The New Neighbour Chapter 1


Chapter 1Upon arrival home...i was greeted with a beautiful sight..there you were busy cleaning out the garage next door.... i got out of the cab and moved up the came out sweat running

Pate's evening out


We sat in a booth and I would take the ice from the drinks and slide it into her pussy and one into her asshole... Then sit back for a few minutes and watch her squirm. As she squirms I can see her ni

Just a Job


His words were “Darling, I will take the most expensive one and you can do to me whatever you want” I said “Of course, but please you have to pay in first”.He reached for his pocket and pull out bunch

Bored at work, here is a story of my time at Alton


I spend a few minutes walking, trying to calm myself down and to some distance between us. But I wasn't calming down,I was thinking about everything he said, and getting angrier, more infuriated, and

Kadını Türbanlı Sanıyordum Fahişe Çıkt

Hot Gay

Merhabalar. 23 yaşında yalnız yaşayan bi gencim. Benim bir komşum var. Bunlar evli bir çift ve onlarla geçen seks hikayemi size de anlatmak istiyorum. Komşumun eşi normalde türbanlı bir kadın. Ama ben

Strappn brother


I looked around to see my sister-in-law. I knew she came to this gym, but I'd never actually seen her there before. It was a Saturday morning, not my usual time for working out. "Oh, hi. I was, but th

Bus riding


I don't take regulary the bus, so I have to check.I found a night line that work until 00h30. So It's a good destination.I've planned to take the bus at 22h46 (I've 5 minutes to go to the bus stop).Th

Mystery Man


I reached for the ice bucket but found the ice melted. I grabbed a robe and the bucket and headed down the hall to the ice machine. This was a very nice hotel. And it is very quite late at night. Our

My trip to the adult bookstore for a toy

Big Tits

This story is 100% true hope you enjoy!I went to a local adult bookstore few months ago on my lunch hour that is near my work. I was just going to look at toys and outfits (they sell a bunch of strip

61 old perve`s 1


My friend Ted and I have been friends since school, I`m near 70 now he`s slightly younger and believe me with Ted and I nothing is a taboo subject. I know him near as well as I know myself, and to a

Age is just a number.


We had met the two of them through adult friend finder at our first attempt at Internet matchmaking, we had to admit at being surprised at their interest as they were just 19 and 20 and had been marri

i am a slut


I guess I came to 'sluttiness' early and naturally. In my early teens, when I felt the first stirrings of sexuality, I found my mother’s store of sex toys hidden in a bedroom drawer, which was usually

Three Big Boob Short Stories

Old & Young

Three Big Boob Short Stories– The Birthday Present, At The Drive In, Wal/Mart Mom & Daughter1st Big Boob StoryThe Birthday Present….It was my 18th birthday party. My parents let me sleep in, while th

Lesley part 19.

High School

iPhone set to pictures, he set about setting her up, in different poses, then adding his own cock... to every scene...playing the star role. Five minutes of taking pictures and he set his phone down a



and her parents. They were on their way to the horse races and asked my parents to go with them.Dad agreed they should go. Mum said what about the k**s, Dad said they should be able to look after them

Would you make me a discount??


Home alone again; Victor flying that early morning out of town. I was still in bed at midday, touching myself until I calmed down with an intense orgasm…Then I woke up, had a warm shower and dressed f

Cousin Gina


It all started when I was in 8th grade. Girls were drawing my attention more and more every day it seemed. I was becoming distracted by them during class and pretty much everywhere I went.Then one day

Watching TV


I bumped into her in the street one day and we had the usual sort of chat. I had recently finished with a girlfriend, who happened to be an acquaintance of hers, and the upshot was that I was invited

my Neighbour Black man -1


"I'll be working all night on that merger project and just be able to catch a couple of hours sleep at the office before my 9 a.m. meeting," my husband had said so convincingly a few minutes ago. He d

In the Neighborhood


One quiet summer Saturday morning, I had gone out before sunrise for a long hike in the countryside. I was getting back about eleven, cutting through the alleys and thinking about lunch. I was just ab

38 fantasy Birthdays treat for a scribe


Another birthday, spent with the wife, a Tuesday in March, usual sort of birthday , a meal with the family the highlight, to most just a meal, to me a mark of the fact I had passed another year and t

what a sexy story 2


আমার নাম লাবনী, বয়স ১৪ বছর, ক্লাস টেন এ পড়ি। আমি আব্বু আম্মুর বড় মেয়ে। আমার একটা ছোট ভাই আছে, ওর বয়স ৫ বছর। আমাদের চার জনের ছোট সংসার। আব্বু একটা প্রাইভেট ফার্মে চাকরী করে। আমার বয়স ১৪ বছর হলেও

Aunt Anne and Her Friends Ch. 01


She was always fairly tactile with me, but in a maternal sort of way rather than a sexual one. In fact I had never considered my aunt in a sexual way at all until that summer. She was attractive enoug


Big Tits

The road gently curved to the right, a long ribbon of black-grey asphalt twisting through the big trees. Bored already--the thought of another visit to her Grandmother’s wasn’t a good one--she turned

Frustrated League Cup Liverpool Home perfect endin


Phoenix Ticker May 9 morning, Premier League last game of the 37th. Liverpool sits Anfield home 4 to 1 victory over Chelsea. This is the second time the two ultimate teams clash in four days. FIFA Cup

MMF - BI -


If you read our stories then you’ll know what she’s talking about. I replied “If the situation turns up then I’ll do it for you” she said “Yes you will I do stuff for you” and I answered “But you enjo

Nuns Initiation by loyalsock


She went and instructed the 3 new nuns to head over to the rectory as told. There were sisters Natalie, Maria, and Theresa. All were about 25. All were new to the parish. All of them were going to get

The Health Teacher


Months had passed since the incident with Ms. Brisk and we had a sex buddy kind of relationship. We'd meet up whenever she felt the urge for a good fuck and I was never one to turn down a woman's requ