Number 67 - Story by MrsAnaC - Part Two


Part One here : The hours that followed on that Friday night went by quick: music in the background, some replying to e-mails, other messages and then proceeded to handle some tidying up including lau

33 Dawns Birthday near-treat


So as a scribe here I am again reporting one of Dawns escapades, Dawn as you know is a lady that I am pleased to say I write for, she has a cuckold hubby named Andy, and a master named Ray. Each year

Wife takes daughters friends virginity ;) 2


Anthony said, "Hi Mrs. C., I'm still all wound up from last night."My wife looked embarrassed and turned bright red, "Anthony, I'm very embarrassed about what we did last night. Let's just forget abou

Random Shopping Mall Hook Up


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~It was Thursday evening and I needed to get a fancy picture frame and have it engraved for my nephew’s high school graduation so I walked into the mall and went straight to

Lesbian twin s_ister Part 2


The sun was just rising behind the trees lines at the back of the pool when I woke up in Sara’s large king size bed; we were both naked. Her arms were wrapped somehow around me and she snuggled up tig

Opps....the end, or is it?


It took time for Jen, Sarah and I together. Jen met me at my door, and we went to Sarah's Door. As we waited for Sarah, Jen had her hand down my pants, playing with my cock. Her hands were massaging i

Tight teen at the bath house

Big Tits

It started early on.....when I was in maybe 4th grade. I shared a room with my brother who was a few years older than me. He was busy hitting puberty and had hormones pumping through him looking for a

A Desire Reawakened


She had been nineteen and I barely twenty when she gave birth to a baby daughter, Briana.Maria and I had a great marriage for twelve years despite marrying and having a c***d so young, until a drunk d

Ada's Special Mission


------------------------"Leon now!" Ada shouted.Leon hastily pulled Ashley out of the glass cylinder and carried her to a nearby door. Saddler, having already recovered by Ada's barrage of bullets, gr

My first Blowjob (true)


A couple of months ago i found myself alone in the house for a few days and of course i went straight to the porn sites to entertain myself. I ended up watching a video where a young blonde girl sinks

NFL Season Opener


“Come inside,” Marcus ordered.The twenty-six year old complied and said, “Yes, sir”It was a Sunday – the second one of September. Marcus had asked the pussyboi to come over before the game. It was the

My Slutty Mate


While that was fun, I still wanted a partner who was sexual, sensual, uninhibited, kinky and free of jealousy. One Winter I traveled to Las Vegas for a convention of yacht and charter boat owners, and

the church lady came by


She changed the topic to church and the books she had from there and how interesting they were to read. I nodded yes and asked what was so interesting to her in them, she said lots of things and it wo

Crossing Lines Chapter 2


“How’d it go?” Beth asked when I came home. “Did you get extended?”The image of Dr. Cargill’s extended 8 inch cock flashed across my mind. I drew a breath and announced that he had taken care of me. I

First Night Out in Yrs; Ending in k**napping &


Sexy shoes that wrapped up her calves, a tight shirt really showed off her nice ass. (Start in panties and a t-shirt. No touching yet) The straps stopped with her tight red shirt it really showed off

Transformation of Mr. Price – Chapter 2


When my eyes opened the room was dark. The TV was on, still muted, and some other woman was reporting the weather. I felt dizzy, dazed, and not sure of what had happened. I felt my hands on my cock

Stories I like: My wife's BBW Grandma


I am 28 years old and my wife is 26. She is 5'2" tall and weighs 105 lbs soaking wet. ;-) we had been married for a couple years when my wife's grandfather passed away and left her grandma all alone.

Kneel, Suck, Swallow (Part Two)

Hot Gay

Soon there was a knock at the door. I took my position cross-legged on the couch while Patricia answered the door. This man was older than the first inexperienced guy, probably in his late twenties o

My Little Slut Wife


Well so we went to meet her life long friend, Carrie, at a local hotel. Carrie is one I would love to bone. She could easily pass as Susan's sister they look so much alike. I have caught a glimpse of

متعة الالعاب الجنسية


في البداية ( الآنجري سكس ) هو لعبة مميزة يُنصح به الشريكين لرفع مستوي الإثارة بينهم وزيادة التفاعل والشغف الجنسي في العلاقة، وبيبقي كتجديد وتنفيس عن الضغوط الحياتية اللي بيعيشوها وبتأثر بشكل ما علي عل

57 From cheating housewife to who knows what? Pt1o


My name is Christine Slack, I live in a big west country town and I am married to Jack , yes I can hear you sniggering, Jack Slack! We have been married for 3 years and his name is very appropriate a



The afternoon sun beat down through the high windows of the gym, bathing the young slayers in a bright warm light. It didn't seem to bother them, especially with the air conditioning system blowing on

My moms sex slave


"Hi, Honey, what's wrong?" I asked, as she dropped her eyes and stared at her glass. I got the waiter's attention as I sat down across from her, and ordered a beer."I have something I have to tell you

Videochat log: Cindy humiliate me


Stranger: hiYou: m/f?Stranger: 38f, too old?You: noYou: okStranger: looking for a boy to humiliate, could that be you?You: yesStranger: niceStranger: stroke for meYou: okYou: your name?Stranger: cindy

Taking one for the team

High School

I'm sure we all recognize the expression though. It's basically where you're on a double-date or meet two guys/gals at a bar and your friend hits it off with the more attractive of the two and you hoo

Saturday Morning Solution


The Keyhole Adventures continue… A couple weeks had passed since Mom and I almost did the deed. It was hard to concentrate on school work wondering if and when we would explore one another next.

Mom Wanted More Than A Kiss


I had to move back in with my parents six months ago after splitting up with the wife. I found it a little weird and slightly disturbing listening to them fucking once a week, sometimes twice a week a

The Evidence


At the local police station, a young blonde haired rookie took her to a downstairs office, gave her the file, & conspicuously put a wastebasket & box of tissues in with her. She looked at him quizzica