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My name is Roger Jarnic, or RJ for short. I am 32, 6', 220lbs. I was on my way home from my mundane 9-5 job, when I came acrossed a car with it's hood up on the side of the road. It's hood was up, and

Hockey Buddy and His Wife - Part 5


I kissed Katie and said, “Wow you look beautiful.” Katie smiled and said, “And I'm not even naked yet!” We kissed for a minute or two then I sat down in a kitchen chair and pulled her to me. Katie's t

Daddy's Party Girl


When we got out of the car he led me by the collar to the club. There was a small neon sign above the door, flickering and flashing in pink. It was called pistols. Muffled techno was coming from upsta

Babysitter nailed


The door opened and in walked Terry totally naked, “oh my god Gill I am so sorry” as he tried to cover his well endowed cock, Gill closed her eyes and tried to leave but bumped into Terry and fell ove

Best Cardio Ever


She was about your height, 5’ 4, and it was her brown skin that first caught my eye. She looked like she was maybe Filipino. Around 40 I guessed, but it was hard for me to tell. Not that mattered thou

Swinger Sex Party at the Robert's House


Yesterday evening my mother said to me, "Melissa, my br*other Paul, his wife Cindy and their son Andy are coming over at nine o'clock for another swinger sex party like we had last month. Make sure th

Submissive Shopping Trip

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I had just finished work as my Master sent me a message, 'Are you up for going to get your Christmas present?' To which I replied, yes sir. Little did I know, this was to be a shopping trip with added

I'm glad you like them, now good night, honey


I had been divorced for a long time by then, not dated much. I got looks and some offers, but I kept myself pretty busy -- too busy -- between work and Jake at home. I was almost 40 at that point, and

My Wife's New Job


Things hadn't been going so smoothly for me lately with work, coupled with some expected large outgoings, our finances weren't looking great.'You know its been tough for me lately!', I replied. 'Maybe

Madges Visit


The arse fucking over the breakfast bar lifted her spirits and she started to get her act in order. Starting with the constant stream of people fixing waxing and generally buffing her, first fixing th

Babysitter comes home from college for my birthday


My wife and I had just finished a quiet romantic candle lit dinner and were washing the dishes when McKenzie showed up. I was leaning against the counter with my wife a few feet in front of me and McK

Cat The Businessman #3


Cat's slight body shivered as Trina's lips touched lightly on her bare shoulder. She could feel Trina pressed up against her back, Trina's fingers working the zip of Cat's dress down slowly. Cat's min

Step daughter dilema


As she grew into a beautiful teen I benefitted from all of her equally beautiful friends coming over to the house on vists. As I was not a full generation in age ahead of them I was a bit of a curiosi

How it Ended up Being Mom and Me 2


"Yes I hope so. I'm Mrs. June Harriason, I'm here to see my daughter Magan Harriason that was brought in from a car accident.""Okay, hold on a minute and I'll be right back." the woman then stood up a

The Nerd – Part 2


The car was parked on a side street. It was after dark, and there was nobody around, all of which made Pete breathe a sigh of relief as they climbed in. He looked at Cassie.“Sorry, s!s, but I have to

Moe, the Fuckslut

Beach Sex

Moe is a very slutty fuckdoll. She often forgets to wear her panties and sits with her legs open showing off her open vagina and hoping that someone is going to fuck her. Very often, someone does.When

Bed side manner........


I took Mistress her early morning cup of tea and she offered to take me to the doctors on her way to work. I text Tony who readily agreed to bring me home by taxi. We left in good time and headed to t

My Daughter Did Porno - My Wife!


This story continues the tale of a Dad who discovers his daughter has done a porn video. There are two previous chapters."Holy Shit!" Was my response as my daughter informed me that her mom had also d

Becoming a Slut


Fuck I been getting down on my knees for a few years now, every since I wascaught given a guy a blow job by my father. Fuck lets start at thebeginning .My name is Peter I live in the united kingdom in


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Ok so John showed up I walked out an got into his car. So until last night I had never let another guy touch me or anything but have wanted to but just to scared to. Well anyways I was wearing some gy

Hottest 3way Part 2

High School

She lead me downstairs to their beautifully decorated rec room. They had a full bar, pool table, fireplace, huge sectional couch and the biggest tv I have ever seen. On the Perfect! Hub

Joanna "JoJo" Levesque. “OHHHHH YE


As I drove, I listened to Metallica. I had the windows down, and the stereo blasting. “Fuck it all, and fucking no regrets!” I sang along, while swerving through mediocre traffic, doing a hundred mile

Alan's Story

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she would never get caught. Like any other day, she was in typical jogging attire onlycuter than any other mid- thirties woman that ran around the lake, and probably the onlyblonde. Whatever guilt she

Couples date with fantasy


By IraBumblefield**Deb and I (Ben) had been married for ten years with two c***dren, Christopher (8) and Melinda (6). Both of us worked and in recent years it seems the demands of our jobs and our c**

iStartLife, Chapter 3

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"Sam, I want to talk about you and Freddie.""Now?" Sam asked as she squeezed some mustard on her turkey sandwich."Yeah.""Okay, well, what do you want to know?""For starters, how did you and very ended

A lovely encounter (story)

Group Sex

I can see her moving round the room but only from the shoulders up as she got dressed then she came back to the window to look and see if I'm still watching, why would I not be? She held the gaze agai

Sex Tourism - for Jon


I started chatting with a guy called Jon. I live in the north-west, he lived down south. I thought I was pretty safe from 'having' to meet up with him, the distance being a good excuse.But unexpecte


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I was pushed back onto the sofa in the penthouse, my coat opened and my little dress being pushed up. He held my legs in the air and kissed my stockings and high heels. His tongue ran down my thighs o