my journey to becoming a cuckhold


Lynn wanted to reinact all my past kinky experiences and I was happy to teach her. She learned to fist me and also how to put sounds into my pee hole. I was stretched enough for her to put her finger

Turkey Day Reunion


Dinner finished up, and I excused myself from the table and headed for the bathroom. Twenty people in the house, so I figured there was NO chance of Kayla finishing what she started, and my balls wer

Just a spanking


I wore a knee length dress some heels black stockings matching bra and panties I was nerves but excited I arrived on time and knocked on the door John opened the door and let me in we chatted and talk



together, when I am able to think fairly rationally on the firstterrible discovery of my change, and the train of its effects, it isstill impossible for me to fully describe the intensity of mybewilde

A helpful neighbor


It was a Monday morning. I woke up with a bad migraine; I knew I shouldnot have had too much to drink the previous evening. I decided to take the day off and stay at home and sleep it off. It was past

My first fuck by Susan Shelton

Big Ass

I had a couple of boyfriends from leaving school and we had kissed and I had my tits touched over my bra but nothing more, maybe that's why they never lasted. I wasn't going to give my virginity away

Marcy's Playground 6 by loyalsock


"Jean-Luc, this was a really sweet thing to do for me," I said."Entirely self-serving," he said. "Come on."He drove fast. When we got to my neighborhood I was about to give him directions to my house

Harry Potter and Bridget Regan (as Professor Regan


As Professor Regan collapsed back to her desk with her very full chest heaving in an attempt to replenish her air supply a smirking Harry stood between her legs. Bridget stared hungrily at the quite

Cockatoo Part 6


Alex grabbed my hands, ‘Please, James, it's the only way we could thinkof to get you over there as quickly as possible without Jandaeng beingaware. You could be back here in two days and then fly to B

Weekend Guests (pt 1)

Big Ass

You feel the warmth of my breath on your neck as I lean in and my hand softly cups one of your breasts while I place a soft kiss on your lips. I step back breaking all contact, your ears listening for

First Time having sex

High School

He stood their fumbling over his words. His shirt was tan and hugged to his masculine body he was large about 5’11, and roughly 230lbs. His chest stuck out solid under his shirt, tucked into his camo

Dirty Kelly 3


At 0620, it all went quiet. Then the shower started, and, a normal day began. Jimmy went back to sleep. 'Fucking hell Kell, I think you've snapped me banjo string''Oh stop being a wuss! Your just not

Camera slut - part 4


We’d arrived at the studio together, Dan, Suzie and me. Mike had left early to prepare. Baz the studio owner had introduced himself, like the odious little man that he was. Then Dan had followed Suzie

Wife and her workmate and myself

Big Cock

Trudi is a bit rough around the edges short around 5ft 4 slim one or 2 tattos but curvy in the right places and has a high pitched voice then can get on your nerves after a while but that aside she i

Indian Milf at the petrol station Pt.2

Big Ass

I placed my hands on her curvy hips, lightly pressing my finger tips into her soft skin as I glided my hands up her waist and eventually reached her underarms. I grabbed her top and pulled it up and o

Becoming sissy Jenny Part one


I guess it all started whit my mom being a gold digger. One of those women who have a pretty face and a nice body and try to make a living out of it. After a few years of being an escort, getting to k

BBW Nik Nak & The Cabbie


It was an 18th birthday party. My best friends cousin turned 18 last week and her parents organised a party for her at the local labour club last night. I wasn't really up for hitting an 18th but my b



Locked up my car and beeped the alarm not that anyone would steal this piece of crap but hey it's all I got! I set off in a direction I hoped would take me to a station or a phone or I would find serv

Sniffing a Teen's Butt

Hairy Pussy

My heart skipped a beat when I looked up and seen her ass hung out the bottom of the skirt about three inches! Her white cotton panties with flower print were fully exposed, hugging her small little

Living in Cickington part 9


As I walked a mile or so down the river I came to a large round bend and a shallow beach on the curve, as know one was around I decided to go for a swim, and so I stripped to my boxers and strolled ou

Demon Stranger

Group Sex

master he had just met online the week before only known to him as Phil. As painful as it felt, it was also the most incredible pleasure he had ever felt in his life. The steel-like phallus reached

Fantasy on the Balcony


This is a fantasy story. It is an idea of sex on a balcony at my buddies apartment with a young sexy black woman. The idea came from watching her, sexy chick dancing on the balcony, and at times she b

For sexygirl46


You nod, obviously nervous, knowing just what you could be about to agree too, putting yourself into a situation that you crave yet are scared of."So you know just how dirty and full on things can get

sleep play and online e slave


I collect online slaves, many I abuse and humiliate over webcams and through pictures I see the results. I like my slaves to obbey my every comand. One of my slave called olga or cumslut as I call her

1994 New Year's (Keela)

High School

This a story, and no more than that!I could not go home for the winter break due to tons of things to do about my college thesis, so I stayed in my adopted town in the Pacific North west, so Keela my

An older college student persues her professor

High School

After the class, you approach me and tell me you have a problem. You know the syllabus only allows for two days missed in this semester, and you’ve already missed them six weeks ago when your car brok

Ocean Park - Part 2


But As I recovered my bearings then I realized that I had just fallen asleep and he was just there to take the volley ball lying next to me. And without saying anything, not even offering an apology

Perfect kinky story

Old & Young

U doggy style me and get me against the wall. Our sweaty bodies are one at this moment. We couldn't want each other more. Nothing is stopping us, U decide to pull out and pull my head to your dick Whe