birthday, and I was awoken from my deep slumber with my daddy lying part on top of me, moving in a

Turned my Mistress

Big Tits

'Good, you're awake,' Came a sultry voice. I heard loud clicking and out of the corner of my eye I saw a hazy black shadow tower above me. My mind wanted to say, 'who are you?' But all that came out w

sex in south india on job


She also i think started to like me one day in nite i called her and at the end i asked her to gimme a kiss over a kiss. she got stunned by this move of mine and told that she is not my gf . I said th

Moving in with Jim and Candy - Part 4


Later in the summer, I had to work an overnight shift at the store. It was pretty dead other than the guys and couples that came in to play at the glory hole. When I got home, Jim and Candy were getti

Interracial Office. Tony and Paula


Anthony Stewart Smith stood looking out across the southern part of the city thinking. He saw his tailored dark gray pinstripe suit reflected like a ghost image in the window and he smiled. He had c

Disney Girls Don't Have Sex – Part 2


"So, what's wrong?"Blinking a few times Demi Lovato awoke from her thoughts to see her best friend and secret girlfriend Selena Gomez reflected in the mirror that the younger girl was sitting in front

Craigslist bear daddy! Part 1


''130lbs, smooth, slim virgin twink boi looking for older hairy, big daddy for play this week. Looking to fuck, suck and whatever else daddy has in mind. Safe sex only.'' No timewasters and attach pic

Miss Lucy


by Anonymous (Address withheld by request)***In 1950, when I was 12, we moved across town into a nicer rental house. It was an older 2-bedroom house, with a small house in the back yard. This back yar

What happened?


Families with other c***dren left the pool randomly or someone would walk through the gate and call other k**s back, leaving me eventually alone and bored. So being alone eventually I got out of the p

happy new year momy

Group Sex

I envy many of my girlfriends that have a dad and a mom. My dad was killed in a work accident when I was eight. The insurance money went to pay off all the bills so mom didn't have to worry. The small

Hockey Buddy and His Wife - Part 8


I was sitting in the chair, had taken off my shoes and sox and was sipping my drink. Katie looked at me with her sparkly eyes as she sucked Petes dick. Then she smiled and said, “We need to get Greg

Joyce Dickinson part 9

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"Morning gorgeous, you ready""For what?""Your funny!.... Sex of've shagged me all night. Your fucking insatiable""How many times?" "One less than mum so far""Oh....whys my mouth feel so..

A 'loving' family.

Group Sex

My wife's mum (Joyce) was a sweetheart,a plump lady in her 60's who was divorced and semi-retired.She'd been a full time legal Secretary but now did 2 afternoons a week.Gil and I were made for each,bo

The Castle


Chapter 1Jackie Roberts was in high spirits… it was her daughter’s wedding day and everything had worked out perfectly thus far. The weather had been kind to them… and the service was beautiful. She l

iSummer, chapter 1


[Sequel to iStartLife]Carly, Sam, and Freddie arrive back in Seattle. It was May 20th and it was raining."Oh Seattle weather, how I have missed you." Carly said with a sarcastic smirk.Sam and Freddie


High School

I was new to the cheerleading squad, and our team, a pro-ball team, demanded the best looking girls. I was surprised I made it, since I don't consider myself that good looking. True, I've never had tr

The Photo by loyalsock


Even though the building was in a run down part of town both Vera and Alana were surprised to find that the studio offices were really quite nice, with fresh wallpaper and what looked like new furnitu

Jenny and I-2


Ever mindful of the hints that I had received from the previous time, I rubbed my cock head up and down in her pussy slit to make sure that it was wet with her lubricating oil. Jenny was dripping liqu

2015 sex so far


JAN 28I'd been talking to a guy called Oralseeker on a website who lived close by and we arranged for him to pick me up in an hour. He told me he wasn't going to fuck me but he did have a few toys and

Regrets part 2


I catered to my bosses every whim. Usually anal. I would go into his office two maybe three times a week and gag on his rod and then proceed to be anally assaulted. Sometimes he would fuck my pussy bu

Couple with stranger man


"Ready for what?""I don't know!""Well what does the invitation say?" You shout down the stairs at me. "I just told you. That's all it said!""You are remarkably unhelpful" you complain and retreat back

Craigslist Chronicles Ch. 02

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Cindy wrapped her legs around my head forcing my tongue deeper into her pussy as she screamed in pleasure. "OH FUCK YES ALLEN!! MMM EAT MY TIGHT LITTLE PUSSY!" In response I slid a finger into her ass